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Hey everyone!

So a little bit about me. I have been involved in fandoms since my pre-teen years, starting Harry Potter (I still remember the sheer joy I felt when I got to watch Deathly Hallows Part 2 in theatres when I was 10). I then spent the next decade obsessing over Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl (the movies were a disgrace to the books) and then hopped over to the Anime and Manga realm, starting with Maid Sama, Black Butler, and Fairy Tail. Now I'm just waiting for Horikoshi to update Boku No Hero Academia (my heart can't take these feels anymore). I've recently gotten into playing Stardew Valley to relax on the weekends (and I completely lose track of time when I do that :P). I guess that's enough for now and I'll see y'all later. Byeee~

I'm also a Fanlore Policy & Admin Committee Volunteer and you can reach out to me or any other admins and Gardeners if you have any queries^^

Pages I wish to add on to some time in the future:

And many more!

Name: Mika_Marguerite
Alias(es): Mika
Type: Multifannish
Fandoms: Boku No Hero Academia, Harry Potter, Ouran High School Host Club, Percy Jackson, Haikyuu!! and more.
URL: on Archive of Our Own, on
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Name/s: Mika_Marguerite
Fandom/s: Boku No Hero Academia, Harry Potter, Ouran High School Host Club, Percy Jackson and more.
You can find me at: on Archive of Our Own, on
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