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Title: Tumblr Titanic Vid
Creator: jackcrumsontheinternet
Date: December 13, 2018
Format: online
Length: 2:16s
Music: audio clips from the movie Titanic
Fandom: Meta, Titanic, Tumblr
Footage: Titanic movie
URL: Vid (link offline), Archived version
Youtube; Mastodon

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"Tumblr Titanic Vid" is a shorthand name for a fanvid made by jackcrumsontheinternet comparing the final days before Tumblr's Dec 17, 2018 adult content shut-down to the final moments of the Titanic ship as depicted in James Cameron's movie Titanic. It uses a key sequence from the film that shows the reaction to, and ultimate fate of, a wide range of passengers as the ship sinks and then adds text overlays to assign each character to Tumblr users.

jackcrumsontheinternet posted the vid on December 13, 2018 with only one line of text: "The time draws near." By the evening of December 15, 2018 it had gathered 194,186 notes. By December 20, 2018 it had gathered over 400,000 notes.

The only words spoken in the vid are at the end of the sequence where the ship's violinist turns to the other musicians on deck seconds before dying and solemnly says: “Gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing with you tonight.”

The vid is now offline at the original link, though it can still be found on Tumblr thanks to its many reblogs.[1] It was also reposted to Mastodon by @Sir_Boops.



[thev0lnuss replied to hentaimonsteronfemale]:

Gentlemen, it was an honor to be horny with you.

[renaldo-c replied to xhibitnsts]:

I am deceased

[hickory444 replied to 18-5-4-24-5-12-1]:

I thought this boat was safe


What's happening Dec. 17th????

[terrasenian replied to thetimesinbetween]:

This is so sad. Alexa, play Despacito


I was going to delete my account but I got to keep it now for this masterpiece.....


I hope we get a new boat just for us!

[living-adonis replied to cunxme]:

The irony is that the passengers survive aboard the Carpathia ship AKA twitter, Instagram etc. Tumblr sinks alone here and not us.


....and the Academy Award for best video goes to.......well done friend, this video is right on the fucking money 💰 💰 💰!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[illowdove replied to ruinedchildhood]:

The way the text for mobile app can’t quite stay with the glass and then it fucking falls off the shelf- peak humor tbh

[bitchstolemyvapepen replied to missmaladicta]

The Tumblr app tumbling off the mantel is perfect! The whole thing is superb! 😂😂

[hausofdemi replied to zombooyah2thesequel]:

I am the walrus on some ice looking at the titanic going down.


Guess I’m Rose then because I’ll probably be on this site till I’m old and grey

[thepurplealbum replied to anonamii]:

I'm wheezing because of this but the same time crying because fuck this movie it gives me emotions


I was laughing until it got to the mom tucking her kids in, and then I was too distracted to enjoy the rest. Damn parent brain.


I don't know if I should be laughing or feel sad lol


This bugs me because so many people lost their lives in the sinking of the titanic. To even remotely compare it to tumblr mass dumping porn blogs is just... disappointing tbh.

[amadous2stoned replied to ruinedchildhood]:

Capturing the spirit of our time

[mynameishazard replied to supernaturalwiki]:

I'm crying because this part of the movie always gets me but I absolutely lost it at "Female Presenting Ni**less" (don't wanna get flagged)

[saintruin replied to ruinedchildhood]:

It’s almost worth losing the porn for this inspiring work. Almost.

[sivri-silvercreation replied to tallowjones]:

kinda makes me think of the internet as a whole these days, it seems no matter how hard we try we can't seem to escape the waters of censorship that want to bury us and our want to express ourselves


Thank for bring a smile to this censorship we all have to endure.


I’m choking this is the funniest tumblr apocalypse post I’ve seen so far stjitdtiseyarhtgsr[8]

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