Arcane Armory

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Title: Arcane Armory
Author(s): AlexandriteAphelion, KittyCatInBlue, Mook_cornerhold
Date(s): June 6 2020 - October 10 2020
Length: 109,866 words (84 chapters)
Genre: M/M , Slash
Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
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Arcane Armory is a Boku no Hero Academia fanfiction by AlexandriteAphelion, KittyCatInBlue and Mook_cornerhold.

The fic features many OCs and is tagged with slash relationships for Midoriya Izuku with Shinsou Hitoshi and Todoroki Shouto.


Izuku Midoriya thought he was quirkless.

He thought.

Mastery: The ability to use any weapon he touches perfectly, manifests at the site of a villain attack. Now, join him as he deals with everything that comes from being the personal student of All Might, Sir Nighteye and even Stain: The Hero Killer. As well as deal with teenage drama, and a whole lot of messes caused by his group of 'Feral Bastards', support class 1-H!

Featuring: Gay Disasters all around, Mentor Stain, Mentor All Might, Mentor Sir Nighteye, Big Brother Mirio and plenty more!