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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: The Spike's Slash Page
Author: The Spike
Dates: 1999 or before - 2008 or later (Wayback captures)
Fandom: The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Brimstone, Star Trek Voyager, Professional Wrestling, Iron Chef, L.A. Confidential, Malcom in the Middle
URL: (Wayback link)
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The Spike's Slash Page was a personal slash fanfiction site. Main fandoms were The X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The site was hosted by Nonie Rider and graphics were provided by Debchan and also Te.

Warning on the main page:

These stories are all slash, all smutty, all somewhat perverse in art and aspect. If you are under 18, offended by sexually graphic material or male to male sexual interaction, or if it is illegal for you to read this material, then please leave the site without reading further.

The site was linked to as a favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer slash site at Raonaid's Home Page[1].

The X-Files

The Spike's X-Files Slash Page


       (M/K) Krycek musings; prelude to a kiss
       Ode To A Mulderslut!
       A Tribute to Te's wonderful Mulderslut!


   (M/K) After he's rescued from the s**o, Alex sees the light. Sorta...
   The End of Pain
   (M/K) Alex hurts, Mulder comforts -- a rooftop at 3 a.m. and everything quiet all around.
   Learning to Love the Hawk I: Through The Red Doors
   (K/O) The time is 1983; the place is Soviet Russia. The beginning of my origin story for
   Alex Krycek and sort of a prequel toThe End of Pain .
   Learning to Love the Hawk II: Gone One Knows Not Where
   Alex has arrived in Moscow and is beginning to learn what his new mentor wants from him.
   (still very much a WIP -- but for those who have been threaten-- er, asking so sweetly...)
   (K/Byers) Krycek spends a night at Lone Gunman HQ
   Gospels, John 1:23
   (K/Byers) Alex and John talk and don't talk things out -- an angsty follow-up to John .
   Gospels, Acts 4:6
   (M/K K/Byers)A companion piece to John 1:23 --
   a little post-kiss Alex angst, formerly a snippet
   Circle Jerk
   (M, K, Sk) Three men masturbate to the tune of some dirty and disturbing fantasies
   Soggy Biscuit Boy
   (Sp) eewww... the inevitable, unconscionable sequel to Circle Jerk.
   Spender watches the big boys at play.
   The Heart of the Matter
   (M/K/Sc) Mulder and Scully take turns, er, come to terms with Alex Krycek
   Inca Gold
   (M/K) Alex and Mulder go on a train trip in Peru -- things go awry.
   I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got
   (K) Alex. Self-abuse and masturbation.
   Deliverance (with Te on slide guitar)
   (M/Sk) Mulder and Skinner go fly-fishing in Kentucky -- strange doings in the backwoods
   John's Really Weird Dream
   (LGM) John has a really wierd dream
   Palm Pilot
   (Sk/K)  One possible upshot of S.R. 819...with smut
   Palm Pilot II: Upgrade
   (Sk/K) Round two
   For Now
   (M/K)  Te wrote a story called Trust that broke my heart. 
   I wrote this to make myself feel better.  It didn't exactly work out that way
   The Place of Dead Roads
   (M/K) Kurt Cobain sez: "Where do bad folks go when they die?
   They don't go to heaven where the angels fly. They go to a lake of fire and fry..."
   (K/O) Alex muses on his place in the universe.

Silliness & Snippets

   Three Ways to Sunday: Prologue
   (K/LG)total silliness and the promise of smut -- having solved the Kung Fu issue,
   the Lone Gunmen argue about whose Tae Kwan Do is the best; Alex helps out.
   On The Line
   (K/LG) -- John, Ringo, Mel and Alex wait in line for the movie of the millenium.
   Finishing Moves I: Mr. Ass
   (M/K) The boyz watch wrestling
   Finishing Moves II: The Money Shot
   (M/K) The boyz watch more wrestling
   Last Call
   (M/K) a drabble, housed at Small Potatoes
   Dearly Bought
   (K/CSM) another drabble, housed at Small Potatoes


   Little Lost Fox 0: The Prequel
   by Te & The Spike.  AU. 
   A prequel (with permission) to A. Leigh Anne Childe's worshipable Little Lost Fox 

The Spike's Buffy and Angel Slash

The Spike's Buffy and Angel Slash Page

Stories by The Spike

                   Xander Harris's Really Weird Jar-Jar Sex Dream
                   um, Xander has the really weird Jar-Jar sex dream...
                   Divine Possession
                   Ethan Rayne searches for the perfect expression of his love.
                   Lime Crush Has No Inherent Meaning
                   Xander and Oz have sex on a beach for no apparent reason.
                   After the battle in the ruins of Sunnydale High, Xander has a
                   difficult night.
                   Four Dicks
                   Post Yoko Factor Fic. After the thing with Buffy and Willow, Xander stays behind to tidy up chez Giles.
                   Thirteen, Myth, and Light
                   An improv story. Ethan's schooldays.
                   Painting, seashell, paper
                   Faith writes a letter.
                   Wesleyfic.  Heat, wet and the possibility of Angel

War of Attrition (series)

                   Angel and Xander.  Set circa season 2.
                       Hot summer night, up on a roof...
                       Stand Down
                       About this Angel-fucking thing...
                       Angel. Xander.  A dark alley and some thoughts.  A drabble, really. Awesome cover by Livia

Watcher (WIP)

                   Go see the incredible cover by Laura Shapiro
                   Bad things happen, Giles does his best; Spoilers to Becoming but AU from Phases on -- say Amy never cast that spell, BB&B never happened, but Angelus still pulled Xander out of a window, threw him off a roof and made nasty threats -- only Dru never came along to save him.
                   !!WARNINGS OUT THE YING-YANG!!
                   Contains violence, character death, m/m ust, all that good stuff UNFINISHED.  CAUTION: GLACIAL WRITER
                   Part One    : Watch One Hour With Me
                   Part Two   : Watch This...
                   Interlude    : Weirdness Abounds
                   Part Three : Someone To Watch Over Me
                   Part Four   : Not on My Watch
                   Part Five    : The Watch That Ends The Night
                   Part Six      : Watch Me Fall

Riffing Stories

                   (where The Spike is kindly allowed to play in the sandboxes of others)
                   NOTE: Te's Post-Grad series was seminal to my entering Buffy fandom.  I read it before I ever saw the show.  I wrote this before I ever saw the show.  I didn't even know I was falling in love.
                   Bad For You
                   Xander's been thinking about Spike's belt -- kind of a riff on Te's wondrous Post Grad series.
                   NOTE:   Unposessed Country is a series that Deb generously  lists as a Webrain series but Te and I know in our hearts that the world of UC belongs to Deb.  It begins with her story Plans -- Oz and Ethan, the outsideriest of outsiders and it is so heartbreakingly right that Te and I were both compelled to write and present our follow-up stories to her like children bringing little bouquets of dandelions to their adored.  The whole series can be found here:  Unpossesed Country
                    Oz thinks more on what an Ethan is.
                    Oz has a deep and meaningful dream with cartoons in it.
                   NOTE:  Strays is another seminal Te series.  Xander and werewolves and foreskins, oh my!  She invited me to play one evening.
                   Strays III: Pack
                   Xander's newish life continues apace.

SpikenTe Productions

                   (Where The Spike and The Te together do play)
                   Ethan casts a spell.
                   Angel's getting fed up.  Wesley can't not help.
                   gorgeous cover by Sheila
                   Angel and Xander play a game
                   awesome cover by Livia
                   Spike and Xander hang out at the beach

Webrain Productions

                   (The Deb, The Te, The Spike)
                   Night Watch
                   Xander is the insomniac, Spike's the hot cocoa.
                   Improv Slash
                   Improv Slash II: The Revenge
                   Xander has his mojo working
                   Wall (stories 1-4)
                   Xander takes some angry time.  With Ethan
                   Wall 4.125
                   Wall 4.5
                   A novel AU in three parts.  What if Xander had been unable to revive Buffy in 'Prophecy Girl'?


                   Nick Brendan's Other Twins
                   a slightly obsessive fan page

The Spike's Other Slash Page

The Spike's Other Slash Page
  • Sitcom Slash Links Page - Not a story but a listing of links to Sitcom slash by lots of different authors


   Fandom: Brimstone (Ezekiel Stone/Devil)
   Zeke and the Devil work through some power issues -- Slashkink challenge story, the
   challenge being: start a story with the sentence: As I sucked his cock....


   (Harry Kim/o, Paris/Kim)
   Chute story.  Another side-effect of the clamp; Harry struggles...
   The Unexpurgated Adventures of Captain Proton
   (Paris/Kim, Proton/Kincaid)
   NOTE: Located on Cinder's homepage.  This is a series I'm co-writing
   with Cinder,who posted Chapter 37: Web of Pain to PKSP, which I found...
   heh...inspiring.  I asked for more, Cinder said I'd have to help write it. 
   Hence was born: Chapter 42: Serpentia's Revenge.
   We are currently working on a 3rd and final chapter.


   Pretty In Pink
   Fandom: WWF wrestling (Chris Jericho/Chyna)
   The Y2J/Chyna feud takes an odd turn behind the scenes


   He Shall, From Time To Time...
   Fandom: West Wing (Leo McGarry/Lord John Marbury)
   On the worst day of his life, Leo gets a visit from Lord John Marbury


   Battle Flower Bud
   MC Kaga comes up with another challenge for The Iron Chefs
   Battle: Rat
   (XF crossover) Don't look at me! I'm hideous!


   On The QT
   PWP really.  Ed Exley realizes he has some issues with Bud White.


   New!Disciplinary Action
   Stanley has plans for the future.

Sitcom Slash Links

Sitcom Slash Links
   Last updated March 9, 2000
   Hi, Spike here -- welcome to the page of sitcom slash links.  I'm putting this up because there seems to be a need for it (*need* being kind of a relative thang <g>).  Anyway, sitcom slash is one tiny little corner of oddslash that I enjoy and it seems a fair number of others like it too but it's pretty hard to find so I'm hoping recs will kind of collect here.  If you have written or know of a sitcom slash story or page, please let me know.  All comments, complaints, suggestions to Spike.
   This is a link page not an archive, btw -- I don't keep any stories here.
   AUTHORS:  If you don't want to be linked here, just let me know and I will cheerfully remove the link
   Abbreviation Key:
   CKoS - Complete Kingdom of Slash
   WWoMB - The Wonderful World of Makebelieve
   RA - RareSlash Archive
   SFFotN - Slash Fan Fiction on the Net
   (links to archives are to the index or warning page of the archive not the story -- you'll have to scroll around to find the story but, y'know this can lead to lots of interesting discoveries because these are pretty fucking *amazing* archives)
   I'd also like to recommend Sitcoms Online to anyone who likes reading up on their  favorite comedy shows.  This is a huge page (over 240K) of listings and links, not slash or fanfic but if you're ever looking for FAQ's, info or a long walk down memory lane you'll probably find what you need here.




   The First Step Is The Hardest by debchan (Peter Dragon/Holden)
   Friction  by Frantic  (Peter Dragon/character of Scott Wolff)  RA
   Fire and Ice by Valeria (Peter Dragon/Cole Riccardi) RA
   The Box by Bast and K9 (Cole/Peter) CKoS
   The Course of True Action byby Natalia Carter (Peter Dragon/Stuart Glazer) CKoS


    Mel's by Chris (Mel/Elliot) RA

Ally McBeal

   Giving Thanks by Joanne Collins (Ally/Elaine) CKoS
   Male Bonding by Debchan (Richard Fish/John Cage)



   Thoughts of Home by Cerise



   Adalisa's Cupid stories RA
   The Voice of Love
   The Eyes of Love
   The Rhythm of Love
   The Needs of Love
   The Heart of Love
   The Lust of Love
   The Gifts of Love
   The Personality of Love
   The Madness of Love
   The Consequences of Love
   The Joy of Love
   Acts of Love
   The Truth of Love


Drew Carey

   The Thing by Fern (Oswald/Lewis)
   Little Challenge Bit  by Taylor (Lewis/Oswald)

e f

Family Ties

   Hunger & Homage (Nick/Alex) by Calcasieu  CKoS


   a bunch of Joey/Chandler stories at Nifty



Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

   Elderberry Whine by Zoe Rayne
   The Perfect Lover  (?/?) by Trakal  RA
   More Things in Heaven and Earth (Arthur Dent/Ford Prefect) by Laura Shapiro and Halrloprillalar  RA





Lois & Clark

    lots of stories by Athea



   Three-Day Pass by Arduinna Finn (Hawkeye/Trapper)


Northern Exposure

   CKoS archive
   The Sound of Snow by Amatia (Chris/Joel) RA
   Two Bars of Stardust by Amatia (Chris/Joel) RA
   Morning Interlude by Amatia (Chris/Joel) RA





Red Dwarf

   What The Smeg by Yuchtar (Lister/Rimmer)  CKoS
   A Bird In Hand (Lister/Rimmer) by kirasmommy RA
   Alternative Universe (a round robin)  WWoMB
   Top Bunk or Bottom (Lister/Rimmer) by Kaiburr RA
   Back In The Red 3.5  (pre-slash) by Thesseli WWoMB
   Hard Light  by Thesseli WWoMB


Spin City

   Tale Spin (Stuart/Carter) by kirasmommy RA
   Secrets (Stuart/Carter) by Taylor
   Office Romance (Stuart/Carter) by Taylor

Sports Night

   Satisfaction by Cori Lannam (Dan/Casey). NC-17 CKoS
   You Get What You Need by Cori Lannam (Dan/Casey) CKoS
   Synergy by Meredith Lynne (Dan/Casey) CKoS
   also check all the new fics listed on  the Sports Night Fan Fiction Page at CKoS
   Sports Night Archive (lots of stories listed here)
   Lots of SN pages and archives listed at SFFotN


That 70's Show

   That 70's Fanfic (an archive, mostly slash)
   Dueling Dialogue by debchan at debchan's den
   Hyde Is A Slut by debchan at  debchan's den

Two Guys A Girl And A Pizza Place

   CKoS archive
   lots of excellent Two Guys stories at Viridian5 (and Woodinat) at The Green Room




Welcome Back Kotter

   You've Done What? (Barbarino/Epstien) by Andrew Troy Keller WWoMB

Will and Grace

   Jack Can't Act by Teeroo at both WWoMB and CKoS archive
   Drama by Ruth Sadelle Alderson RA





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