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Doujinshi Circle
Circle: Zuihouzakura (ずいほう桜)
Doujinka: Rae Hasutsuki (蓮月らえ)
Type: Manga
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, Howl's Moving Castle, etc.
Active: 2000s
URL: archived website via the Wayback Machine
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Zuihouzakura (ずいほう桜, a.k.a. Zuihou Zakura)[1] is a doujinshi circle that published doujinshi in various fandoms. It was active in the early and mid-2000s.

One reviewer writes: "Zuihouzakura has some of the cutest artwork of all Harry Potter doujinshi circles I've seen. I also love how the Weasley's [sic] are drawn. Every single one of them (well, except Ginny & Molly) makes me want my very own Weasley to take home to Mum and Dad. Alas, Ron's heart is already taken by Harry (he's too young for me anyway -- I think Bill or Charlie would be the more correct age for me)."[2]


Harry Potter

Howl's Moving Castle

Saiunkoku Monogatari



  1. Early doujinshi seem to have used Zuihou Zakura (e.g. Hoshi ni Negai wo), while later ones use Zuihouzakura (e.g. Shiawase no Komichi). (Sometimes also romanized "Zuihou Sakura".)
  2. DrMM. Addiction: A Harry Potter Doujinshi Website. (Accessed 04 January 2012.)