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Name/s: Punk Maneuverability, Punk M, Punk, Punkensab, V. Salmone
Fandom/s: The X-Files, Sports Night, The West Wing, Everwood, Smallville, Due South, Stargate Atlantis, and much, much more!
You can find me at: Fanfic @ Archive of Our Own, Dreamwidth @ runpunkrun, LiveJournal @ runpunkrun
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

In February 1997, I started writing fanfiction for The X-Files as Punk Maneuverability. I go by Punk now and have written het, slash, and gen in a variety of fandoms, with a number of co-authors, including Sabine, Pares, and Tiffany Rawlins. Beginning in 2000, Sab and I wrote several X-Files fics together under the alias of V. Salmone, while occasionally also publishing as the two-headed monster that is Punkensab.

Back in the old days, I was very active on atx and atxc, a member of cog5 and X-Ville, leader of the Rogue OBSSE, attender of Xeminar 2000, co-moderator of PhoeniXFic and Our Boys, and member of Yes Virginia and Mango. In March 2003, I joined LiveJournal, then Dreamwidth in January 2012, and now I mostly stay in one place and let fandom come to me.