The Merlin/Arthur Royal Wedding Comment Ficfest

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Name: The Merlin/Arthur Royal Wedding Comment Ficfest
Date(s): 29 April 2011
Founder: a8c_sock
Type: fest
Fandom: Merlin
Associated Community:
URL: The Merlin/Arthur Royal Wedding Comment Ficfest

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The Merlin/Arthur Royal Wedding Comment Ficfest is a Merlin/Arthur fest hosted by a8c_sock.
Tired of the Royal Wedding hype? Couldn't care less about cakes and canapes? Bored of the same footage being shown over and over? Fear not! I have an antidote! Of the Merlin/Arthur variety!
Yes, how much cooler would the Royal Wedding have been had it been between Merlin and Arthur?
  • Does Merlin freak out at the prospect of marrying Royalty?
  • Does Arthur object to Gwaine as Merlin's best man?
  • Is Lancelot Arthur's best man? Is Gwen the bridesmaid?
  • Does Morgana give Merlin tips on his Royal wave?
  • What does Uther think of his son marrying a commoner?
  • Does Gaius give Merlin away?
  • Does Hunith cry?
  • Does everybody wear chainmail? You know ceremonially.
  • What about the guests? Who got an invite?
  • Is there a wedding dress involved?
GO CRAZY! Canon AU! Modern AU! Have fun and comment on the real wedding of the century!


It's Ceremonial by lolafeist

Snippet I can't find a name for but Gwaine's the best man 1/2 2/2 by rotrude

Stag(s) by cat_77

Making Sacrifices. 1/2 2/2 by magog_83

Wherein they're both RAF officers. 1/2 2/2 by rotrude

It's all in the (several) names by a8c_sock

A Change of Heart by xthursdaynextx

and thereto I give thee my troth (1/4) 2/4 3/4 4/4 by thisissirius

DRP Wedding (1/4) 2/4 3/4 4A/4 4B/4 by rageprufrock. Set in the Drastically Redefining Protocol universe.

Jitters (modern au) [1/2] 2/2 by glimmergirl

Previously Unexpected - 1 2 3 4 5 6 by suntipped

The Balcony by redjumper

The Night Before 1/2 2/2 by gracious_anne

Sketches from a Royal Wedding (1/4) 2/4 3/4 4/4 by corilannam