Sweet Berry Kiss

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Title: Sweet Berry Kiss
Circle: Zuihouzakura (ずいほう桜)
Doujinka: Rae Hasutsuki (蓮月らえ)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: 17 March 2002
Type: manga
Size: B5, 52 pages[1]
Language: Japanese
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Sweet Berry Kiss is a Harry Potter doujinshi. It is Zuihouzakura's fourth Harry Potter fanbook. It features Harry/Ron and may contain some Fred/George/Harry.

When Mr. Weasley gets four tickets to Romania, Ron asks Harry to come along with the twins and he to see Charlie. When they're visiting an orphaned dragon egg hatches and sees Charlie first by accident, and so believes Charlie to be its mother. (It's real parents were killed by hunters, which makes Harry very empathetic with it.) They have fun playing with the dragonlet but then Charlie's boss takes exception to letting the baby run so loose and manhandles it, causing Harry to flip out.[2]

Reviews include:

  • I got this as a Christmas present and wouldn't dream of selling it. A Weasley Family centered doujinshi, so if you're a fan of these guys, check it out. Very cute artwork, and fun, even if I can't read it.[3]
  • Ron, Harry, Fred & George go to Romania to visit Charlie. While there an adorable baby dragon hatchling adopts Charlie. Later, when another scientist starts abusing the dragon, Harry gets furious and Ron has to calm him down. Also, Fred & George decide that Sailor Fred and Sailor George will punish the evil dragon abuser (Yes, they are wearing Sailor Moon style costumes). This is very, very cute.[4]
  • Some people call this a "Yaoi" doujinshi, but it's shounen-ai at most, I think. Ron carries Harry at one point, and also kisses him on the forehead and they blush as well, but that's really it. Unless there is a discussion in Japanese I'm not getting (^_^;;) The scenes between Ron and Harry are adorable. I find the part where Fred and George decide to transform into Sailor Senshi to smite the evil-doer priceless (^_^)[5]
  • Lovely shonen-ai of Harry/Ron, with the troublesome Weasley twins thrown in the mix, plus a baby dragon! Another gorgeous and very substantial book by Rae Hasutsuki. Watch out for Sailor Fred and Sailor George..[6]


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