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Name/s: Livia, Liviapenn, Livia Penn
Fandom/s: Sailor Moon, The Sentinel, Due South, Roswell, Smallville, DC Universe, From Eroica With Love, Hannibal, Elementary (TV), Pacific Rim, Welcome to Night Vale
You can find me at: liviapenn on dreamwidth, on the AO3, almostperfectalibi on tumblr, nw_livia on twitter
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I am a fannish butterfly. I write gen, slash, het and sometimes femslash. I enjoy archiving and organizing things. Probably the biggest fannish project I ever worked on was the Smallville Slash Archive, which I ran (with help from various co-archivists) from October 2001 to June 2004.

I first discovered fanfic through Power Rangers and then Sailor Moon fandom, which mostly happened on Usenet back in the day. (No, you don't get to read the fic.) The first Western media fandom that I participated in was The Sentinel, and my fannish experience centered on Prospect-L and 852 Prospect. From there I moved to Due South, and dabbled in a few other fandoms, like Roswell, Andromeda, and Harry Potter, basically killing time until 2001, when two things happened: I got a livejournal and (a few months later) Smallville started airing, and then exploded into a huge, vibrant, messy fandom.

After Smallville broke my heart in 2004 or thereabouts (I never taped another episode after "Asylum") I drifted into the DCU. I was also fannish-butterflying again, flirting with From Eroica With Love, Spider-Man movieverse, and by mid-2005, Stargate Atlantis.

Atlantis kept me occupied until just about recently (with a short break for Heroes S1 and Doctor Who) though I drifted out at the end of S4, and the first few episodes of S5 did not drag me back.

As of October 2008 my latest fannish BSO is The Man from Uncle.

Major Fandoms

Most of these dates represent the time that I was actively writing fiction in these fandoms. There are other fandoms where I was consuming the source/reading the fic (like Eroica) or just watching the show and not reading much fic (like Supernatural) but if I wasn't posting fic or meta, I didn't put it on the above list.

Notable Works

Yes, I'm totally putting a Notable Works section here, but since this is my personal user page, that pretty much just means, "here's one story of mine (with one collaboration) that I actually *still like*, for every year since I've been writing in fandom." :)

[ETA 8/2/2013: All these links are borked since my personal site went down so I'm just making them non-links. I'll fix them later.]

(1999) Wishverse Sestina (fan poetry) / Buffy the Vampire Slayer, het (Xander/Willow, Wishverse)

(2000) Nuance (co-written with Resonant)/ The Sentinel, slash (Jim/Blair)

(2001) Stronger / Roswell, slash (Max/Michael)

(2002) Demarcation / Smallville, slash (Clark/Lex)

(2003) Manifest Destiny / Smallville/Justice League amalgam, slash (Clark/Lex)

(2004) Some Kept Safe / Ultimate Spider-Man, slash, dub-con (Logan/Peter)

(2005) Areas of Expertise / Due South, gen (RayK, Fraser, RayV)

(2006) First Contact / Stargate Atlantis, het (John/Teyla)

(2007) Come Build in the Empty House / Batman Beyond, gen (Terry & Bruce)

(2008) Black for your funeral, green for grassy ground / Firefly (post-Serenity), gen (Zoe, ensemble)

Fannish Infrastructure

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