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Name/s: Rodo, rood, Doro-chan, Doro
Fandom/s: The Dresden Files, Harry Potter, Heroes, Supernatural, Neil Gaiman, Pushing Daisies, Being Human, Merlin (BBC), Velvet Goldmine
You can find me at: rodototal, InsaneJournal, Dreamwidth
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I technically have been a fan since I discovered TV at the age of six. I then proceeded to write Saber Rider Mary Sue fan fiction and crossovers until I decided to spend my time on original fiction in my early teens. In 2003 I stumbled upon my first Harry Potter fan fiction on a website called Animexx and stayed. I also like manga, anime, TV series and fantasy books.

So far I wrote fan fiction for Good Omens, Harry Potter, Heroes, Highlander, James Bond, Neverwhere, Pushing Daisies, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Supernatural and Watchmen. My stories are mostly written in German (my first language), but I do read a lot of English stories. I am a translation volunteer for the OTW.