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Issue 22/23

The World of Dark Shadows 22/23 was published in July 1979 and contains 102 pages. It is the Shadowcon #3 issue.

front cover of issue #22/23, B. Fister-Liltz
  • Contributors: Kathy Resch, Jeff Thompson, Marcy Robin, B. Fister-Liltz, Geoffrey Hamell, Janet Meehan, Beth Klapper, Ann Longmore, Tsa Mudryk, Kathy Swan, the Donnelly Sisters, Lucille Staszak, Edlyne Bond, Samuel Williams, Mary Lynn Rossi, Judith Boguslawski.
  • An Interview conducted by Janet Meehan with Kathryn Leigh Scott (2)
  • The Reunion, fiction by Beth Klapper (6)
  • The Amulet, fiction by Geoffrey Hamell (10)
  • The Collins Story, chapter 15, by Kathy Resch (18)
  • Dark Shadows, episode 12, fiction by Jeff Thompson (35)
  • The Lament, poem by Ann Longmore (41)
  • Ode to Angelique, poem by Theresa Mudryk (41)
  • Tarot Cards (not DS), article by Kathi Swan (42)
  • 1978, It Was a Very Good Year, article about David Selby by The Donnelly Sisters (53)
  • Impressions of Dark Shadows, essay by Lucille Jackson Staszak (57)
  • Dan Curtis Film Review by Geoffrey Hamell: Supertrain (59)
  • Thayer David -- Portrait of a Character Man by Edlyne Bond (62)
  • A Young Kathryn Hepburn, article by Samuel Williams (65)
  • Dark Shadows Summaries by Geoffrey Hamell (70)
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Collins Family But Were Too Bored to Ask, fiction by "Mary Lynn Rossi" ( 72)
  • ads (95)

Issue 24/25

front cover of issue #24/25, Janet Meehan
covers of issue #24/25
illo by Shari Metcalf, for issue #24/25, a ShadowCon moment

The World of Dark Shadows 24/25 was published in February 1980 and contains 134 pages. It is subtitled, the "Shadowcon III Issue." This issue contains a wedding invitation for two fans who got married at ShadowCon.

  • Editorial (1)
  • ShadowCon III con reports by Jean Graham and Maria Mayer (9)
  • DS 'Toon by Shari Metcalf, Marcy Robin and Pat Lammerts (19)
  • The Final Truth, fiction by Marcy Robin (30)
  • Nightmare, fiction by Kathy Resch (35)
  • The Collins Story, serial fiction by Kathy Resch (35)
  • Dark Shadows, serial fiction by Jeff Thompson (51)
  • The Vigil, fiction by Adriana Pena (57)
  • A Literary Interlude, fiction by Adriana Pena (57)
  • Earth-Bound Soul, poem by Mary Ellen Rostron (61)
  • Dark Shadows Summaries compelled by Geoffrey Hamell (69)
  • The Brothers, fiction by Bonnie Wenzel (79)
  • Seven Isn't Always Lucky, column by Jeff Thompson (96)
  • A Hundred Percent Alive, review by Marcy Robin (101)
  • The Night Rider by The Donnellys and M. Mayer (107)
  • A Biography of Clarice Blackburn by B. Fister-Liltz (113)
  • A Biography of Jerry Lacy by B. Fister-Liltz (118)
  • The Country Girl, review by Maria Mayer (118)
  • Catching Up with Roger Davis (120)
  • Current Events (124)
  • Collins for President, humor by Geoffrey Hamell (126)
  • art by Judi Boguslawski, Mark Brusniak, Jo Ann Christy, Kat Evans, Barbara Fister-Liltz, Jean Graham, Guy Haines, Jane Lach, Jayne Largent, Debra LaValley, Janet Meehan, Shari Metcalf, Kathy Resch, and Linda Woods

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 24/25

"The Brothers" was ludicrous. It doesn't fit in with the DS storyline, and I somehow don't recall the pre-Barnabas Willie as anyone's Mr. Right. Didn't he spend most of his time assaulting pretty girls? Even a story about a semi-conscious relationship has to have some basis in the characters. TCS - how refreshing to see a chapter with no villain at all, for once. (I trust you haven't forgotten that shawl, though), and "The Final Truth" - a very nice analysis of a surprisingly complex character. (Do you realize Abigail was only in 14 episodes?) Adriana Pena's "A Literary Interlude" wasn't bad, but "The Vigil" was outrageous. Even assuming that Tom was older than Chris and became a werewolf first, he would have to have been at least six years older, and he sure didn't look it. He was certainly not such an evil character, nor did Chris know anything about werewolves before his own curse occurred. [1]
I laughed at Geoffrey Hamell's idea of having Barnabas run for President-- he'd have a good chance in this election. All he'd have to do is have his name legally changed to "None of the above". I wonder what his cabinet would be? Julia for Health & Welfare. Willie for Housing & Urban Development (the way he restored the Old House proves he can do the job). Maggie for Education. Nicholas for Agriculture (after all, he knows everything about raising demons for fun and profit). Chris should have the Interior. After all. he would be in charge of endangered species, and you must admit that werewolves fall under that designation. What about Liz for Secretary of State? Roger could have Bert Lance's job. I love the way that Quentin and Roger were fighting while Barnabas couldn't keep from reminiscing about what George Washington said to him. I can't wait until Barnabas gets the endorsement of former Chicago mayor Richard Daley, nor when Roger, deciding they need someone with experience, hires G. Gordon Liddy….Regarding Jane Lach's illustration of "The Vigil", there's not a pentagram she drew, but a Star of David. Is she implying that werewolves are Jewish? [2]

Issue 26

The World of Dark Shadows 26 was published in July 1980 and contains 80 pages. Art is by Dave Billman, Judi Boguslawski, Jo Ann Christy, Bebe Donnelly, Barbara Fister-Liltz, Ellen Gusetti, Jane Lach, Janet Meehan, and Shari Metcalf.

front cover of issue #26, Barbara Fister-Liltz
back cover of issue #26, Barbara Fister-Liltz
inside back cover, Ellen Gusetti
  • Editorial (4)
  • Epitaph: Aristede (1871-1897), fiction by Jean Graham (6)
  • Epitaph: Nicholas Blair, fiction by Jean Graham (7)
  • The Choice, fiction by Adriana Pena (9)
  • Return, fiction by Adriana Pena (10)
  • The Homecoming, fiction by Geoffrey Hamell (13)
  • Dark Shadows, serialized fiction by Jeff Thompson (17)
  • The Collins Story, chapter 15, serialized fiction by Kathy Resch (22)
  • Current Events (34)
  • Dark Shadows, summaries compiled by Geoffrey Hamell (59)
  • Seven is Not Enough, column by Jeff Thompson (55)
  • The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang, review by Geoffrey Hamell (59)
  • Catching Up with Terry Crawford, David Henesy, and James Storm (60)
  • The Renaissance Man: A Biography of Michael Stroka by Barbara Fister-Liltz (61)
  • The Magician: A Biography of Humbert Allen Astredo by Barbara Fister-Liltz (65)
  • Collins for President, humor by Geoffrey Hamell (71)
  • Letters of Comment (73)
  • Ads (75)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 26

I enjoyed "A Sea Dream" - nice idea in itself, and nice to see Roger as the focus for once. Also glad you're finally getting back to the mysteries of Seaview, a sadly neglected part of the Collins heritage. The Nicholas and Aristede stories were amusing, but too short--I guess it must be a problem getting submissions about the less prominent characters. (One basic I can't accept in Adriana's story--I can't believe Aristede cringing at a man's touch. He probably charged for his services even in prison!) [3]
Another terrific issue! The stories and articles were great and the drawings of Michael Stroka and Humbert Astredo on the covers were especially good. I only have one criticism... in every drawing of Aristede holding the 'Dancing Lady' (I assume) the knife blade is straight. If my memory is correct, wasn't the blade curved? [4]
Michael Stroka has always been one of my DS favorites. and I especially enjoyed the art and bio on him. Jean Graham did a really nice job with her "Epitaphs" - you had a whole bunch of outstanding fiction this time around. "Homecoming" is in this category. too. You know. I can't belleve Jeff Thompson has the guts to call a vampire "Ruth Venn". Aargh! Has anyone else commented on this? I liked Dave Billman's illo pn page 25, really nlce. And, of course, Barb is up to her usual excellent standards. I notice in, the "Collins For President" (What a bumper sticker that would be!) campaign report, the 'news service' is INS. Hmmm, wouldn't be a man in an ice cream suit filing those reports, would it? Someone we all know and love, with a penchant for the supernatural? [5]

Issue 27

The World of Dark Shadows 27 was published in March 1981 and contains 142 pages. The art is by Dave Billman, Judi Boguslawski, Jo Ann Christy, Barbara Fister-Liltz, Jane Lach, Debra LaValley, Janet Meehan, Shari Metcalf, and Valeda Verse.

front cover of issue #27
front and back covers of issue #27
  • ShadowCon IV Report (9)
  • Epitaph: Naomi Collins (Fiction by Jean Graham) (20)
  • The Other Side of the Wall (Fiction by Kathy Resch) (22)
  • Cupid's Helper (Fiction by Adriana Pena) (28)
  • Crossroads (Fiction by Geoffrey Hamell) (31)
  • Yesterday/Tomorrow (Fiction by Marcy Robin) (43)
  • Soliloquy (Fiction by Collen Hoey) (46)
  • Dark Shadows: Episode 15 (Serial by Jeff Thompson) (48)
  • The Collins Story (Fiction by Kathy Resch) (51)
  • Dark Shadows: Episode 16 (Serial by Jeff Thompson) (61)
  • The Old House (Poem by Barbara Doxsey) (65)
  • Dear Brother Mine (Poetry by Mary Ellen Rostron) (66)
  • Film Reviews: Nightmare at 43 Hillcrest; Mrs. R's Daughter (67)
  • Dark Shadows Overview: 1795 (Article by Geoffrey Hamell) (73)
  • Current Events (80)
  • An Interview with Ron Sproat (Peggy Green and Richard Levantino) (84 )
  • Quentin's Quarters (Article by the Donnelly Sisters) (89)
  • Seven Is Not Enough: (Article by Jeff Thompson) (91)
  • Collins for President (Humor by Geoffrey Hamell ) (95)
  • A Halloween Visit to Collinwood (Humor by Bruce Melton) (98)
  • Fanzine Reviews (102)
  • Joan Bennett Biography: The Legend (By Maria Mayer) (109
  • A Son of the Old Sod: Dennis Patrick Biography (By B. Fister-Liltz) (116
  • Dennis and Barbara: Passing All The Time (By Beth Tigner) (120)
  • Ads (123)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 27

fine issue! I especially liked the interview with Ron Sproat (I only wish 
it had been longer). I hope we'll hear from the other DS writers in future 
issues. Also a special word of praise to both Bruce Melton (for "A Halloween
 Visit") and Geoffrey Hamell (for "Collins for President"}. I especially liked
 Geoffrey's references to "Supertrain", "Night Stalker" and even "The Norliss
 Tapes"! I wish my memory of that last show wasn't so dim. How about a
 synopsis for those of us who can't quite remember it? The ones you've run
 on other Dan Curtis productions in the past have been very good and this 
issue's were no exception. [6]

Issue 28

front cover of issue #28, by Shari Metcalf, "Picking Up the Pieces"
back cover of issue #28, Earl Geier

The World of Dark Shadows 28 was published in July 1981 and contains 80 pages. It has art by Earl Geier, Shari Metcalf, Barbara Fister-Liltz, Janet Meehan, Dave Billman, Judi Boguslawski, Mike Entrekin, Cindy Jorgensen, Jane Lach, and Susan Wyllie.

  • An Interview with Ron Sproat (conducted by Richard Levantino) (3)
  • Jonathan Frid : A 'Play-ography' (9)
  • Transcript of an interview with Jonathan Frid. 12-23-69 (11)
  • Dark Shadows Summaries (compiled by Geoffrey Hamell) (14)
  • 'Con-Toons': Shadows of a Con (19)
  • One For the Books (an article by Deborah Rubin) (25)
  • Dark Shadows Bibliography (compiled by Bill Hunt) (29)
  • Current Events (35)
  • Return to Dark Shadows (fiction by Virginia Waldron) (45)
  • Epitaph: Lamar Trask (fiction by Jean Graham) (55)
  • In The Space Between Time (fiction by Adriana Pena) (57)
  • Possession (fiction by Marcy Robin) (58)
  • The Stranger (fiction by Jane Lach) (61)
  • Blood the Night (fiction by Jeffrey Arsenault and Kathy Resch) (63)
  • The Collins Story (fiction by Kathy Resch) (68)
  • Josette's Lament (poetry by Kathy Resch) (73)
  • Last Will and Testament (fiction by Kathy Resch) (74)
  • Barnabas' Lament (poetry by Pam Metcalf) (75)
  • Collins for President (satire by Geoffrey Hamell) (77)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 28

[Return to Dark Shadows]: A masterpiece!

Virginia's gifted, creative mind has given us images so completely real it brought a 'movie' running through my mind. Her vivid insights into the various character's thoughts and plans bring home the best of her talent for emotion and motivation. A fascinating, exciting, terrifyingly believable story--with even the humour helping to keep the maddening suspence at a raw-edged, fever pitch. The evil side of Barnabas' nature--too frequently glossed over by the majority of fans, who dwell primarily upon his undeniable good and appealing qualities-is here chillingly and indeliby etched upon the reader's mind. Barnabas is, after all, a vampire, and any decency which he may have had as a human being is all-too-often ripped away and submerged, in an overwhelming need for blood, combined with the arrogance that inhuman power and far too frequently human super-wealth can provide. I would have preferred a happier ending. But I fully realized she had a reason for ending the story the way she did -a good, old-fashioned moral, if you like--and I must, in fairness, concede that it really works...logically, dramatically, and beautifully. This, combined with the believable dialogue and insights into the character's motivations, strenghts and weaknesses, make Virginia Waldron's RETURN TO DARK SHADOWS what it is - a masterpiece!

The illustrations by Judi Boguslawski were so incredibly realistic...beautiful, wonderful, rare in their quality in the way they add to the atmosphere of the story. [7]
[zine]: Thank you very much for the Ron Sproat interview; it was very informative. Jean Graham's "Epitaph" for Lamar Trask was well written, but it bothered me. I don't recall Lamar expressing such hatred for his father, although it wouldn't surprise me if he had. / "Return to DS" is off to an intriguing start. I'm anxious t o read the next parts. I got a chuckle out of Adriana Pena 's little piece . It sure shows how the DS writers got themselves into some messy plot tangles. (I remember my shock and exasperation when they killed off Edith Collins In 1841 when she wasn't supposed to die until 1897!) / Geoffrey Harnell 's 'Post Election Report" was a hilarious wrap-up to the issue and very funny series. Well, well, I had no idea Mrs. Johnson was musically inclined (or is it tilted?) / Your own serial continues to be first rate. It's really good to see Roger with a story of his own for a change. [8]
[zine]: Loved your "Josette's Lament"--so much said in just those few, heartrending phrases. It's enough to make a grown woman cry! The truth is very often hard to hear--a saying that is only too true. Each and every line is so very 18th century--yet so very timeless. / "The Stranger"--where have I met this guy before?! / That drawing of Dave Billman's--very right and true to form...the place that stands out in one's memories, and yet is overshadowed by clouds. / Haha Dept. - Those illoes by Jayne Largent) Barnabas a Karl Maiden fill-in? Hell, all right! And Carolyn: "..can't quite put my finger on it..."--me neither, kid! Earl Geier's work is terrific! Shari Metcalf's idea of a puzzle for a front covor is different/unusual/ingenous/and...well, fitting! Rest of illoes are so gorgeous I could just start sticking pins in dolls! I'd give my eyeteeth and every other one if I could only express myself in artwork and writing, the way our fellows in fandom do! Let me finish by saying that we have a terrific group--keep up the excellent work! We all appreciate kindly what is being done. [9]

Issue 29

front cover of issue #29, Barbara Fister-Liltz
back cover of issue #29, David Billman

The World of Dark Shadows 29 was published in 1981 and contains 76 pages. It has art by David Billman, Judi Boguslawski, Barbara Fister-Liltz, Mike Entrekin, Ken Friedmann, Guy Haines, Cindy Jorgenson, Jane Lach, Jayne Largent, and Janet Meehan.

  • An Interviewwith Ron Sproat (Held by Richard Levantino) (4)
  • An Interview with Sharon Smyth (Held by Peggy Green) (6)
  • ShadowCon 5 Report (by Beth Tignor) (7)
  • For Whom There Is No Requiem (Fiction by Jean Graham) (12) (reprinted in A Gathering of Shadows)
  • Eagle Hill: Storm (Poetry by Peggy Van Vlack) (6)
  • Father Figure (Fiction by Geoffrey Hamell) (17)
  • The Collins Story (A serial by Kathy Resch) (23)
  • Quentin's Quarters (A column by the Donnelly Sisters) (33)
  • Current Events (35)
  • DS Puzzles by Jean Graham and James Beaston Jr (42)
  • Fire-Son (Fiction by Marcy Robin) (44)
  • The Waiting (Fiction by Bruce Melton) (47)
  • At the Funeral (Fiction by Bruce Felton) (48)
  • Sarah's Goodbye (Fiction by Adriana Pena) (49 )
  • The Promise (Fiction by Bonnie Wenzel) (51)
  • Dark Shadows Comic (reviews by Jeff Thompson) (54)
  • Return to Dark (continuing novella by Virginia Waldron) (57)
  • Fan of the Year (67)
  • Ads (69)

Issue 30

The World of Dark Shadows 30 was published in 1982 and contains 76 pages. It has art by Judi Boguslawski, Mark Brusniak, Barbara Fister-Liltz, Ken Friedmann, Cindy Jorgensen, Jane Lach, Doug Smith, and Val Verse.

front cover of issue #30, Barbara Fister-Liltz
back cover of issue #30, Doug Smith
  • Editorial (2)
  • "ShadowCon Filksong" by Kathi Swan (3)
  • An Interview with Jonathan Frid (April, 1982) (5)
  • Wanderlust - A Biography of James Storm by Barbara Fister-Liltz (7)
  • Heavenly - A Biography of Kate Jackson by Barbara Fister-Liltz and C. J. Nicastro (9)
  • "Night of Dark Shadows - 10 Years Later" - An article by C. J. Nicastro (17)
  • "Dark Shadows Overview - 1897" - an article by Geoffrey Hamell (19)
  • "Dark Shadows Comics" - an article by Jeff Thompson (22)
  • "Dark Shadows Summaries" - compiled by Geoffrey Hamell (27)
  • "Martinique - Place of Returnings" - an article by Marcy Robin. (42)
  • "The Voyage of the Java Queen" - fiction by Jean Graham (47)
  • "Lamar's Revenge" - poetry by Kristi Nelson (50)
  • "Whence No Man Steers" - fiction by Virginia Waldron (story contest) (52)
  • "Come Join Me In Death" - fiction by Theresa (story contest) (58)
  • Story Contest fragment - by Beth Tignor (59)
  • "Dark Shadows" - A continuing serial by Jeff Thompson (62)
  • "Return of Dark Shadows" - a continuing novella by Virginia Waldron (67)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 30

The news on Jon Frid excited me to no end: The bio's were too short. as usual. The best and most satisfying biographer on a DSer was issue 15's David Selby by the Donnelly Sisters. I was thankful to see Geoffrey Hamell's Leviathan summaries return. The article on the 10th anniversary of NODS and the 1897 Overview (Hamell Strikes Again!) were enjoyable and infonnative. I was glad to see Jeff Thompson's OS serial back. Both of the story contests by WaIdron and Mudryk were excellently written and enjoyable. RETURN TO DARK SHADOWS had a nice twist. Nice to se a Quentin story again. The Daphne/Gerard centerfold was great. Once again, I wish you'd caption the TV shots--they're sometimes hard to make out. Overall, a very good issue! [10]
The artwork was Also, the diversity of article /stories added to my pleasure. Loved picture of Julia/Barnabas/Stokes. The two points of view were nicely presented. The new contest stories about the The new story contest is tantalizing. [11]


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