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Name/s: apple_pi, Pi
Fandom/s: Lord of the Rings, LOTRPS, Stargate Atlantis, House M.D., Harry Potter, Good Omens
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The list of fandoms in the call-out box is not complete, of course; those are the fandoms I've been most active in, and actually written fic for. I probably began my fannish life as a Lord of the Rings and Star Trek: TNG fan, although at the time (a mere babe of 11 years old or so) I didn't know that's what I was doing. I remained in tragic ignorance of the existence that fandom and fanfic existed anywhere but in my head until I was nearly 30 years old. *gasp* I know. It's very sad.

When I was about 28, I became completely wrapped up in the Lord of the Rings movies. I'd loved the books all my life, and about the fourth time I watched the third movie (Return of the King), I became aware that I was developing a massive crush on Peregrin Took. I started writing my first serious fanfic in 2002, and late in the year did a quick online search to see if anyone else had, maybe, possibly thought to do the same thing? ...I was amply rewarded. I discovered Baylor's LOTR hobbit fanfic, which led me to Marigold's hobbit-fic challenges and the warm, welcoming online community of fellow hobbit-fanciers on LJ. I churned out (what now seems to me to be) enormous amounts of fanfiction in a very short time, and read (what definitely were) ENORMOUS amounts of fanfiction in turn, and somewhere, somehow... discovered slash! The weird and slightly disturbing quickly became the Gotta-Have, and I spent the next little while reading every bit of Merry/Pippin slash I could get my greedy mitts on, and also writing a fair share myself. I read other pairings, of course, but Merry/Pippin are certainly my hobbity OTP. My hobbit stories were written under the name Maripo5a, and are available at Livejournal.

My affection for Pippin led, naturally, to my developing a massive crush on actor Billy Boyd, who played Pippin. This in turn led quickly enough to writing massive amounts of RPS starring Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan, under the LJ moniker I still use, apple_pi. (Those stories are mostly available at; a few never made the transfer, and can be found at my LJ or on anatsuno's marvelously generous server.) I wrote some fics about others in the merry (haha, get it, merry? Merry?) band of LOTR actors, but Billy and Dom were always the mainstays of my LOTRPS fic-writing.

I eventually branched out and read a bit of Harry Potter fic, as well as writing one or two fairly naughty twinfic stories starring Fred and George Weasley. (Fandom truism: Never say you'll never read/write/enjoy a certain kind of fic, because it dooms you to engage in exactly the squickish behavior you earlier spurned, and usually within a very short timeframe, too.) I wrote a few House/Wilson stories in the House M.D. fandom, and of course there's been a bit of Good Omens fic written, starring Crowley and Aziraphale in positions that would certainly make the demon smirk and the angel blush.

The next fandom to really suck me in, though, was Stargate Atlantis. Who could resist such a silly space opera? Not me, for sure. I was sucked in by the fic before I ever saw an episode of the show; the writing is some of the most creative and cracked-out available in the universe. I've written some myself (it lives on my LJ and with anatsuno), and also spent lots of time just hanging out in the fandom, reading fabulous stories and making fabulous friends.

Other television/movie fandoms I've read and enjoyed include Star Trek Voyager and TNG; Firefly; Black Books; Top Gear; How I Met Your Mother; and M*A*S*H. ...There are others, which I'll add as soon as I think of them.

As far as me, as a person (outside this fannish enclave), well - I'm over 30 but under 40, married, a mom, a fringe member of academia (I work at a community college), a musician, an avid reader, a recovering military spouse (I kept the spouse, we got rid of the military), a bleeding-heart liberal, an agnostic, a Unitarian Universalist. I'm filled with wanderlust. I'm cheerful 90% of the time. I curse too much and don't dust the cabinets. I love my kids and my friends and my family and the blue boat Earth. I love science and math, but appear to be genetically predisposed to music, art and language. I love to drive fast, and I have two cats (who don't like to drive at all).

ETA: Just wanted to say that anyone editing Fanlore has my permission to use any of my stories as citations. Not that I think people will want to, but still: blanket permission.

ETA 2: Journal links: Pi on Livejournal, Pi on InsaneJournal.