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Stilinski twins gif from a gifset by brogitsune; Stuart is the one wearing glasses.

Stilinski Twins is a trope and Tumblr meme in the Teen Wolf fandom. This trope has been around since at least 2012, although where exactly it originated is unclear. While Stiles is an only child in the show, he is often depicted with siblings in fanworks. Some fanfic writers have made him related to other characters on the show, such as Scott or Allison, in accordance with the Everyone Is Related trope. However, others created an original character or used other roles that Stiles' actor, Dylan O'Brien, had portrayed to be his twin.

One particular version of the trope exploded into popularity on Tumblr in October 2013 when fans started creating a Same-Actor Crossover with Stuart Twombly from the mainstream comedy film The Internship as Stiles' twin, Stuart Stilinski. Gifsets and manips are some of the most popular types of fanworks to feature the two, but Stuart Stilinski has also appeared in numerous fics, fanart and fanvids.

For the panfandom trope, see Twin Edit.

History of the Trope

Possibly the earliest twin fic was The Stilinski Brothers' Journey by CourtyPie, posted to on January 1, 2012. The earliest twin fic posted to Archive of Our Own was probably cool story, bro by drunktuesdays, posted on December 29, 2012.[1] On the AO3, the "stilinski twins" tag was created on February 2, 2013 and was used 35 times as of October 29, 2013. The tag "Twin Stiles" was created on June 2, 2013 on AO3.

In July 2013, Dylan O'Brien appeared as Stuart Twombly in The Internship. Photos and gifs of Stuart appeared on Tumblr long before the film came out, however.[2] In fact, the first fic on AO3 that used Stuart Twombly in a same-actor crossover was posted a month prior in June,[3] but Stuart and Stiles aren't twins in it. The Internship wasn't the only film mined for Stilinski Twin AU gif sets: see mysnarkyself's June 3, 2013 Tumblr post using Dave from The First Time as Stiles' twin.

The Tumblr meme appears to have achieved lift-off on October 4, 2013, with a request by diet-coke-llama for role playing Stiles Stilinski with Stuart Twombly as twins.[4] A day later, the "Stuart Stilinski" tag was created on AO3. Two days later, a popular Stilinski Twins gif set was posted, and the creator cited diet-coke-llama as the direct inspiration.[5] On October 6, Tumblr posts expressing excitement or befuddlement at the Stuart Stilinski phenomenon could be seen interspersed with actual fic, art, and graphics depicting the twins.[6] Although the original role playing request initially spawned fanworks instead of RP, several Stuart RP accounts appeared during the month of October.[7]


Stilinski Triplets can sometimes be found, usually involving a different character that Dylan O'Brien has played in other films. A popular choice is Thomas from The Maze Runner.[8][9] Dark AUs are rare, but they sometimes involve the character Mitch Rapp from American Assassin.[10]

Although the majority of "Stilinski Twins" are same-actor crossovers, there are variations with Stiles having a twin sister. This variation is more popular on the het-heavy Wattpad where the twin sister is somewhat of a self-insert.[11][12] This sister is often fancast for graphics and gif sets,[13] or uses an existing female character from Teen Wolf canon,[14][15] or a female character from related fanoms.[16] The most popular of these is likely the use of Allison Argent as Stiles' twin, a trope so popular it spawned the "Allison Argent & Stiles Stilinski Are Twins" tag on AO3.[17]

Example Fanworks



  • Seeing Double by GenimHale (2013) Derek doesn't know Stiles has a twin brother. And he certainly didn't know he had a twin brother who was back in Beacon Hills. / Or what happens when Derek accidentally kisses the wrong Stilinski...
  • This Monster Loves You by velveteenshadowboxer (2013) Stuart is the one who starts it, when they’re fifteen. / “Stiles?” he says quietly into the darkness of their room. “Do you ever feel evil?”
  • Stilinski Twins by Creatrix (2014) The Stilisnki twins have had a long life together, and so have Derek and Stiles.
  • Miss Me? by lynnexxx (2017) After almost a year of not seeing his twin, Stiles comes and visits his brother, Stuart.


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