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Name: Star Trek Big Bang
Date(s): 2009-current
Founder: daybreak25, molokomolotov (moderator: affectingly, zippitgood)
Type: Big Bang
Fandom: Star Trek, mainly Star Trek (2009)
Associated Community: startrekbigbang (LiveJournal)
URL: Masterlist 2009 Part 1, Part 2
Masterlist 2010 Part 1, Part 2
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The Star Trek Big Bang is a Big Bang challenge for the Star Trek franchise and it's related RPF fandom, Star Trek RPF with a minimum writing requirement of 20,000 words.[1] While the big bang is open to any of the Trek series (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT), most of the entries tend to focus on the Star Trek (2009) rebooted film.[2]

2009 Big Bang

And All the King's Men by mijan

Artist: vengefuldemon69
Fanmixer: jazzy_peaches
Series: ST: XI
Character/Pairing(s): Jim Kirk & Leonard McCoy (very tight friendship, BFF, almost-slash, whatever you might call it), with appearances by Chris Pike.
Rating: R
Word Count: 63,000
Warnings: Physical violence, implied torture of a child.
Summary: "How many times can you patch up something before you realize that it's too fucking broken to fix, Bones? When a training simulation uncovers something that Cadet Jim Kirk was never meant to remember, it breaks him. Leonard McCoy can't sit by and watch Jim crumble. When asked what he's willing to do to get the old Jim back, Leonard has only one answer. "Anything."

Doctor My Eyes by moogsthewriter

Artist: melisus
Fanmixer: elanorofcastile
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk, McCoy, everyone; no pairings
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 31,000
Warnings: heavy angst, mentions of torture, some use of language
Summary: When the captain is captured and comes back physically and mentally broken, it's up to the doctor to fix him.

A Hundred Days (and counting) by hope_calaris & rei17

Artist: bionic
Fanmixers: Mix by chasingthewinds & Mix by jazzy_peaches
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk & McCoy, appearances by Pike and several OCs
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 29,811
Warnings: pre-slash, angst, h/c, schmoop, foul language
Summary: Jim is like quicksilver. He’s constantly moving, always on the go, always two steps ahead of everybody and always out of reach. He’s not something to have. He’s not somebody you could ever own or call yours. Jim is just made to let go, and letting go is the one thing McCoy sucks at the most. But maybe, McCoy realizes, Jim doesn’t want to let him go either.

do androids dream of electric sheep? by eatsyourface

Artist: elanorofcastile
Series: STXI
Characters: Spock, Kirk, Uhura, Sarek/Amanda
Rating: PG
Word Count: 20,400
Warnings: AU. Off-screen death.
Summary: It has been 506 hours since the malfunctioning android, designation Spock, went on the run from the House of Sarek. In Riverside, Iowa, Spock is approached by Jim Kirk to fix his house. In time, the house will be flooded, a fire will be averted, and Kirk will attempt to abseil down a quarry. But most importantly, Amanda has been gone for 530 hours.

Turnabout by merisunshine36

Artist: wnnb_darklord
Fanmixer: ida_pea
Series: TOS/AOS crossover
Character/Pairing(s): Enterprise crew, Saavik, Sarek, various OFCs, primarily gen with background Spock/Uhura and blinkandyoullmissit Kirk/McCoy
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~25,000
Warnings: highlight:character death, physics of dubious credibility
Summary:A tale of two timelines: After the destruction of their home planet, a splinter faction of Vulcans led by the Lady T’Vala challenges the chosen location for the new colony, throwing the Enterprise and its new crew headlong into a web of political intrigue with Ambassador Spock at the center. A galaxy and a lifetime away in the year 2387, Saavik leads the search for clues that may help her bring Ambassador Spock back from the other side of oblivion.

Hold Me Down (This Starless City) by tammaiya

Artist: renquise
Fanmixer: thebunnyknows
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Jim Kirk, Sam Kirk, Winona Kirk
Rating: M
Word Count: ~45,000
Warnings: minor character death, non-graphic reference to child abuse and mental health issues
Summary: Iowa is a cage with invisible chains, and Jim is living in captivity. (Or, The Epic Tale of James Tiberius Kirk, from the ages of 5 to 22.)

As Sparks Fly Upward by jedibuttercup

Artist: ileliberte
Fanmixer: wickedground
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk-centric teamfic
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 28,700
Warnings: Some violence; suggestion of past torture/rape of third parties.
Summary: A few months after the destruction of Vulcan, Captain Kirk accepts an unorthodox mission from Starfleet Intelligence that involves an incognito mission across the Neutral Zone to investigate rumors of kidnapped scientists.

Graduate Vulcan for Profit by lazulisong

Artist: chosenfire28
Fanmixer: brilligspoons
Series: STXI
Character/Pairing(s): Jim, Bones, Spock, Uhura, Vulcan OC Dude
Rating: PG 13 because of Jim's potty mouth
Word Count: ~15,600
Warnings: (if applicable) Vulcan OC Dude (I don't think he's too obnoxious, though), Jim's Awesome Childhood
Summary: It really does take a village to raise a Jim.

As If You'll Live Forever by camesawconquerd (with help from thalialunacy)

Artist: calembours
Fanmixer: rosenskimmer
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy
Rating: R
Word Count: 15,300
Warnings: General creepiness of alien races, abuse of the mind meld and maybe some schmoopiness. Nothing too squicky though.
Summary: A mission goes awry when the Captain is poisoned and beamed aboard unconscious and trapped in his own mind, how will they recover him from his own dreams?

The One-Eyed Man is King by acetamide

Artist: hack_benjamin22
Fanmixer: alexwolfchan
Series: STXI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy
Rating: R
Word Count: 25,000
Warnings: AU to an extent – same characters, same universe, same time. Just one slight difference.
Summary: Leonard McCoy wouldn’t have said that he was happy, but he was content with being blind until Jim Kirk came along and threw up on him.

If I Or She Should Chance To Be by andrealyn

Artist: unfrosted_cake
Fanmixer: jazzy_peaches
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/OFC, Winona/Pike, Jocelyn Darnell, Joanna McCoy
Rating: R
Word Count: 57,619
Warnings: Some effects of torture, genderswap
Summary: After a planetary rescue, Jim finds himself falling for a refugee and Bones isn't around to help him through it. Meanwhile, McCoy is dealing with a forced change that will permanently alter his life. The universe is their ground to try and fight their way forward and figure out a new life when they come back together.

A Kind of Magic by selinamoonfire

Artist: scatter_muse
Fanmixer: echoinautumn
Series: ST XI (AU)
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~33,843
Warnings: None
Summary: Leonard McCoy never believed in magic until that belief was forced upon him. When Jim Kirk beamed down to Rosa, he never expected to find himself in the middle of a fairy tale.

Cowboys Lost At Sea by ayalesca

Artist: elanorofcastile
Fanmixer: bionic
Series: Consistent with both TOS and ST:XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 16,000
Warnings: (if applicable) Smut?
Summary: Jim and McCoy are trapped, together and alone, in a strange world made up of their memories and desires. In a world where almost anything they want comes into existence, there is no hiding from their desires, each other, or themselves.

Superstars Sucked In by soda_and_capes

Artist: spurtle
Fanmixer: spurtle
Series: ST XI with a dash of TOS.
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura, Kirk/Spock, McCoy/Chapel.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 15,037
Warnings: None.
Summary: McCoy didn't understand Jim for about a week, but then it all clicked, and now he's constantly torn between awe-struck and irritated. Jim may look like some scruffy farm boy with an attitude problem, but there's leadership inside him, and something that smells suspiciously of destiny. McCoy doesn't trust destiny as far as he can throw it, but that doesn't mean he doesn't believe in it.

Diamonds, a Club, and a Couple of Hearts by Flora

Artist: elanorofcastile
Fanmixer: elanorofcastile
Series: Reboot/ST XI
Characters/Pairings: primary pairing is Kirk/McCoy; however, there is a Kirk/Gaila scene and Spock/Uhura and Pike/Number One are referenced.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: mostly just smut (het and slash), AU.
Word Count: ~23,500
Summary: Jim Kirk is a hotshot new shortstop in the Constitution League. His team is young, but they have a lot of potential, and oh by the way, the team doctor? Is hot.

Strength of Character by charlies_dragon

Artist: davincis_girl
Fanmixer: deliciousfigs
Series: ST:XI
Characters/Pairings: pre-relationship Kirk/McCoy, various crew members, OCs
Rating: PG-13 // 12A
Warnings: GENDERBENDER; v. mild almost!non-con; and possible abuse of advanced tech. :S
Word Count: 35,990
Summary: During an evacuation there's a transporter "malfunction" and a crew member rematerializes a little wrong. This story is about how that little change caused (big) problems, and how Dr. McCoy and the Enterprise crew dealt with them.

On A Day Like This by oxymoronic

Artist: acquiescence
Fanmixer: foxing
Series: (ST XI, TNG, DS9, etc) ST:XI, with the odd part of ToS chucked in (in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it fashion).
Character/Pairing(s): Includes (eventually) all Reboot cast; pairing Kirk/McCoy. Mentioned Spock/Uhura.
Rating: NC-17 for eventual sex.
Word Count: ~42,000 words.
Warnings: Minor character death (highlight to see: Winona Kirk); end of the world. AU.
Summary: Everybody knows Jim Kirk's the hero. But if he's not there, nobody else picks up the slack. This is what happens to the universe when Jim's not around to save its ass.

Autopsy of the Heart by sangueuk

Artists: Art by nix_this and Art by Ashley
Fanmixer: the_sell_out
Series: ST:XI
Characters/Pairings: Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/other, McCoy/other, Sulu, Spock/Uhura, Gaila, Cupcake, Frank, Jocelyn
Rating: nc-17 for m/m sex and shenanigans, hard drinking and cussing - yay
Word Count: ~30,000
Warnings:It’s super thinky/philosophical (and there’s rimming somewhere). Only in slash, people, do we have warnings like this, only in slash…
Summary: Kirk and McCoy star in a study of romantic love set in the first year at the academy - directly inspired by philosopher Alain de Botton’s On Love – it has a classic plot - boy meet boy, boy gets boy, boy loses boy etc. It’s indie, it’s angsty, it’s thinky, it packed with ULT (unresolved love tension). If they just talked about their feelings, where would be the fun in that?

The Quiet Sound of Thunder by lastling

Artist: glockgal
Fanmixer: originalpuck
Series: Star Trek XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/Bones, Spock/Uhura, ensemble
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 20,100
Warnings: strong violence, gore, sexual situations, language
Summary: Jim and Spock aren't exactly lawless convicts, but neither are they model citizens of Earth: branded renegades, they search out the government's uncontrollable genetically engineered quasi-human superspecies in order to protect people. But when they stumble on a new clan of vampires, things take a turn for the unexpected, and it'll change both their lives forever.

The Effects of the Fine Art of Procrastination by Starkindler (nufaciel)

Artist: brynnamorgan
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy, very mild McCoy/Chekov and McCoy/Uhura
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 15,200
Warning: Vampirism, if that's not your thing; a little voyeurism by Spock (in a purely scientific fashion of course)
Summary: After putting off the inevitable, McCoy now has to face the consequences of his actions…and an irate ship's captain.

For The Greater Good by Meri

Artist: votaku
Fanmixer: votaku
Series: ST XI
Characters/Pairings: Ultimately Kirk/McCoy but Kirk's got to get there first. Kirk/Uhura and Kirk/Spock happen along the way. Kind of. Spock/Uhura.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~28,000
Warnings: There are issues with consent.
Summary: Aliens make Kirk think he's had sex with three members of his crew. Much to his surprise, the person it meant the most with was not the person he would have guessed. Now all he has to do is convince that person he's serious, deal with the other two people with whom he shared this experience, and negotiate with the aliens who did this to him. No problem.

So Wise We Grow by captanddeastar

Artist: brynnamorgan
Fanmixer: summerslaughter
Series: ST XI
Characters/Pairings: Kirk/Spock, Ensemble
Rating: R
Word Count: 81,000
Warnings: death of minor characters, discussion of past child sexual abuse
Summary: "Commander Spock, we have located your son,"; the Vulcan lady on the screen says, which would be great, except Jim can tell by the look on Spock's face that he's never heard of this kid before in his life. "If it is expedient, the child will be sent to join you on the Enterprise within the week."

The Story of Creation by tinocka

Artist: chosenfire28
Fanmixer: votaku
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/Spock, Spock Prime/OMC, some Sulu/Chekov, hints of Scotty/Uhura and Spock Prime/Kirk Prime
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 15,883
Warnings: character death
Summary: The story covers twenty five years after the destruction of the planet Vulcan both on the USS Enterprise and the New Vulcan, fates of Spock Prime and the crew affected by the new assisted reproduction method and its creator. (Contains no m-preg.)

Looking for a Place to Happen by stripedpetunia (waketosleep)

Artist: harrysde
Fanmixer: moriann
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/Spock, background Scott/Uhura, ensemble
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 23500
Warnings: Smut and language
Summary: In a timeline where the Vulcans never allowed Earth freedom from their oversight, Jim Kirk doesn't fit in. All he needs to get away is a fast ship and a crew as crazy as he is; luckily, some things are universal constants.

First Contact by this_i_love

Artist: blacklily28
Series: TOS
Character/Pairing(s): Jim Kirk/Spock, Gary Mitchell
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 26,948
Summary: A false accusation at Starfleet Academy brings Jim & Spock together.

Terminal Point (web archived) by posyvanilla

Artist: chosenfire28
Fanmixer: speccygeekgrrl
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/Spock
Rating: R
Word Count: 28,508
Warnings: mild violence
Summary: On a routine diplomatic mission, Spock is captured, and the Enterprise's search for him meets a dead end. Kirk, however, is determined to find him, no matter how long it takes or how far he has to go.

Indistinguishable from Magic by barrowjane

Artist: nix_this
Fanmixer: gardinha
Series: STXI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/Spock, and ensemble shenanigans
Rating: R, for language and some sex
Word Count: 39,457
Warnings: none
Summary: After an incident investigating a research vessel, the crew of the Enterprise find themselves in a different place and Kirk realizes he may have to follow the rules of this odd, almost fairy-tale world to get them home.

Oublier by batmanboxers

Artist: davincis_girl
Fanmixer: cybermathwitch
Series: ST XI
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: R
Word Count: 29,000
Warnings: Mild violence.
Summary: On a reconnaissance mission, Captain Kirk stumbles across a bomb and gets caught in the blast. Now, Spock must deal with the ship, their latest mission, and the fact that his captain cannot remember who he is, or the relationship that has been building between them. 3rd POV

Love is Strange by garryowen

Artist: vejicakes
Fanmixer: posyvanilla
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Sarek, Amanda, T’Pring
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 45,000
Warnings: none
Summary: Spock accompanies his parents to an Earth resort where Jim Kirk is a dancer. Dirty Dancing redux.

Refractions by bigmamag

Artist: latenightarting
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/Spock
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 25,000
Warnings: mention of past non-con (alternate reality)
Summary: Two separate parallel universes merge with their own as the Enterprise is sent to an unknown planet where a dangerous phenomenon is destroying ships and expanding outward.

Reconciliation by betweenthebliss

Artist: singingintime
Mixer: ninety6tears
Series : Star Trek XI / Battlestar Galactica crossover
Character/Pairing(s) : Jim Kirk, Spock, Hikaru Sulu, Kara Thrace, Laura Roslin, Lee Adama, Nyota Uhura, Karl and Sharon Agathon; Kirk/Kara, Kirk/Spock, Kara/Sulu, Sulu/Gaila, background Roslin/Bill Adama.
Rating : R for action violence and sex
Word Count : 44,114
Warnings : none. you do not need to have seen *any* BSG to read this fic.
Summary : On the border of the Neutral Zone, the Enterprise runs into the Battlestar Galactica, reuniting Kirk with his old friend Kara Thrace. The Colonials are in trouble; their ship has been damaged and Admiral Adama taken hostage by cylons newly allied with the Romulan Empire. Eager for proof of an alliance that could endanger the entire Federation, Kirk commits the Enterprise to helping the Colonials out; but as usual, nothing goes according to plan.

lie back and think of Starfleet by curiouslyfic

Artist: chasingthewind
Fanmixer: speccygeekgrrl
Series: ST XI
Pairing: Sulu/Kirk
Rating: R
Word Count: ~29,000
Warnings: none
Summary: You are cordially invited to the wedding of Hikaru W. Sulu and James T. Kirk. Yes, another one.

We Have Loved the Stars Too Fondly to be Fearful of the Night by brighteyed_jill

Artist: wheres_walnut
Fanmixer: earlofcardigans
Series: ST XI
Characters/Pairings: McCoy/Chekov, Chekov/others mentioned, plus ensemble cast
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 57,000
Warnings: slavery, non- and dub-con, violence (but no explicit torture), emotional abuse, but none of it inflicted by the good guys. Also, explicit sex.
Summary: More than anyone else on the Enterprise, Leonard McCoy knows that space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence. As much as he’s seen in the two years since the Narada incident, he’s not prepared when a simple mission ends in the disappearance of a crewmember. The crew must adjust to the idea that one of their own might never come home.

Making a Living Out of Hope by casspeach

Artist: littlewolfstar
Fanmixer: gblvr
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): McCoy/Chekov
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~37,000
Warnings: off screen noncon, onscreen accidental dubcon, violence, slavery
Summary: While on shore leave McCoy gets involved in a card game. What does he win? A sexy little seventeen year old Russian. He has no idea what to do with the kid, but ends up taking him back to the ship, where he learns that Chekov was kidnapped from some starbase years ago and his parents are dead. When the Enterprise runs into a crippled shuttle escaping what the survivors claim was a Federation-led massacre, Chekov thinks it's the same pirates as killed his parents. Now he and McCoy must infiltrate the base, rescue the princess and see if they can remember how to live happily ever after.

Within Reason by Cave Canis

Artists: Art by Brynnamorgan and Art by Mariza
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Spock/Uhura
Rating: R
Word Count: 18,764
Warnings: Sexual Content
Summary: Spock is faced with a terrible decision about his life. Does he fulfill his duty to the Vulcan people or to Nyota and the Enterprise? Where is his heart?

Upheaval by xiasangli

Fanmixer: crediniaeth
Series: ST XI: Reboot
Character/Pairing(s): Uhura/Spock, Number One, Captain Pike (cameo), Dr. Puri, Nurse Chapel (cameo)
Rating: R to NC-17 (a couple of chapters )
Word Count: 31, 771
Warnings: foul language, smut, sexual assault
Summary: While coming to terms with their physical attraction, Nyota Uhura and Spock contemplate the true purpose of language. Lurking in the background is a sexual predator who has chosen Nyota as his next target. In order to stop him, Spock must be willing to risk his reputation, his moral standing, and his very life.

Seascape by rip_the_tide

Artist: wootsauce
Fanmixer: alldoubtaboutit
Series: ST XI (AU)
Character/Pairing(s): Spock/McCoy
Rating: light R
Word Count: 29,525
Warnings: AU, piratical silliness
Summary: Leonard McCoy has set out to start a new life across the sea. His plans change abruptly when he's kidnapped by the pirates of the Enterprise.

The Most Precious Thing by Bunny soloproject

Artist: longleggedgit
Fanmixer: adictd2life
Series: ST:XI
Character/Pairing(s): Sulu/Chekov; mentions at least all characters
Rating: up to R
Word Count: 20,331 words
Warnings: Spoilers through the movie. Some portrayal of underaged drinking and sex. Also, the notes and acknowledgements below may contain some spoilers.
Summary: Even if all their lives turn out to be an alternate reality, this is how Pavel Chekov grows up.

Let it all stop here by echoinautumn

Artist: alldoubtaboutit
Fanmixer: kick_back_80s
Series: Star Trek XI
Character/Pairing(s): Hikaru Sulu/Pavel Chekov
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 17,470
Warnings: Alternate universe, language, explicit sex
Summary: Hikaru Sulu is sure there's no way he could ruin his life more than he already has. He's twenty-two years old, in college, working full time... and the single father of a two-year-old daughter. Keeping it all in balance proves to be too much, and high school senior Pavel Chekov is rather desperately in need of community service hours.

And Begin Again by cero_ate and pervyficgirl

Artist: brynnamorgan
Series: ST XI, Enterprise
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura, Sulu/Chekov, Spock Prime/T'Pol. Background references to Prime Verse Kirk/Spock and Trip/T'pol. Gaila and Chapel make guest appearances.
Rating: Adult. Most parts are rated R, part II borders on NC-17.
Word Count: 19,690
Warnings: Non-con, torture.
Summary: A bad first contact from the 22nd century comes back to haunt the new crew, causing T'Pol and Spock Prime to intervene on the Enterprise's behalf.

Your Possible Pasts by Alara Rogers (alara_r)

Artist: Catie Jehnt (jehnt)
Fanmixer: SingingInTime (singingintime)
Series: ST:VOY/Bookverse
Characters: Kathryn Janeway, Q, "Lady Q", Q Junior, various other Q; in flashback, the entire crew of Voyager
Pairing(s): (All background or flashback pairings): J/C, J/Paris, J/Q, Picard/Q, J/Picard, Q/"Lady Q", "Lady Q"/OFQ. Note that as of the time of this story, Janeway is not currently involved with anyone, and in particular I should point out that the J/Q references come from an alternate timeline; in this story the Janeway & Q relationship is platonic.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 49,485
Warnings: Non-explicit het sex in flashback, including sex between giant sentient salamanders; canonical character death; spoilers for bookverse novels "Before Dishonor" by Peter David, "String Theory" trilogy by Jeffrey Lang, Kirsten Beyer and Heather Jarman, "Star Trek: Destiny" trilogy by David Mack
Summary: Q gives Janeway a gift containing all of the memories from her time in the Delta Quadrant that she lost to amnesia or temporal loops, or which belonged to an exact double.

Feedback Loop by ennyousai & dancinbutterfly

Artist: tli_productions
Fanmixer: pororoca
Series: ST XI crossover with Battlestar Galactica 2003
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy, Scotty/Six
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 30,000
Warnings: Character death (of a sort), mention of past abuse
Summary: The Federation lies in ruins, and the fragile sense of stability Jim Kirk has managed to create for himself in the aftermath continues to erode. Even the Cylons themselves are becoming undone, the pillars of their society challenged by the influx of individuality. Love and loss are never far apart. All this has happened before and will happen again. And again. And again.

Puzzle Pieces by skips

Artist: Fanmix Cover by chosenfire28 & Fanmix Cover by antiphobia
Fanmixer: crediniaeth
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Winona Kirk/Christopher Pike/George Kirk
Rating: R
Word Count: 15,184
Warnings: Character Death.
Summary: Winona, Chris, and George are in a relationship and it's going well in the sort of way that it's not bad, but it's also not amazing. Chris feels like the third wheel and breaks it off after two particular instances, but the funny thing about being in love with people is that you sometimes find that you can't stay away, no matter how much you might want to.

Breaking Orbit by saavikam77

Artist: team_fen
Fanmixer: bonesofyou
Series: Star Trek XI
Character/Pairing(s): Joanna McCoy, with Jim Kirk/Leonard McCoy, Jocelyn Treadway(/Clay Treadway), Gaila(/Scotty), Chris Pike, Spock, Winona Kirk, Sulu(/Chekov), and an OC (Teva) all in supporting roles
Rating: PG-13 (R for brief instances of cursing)
Word Count: 26,660
Warnings: Verbally abusive Jocelyn, angst, fluff
Summary: Joanna McCoy has big plans for herself, and she isn't about to let anyone hold her back. She'll do things her way, even if it means breaking the rules and burning bridges behind her. Five times Joanna ran away, and one time she didn't.

Trilateral Negotiations by sihayab and gblvr

Artist: slodwick
Fanmixer: shopfront
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy/Chekov (Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/Chekov, McCoy/Chekov, Kirk/others (incl. some het))
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~25,000
Warnings: lots and lots of smut, polyamory, rough sex and mild kink
Summary: When Jim convinces Bones to have a threesome with Chekov, Jim never imagines he could end up being the one left out.

I'll Find A Way To You If It Kills Me by fringedweller

Artist: iambickilometer
Series: (ST XI, TNG, DS9, etc) ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Chapel/Korby, McCoy/Chapel
Rating: R
Word Count: 38,020
Warnings: (if applicable) Mild femslash and battle-type gore in various sections.
Summary: When Christine Chapel's fiance disappears, she takes to the stars to find him. She didn't know that she'd find a lot else out there too...

Fell on Black Days by jane_lane18

Artist: wheres_walnut
Fanmixer: vengefuldemon69
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): McCoy/Jocelyn; McCoy/Kirk
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 47,000
Summary: A history of love and heartbreak, darkness and new beginnings. It was a long journey for Leonard McCoy to Starfleet.

2010 Big Bang

Adaptation by ghiri_mai

Artist: themadramblings
Mixer: civilbloodshed
Series: STXI, ENT
Character Pairings: None
Rating: M for language
Word Count: 44,451
Warnings: Some swear words
Summary: This story examines some of the consequences and implications of the destruction of the planet Vulcan by Nero, which should be major since Vulcan is one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets. Everyone will have to change old assumptions and adapt to the new reality of the loss of one of the Federation's pillars.

Behind The Shield Yuma aka mrwubbles

Artist: squarededdie
Mixer: epershand
Series: ST XI
Character(s):Jim Kirk, Leonard McCoy
Word Count:38,000+
Warnings: (if applicable) strong language
Summary: GEN - F.B.I. Special Agent Leonard McCoy of the White Collar Division wants to catch the Dutchman. But can the infamous James Kirk, a reformed young con artist, really help him? Or is this one big con, too? A revisit of White Collar's pilot episode, Star Trek Reboot style.

The Cardassian Incident by Author: badgerpride89

Artist: lecri
Mixer: shingo_the_pest
Series: AOS AU
Characters: Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Pike with the rest of the crew
Warnings: mild swearing and violence, talk of traumatic past
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 25,000
Summary: Pike wasn’t paralyzed by Nero’s slug. As such, he took command of the Enterprise as scheduled and brought James. T. Kirk along as his Chief of Security. When the Enterprise is ordered to investigate an outpost’s sudden radio silence, they get caught between a rock and a hard place. The outpost scientists are missing and the only ones who seem to have any clue of what’s going on are the Cardassians, a new species and the local powerhouse. However, as time goes on, it’s clear the Cardassians want more than to just help the Enterprise, but just what? As the web is woven around them, Kirk has his own demons to face, demons he long thought dead. Can the crew navigate the treacherous waters of Cardassian interference and save their people?

Colors: A Trinitarian Quartet in Chromacity by fee_folay

Artist: xenakis_
Mixer: wyntreaurora
Series: STXI (or whatever they are calling it these days)
Character/Pairing(s): Ensemble fic. See the intrepid crew of the Starship Enterprise boldly going - and running into the occasional… difficulty. Basically, Team Enterprise gets its collective ass kicked a few times while boldly exploring where no man, woman or alien in their right mind has gone before.
Rating: PG-13 I think… maybe M. Basically gen. Some hints of relationships. Some violence. Some naughty language.
Word Count: 34,925
Warnings: Decidedly unfluffy. Violence and bloodshed. Hurt. Pain. Angst. Headless crew members. Naked Uhura. A rose garden. Aliens with tentacles, or four arms, or vines and thorns. Fun times… not!
Summary: This is “Four Times” type fic with the overall theme being, four time going boldly ended up going badly. There are four separate stories each told from three different perspectives during the ongoing action.

"Crossfire" by mijan

Artist: vengefuldemon69
Mixer: ryuutchi
Series: ST: XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk & McCoy, Pike, Scotty
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 140,000 words
Warnings: I beat the fucking shit out of Jim Kirk, and give you all the goddamned gory details. I also cuss a little bit.
Summary: Jim Kirk and Leonard McCoy are on top of the world at the academy until it all comes crashing down around them. Trapped in their own mystery of politics, sabotage, and possible murder, it quickly becomes impossible to know who to trust. Worse, Jim might still be a target. With a dangerous criminal on the loose and Academy leadership not doing enough, Jim and Bones have to get their lives back together and find out what happened... before it happens again.

In Having New Eyes by betweenthebliss

Artist: shingo_the_pest
Mixer: crediniaeth
Series : ST: XI
Characters/Pairings : Winona Kirk, Christopher Pike, George Kirk, Tiberius Kirk, Jim and Sam Kirk; George/Winona, Winona/OMC, Pike/George unrequited
Rating : R
Word Count : 42,802
Warnings : none
Summary : Winona always thought she knew the path her life was going to take, but it seems every time she turns around something happens to show her just how wrong she is. This is the love story of Winona and George, but it's also the love story of Winona and Starfleet, and the story of how Winona learned things about herself she never knew she needed to learn. This is the story of a smart and determined girl, the stubborn farmer's son who made her fall for him, the ways they changed each other and the dreams they had of changing the world.

Like Shooting Stars by vector_nyu

Artist: nix_this
Mixer: xlcatloveress
Series: ST XI
Characters/Pairings: Kirk centric, past Spock/Uhura, Scotty/Uhura, Kirk/space lady, Spock/Romulan Commander, Kirk and Spock being bromantic, Kirk-prime and Spock-prime being an old married couple bromantic, and Sulu and Rand are BFFs
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 24,771
Warnings: some non-explicit sexy times
Summary: Ties back to Generations, after being put on probation for a violation of the Prime Directive―Jim, angry and disillusioned, wishes he were the man and captain everyone expects him to be. He gets more than he bargained for however, when after picking up the passengers of a stranded vessel, he meets a mysterious amnesiac old man. When the truth comes out the man whose been driving him crazy is himself, there isn't time to do anything about it as a rescue call comes in and Jim and the crew of the Enterprise must face a real life Kobayashi Maru, and Captain Kirk must prove himself once and for all.

Measure of a Man by alexajohnson

Artist: shingo_the_pest
Mixer: emmypenny
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Jim, Bones, Pike, Winona, Uhura, Spock. Gen.
Rating: R
Word Count: ~41,000
Warnings: heavy language, implied child abuse, mention of genocide, minor character death
Summary: Jim and Bones do not have a promising beginning to their friendship. But some things are just meant to be.

Second-Best Destiny by KCS (kcscribbler )

Artist: lecri
Mixer: wyntreaurora
Series: XI, with elements of TOS and TNG (not really a crossover, just with characters from those 'verses)
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk, Spock, Q, TOS Spock and Kirk, various crew cameos
Rating: PG-13, but only for (apparent) character death
Word Count: 50,800+
Warnings: Brief (apparent) character death. Spoilers for various TOS episodes and movies, mainly The Wrath of Khan and Generations. Minor spoilers for various TNG episodes including Sarek and Unification, creative license with both serieses and their characters. All references to any of the three universes has been footnoted for those who aren't Trekkers across the board.
Summary: "Whatever our lives might have been, our destinies have changed." -- AOS Spock, ST:XI "You once said being a starship captain was my first, best destiny. And, if that's true, then yours is to be by my side." -- Deleted Shatner scene from ST:XI, original reference to ST:II, The Wrath of Khan. Destiny requires the existence of universal constants. Is the multiverse governed by random chance, or is it held together by the threads of universal constants - and if the latter, are Kirk and Spock two of them? With their universe threatened by the Q Continuum, AOS Kirk and Spock must discover how similar and yet how very different they are from their TOS counterparts, with highly unexpected results - including the reunion of two iconic figures having been parted for over ninety-five years.

What Our Lives Again Could Be by tocourtdisaster

Artist: shinychimera
Mixer: emmypenny
Series: AOS AU
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Winona Kirk, Sam Kirk, Ayel, Nero, James Kirk, Leonard McCoy, supporting ensemble (background Winona/Nero, Winona/Ayel UST, eventual Sam/McCoy)
Rating: R
Word Count: 27,185
Warnings: violence (both implied and explicit), language, UST, [highlight for spoilers] non-explicit scenes of torture, major and minor character deaths, bittersweet ending
Summary: When Winona Kirk's shuttle is captured by the Narada just moments after the destruction of the U.S.S. Kelvin, the very flow of history is changed once again, eventually leading to Sam Kirk entering into the role of unwitting hero.

If Wishes Were Horses by fringedweller

Artist: nix_this
Mixer: emmypenny
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Rand/Kirk, McCoy/Chapel, Pike/One, other slash and het pairings
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 65,706
Warnings: Mention of attempted sexual assault, no more graphic that portrayed in The Enemy Within
Summary: All her life Janice Rand had wanted one thing - to figure out just what she was supposed to do with herself. She drifted into Starfleet on a whim, and to her surprise, found a niche to fill. But being assigned to the Enterprise brings with it a challenge to her neat and ordered way of life, and Janice is unsure as to how much she's willing to let James T. Kirk affect her. But since when has love ever been easy? And will Janice let her heart stand in the way of her career?

In Our Nature (Book 1) by ninety6tears

Artist: enkanowen
Mixer: ninety6tears
Series: ST XI/ST XI:Mirrorverse (with influences from bookverse)
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk, Uhura, McCoy, Scotty, mirror-Spock. Kirk/Uhura, some Scotty/OC.
Rating: R for language, violence and non-explicit sex (see other warnings.)
Word Count: ~61,000
Warnings: Strong violence, many references/incidents of slavery and oppression, mentions of dubcon and attempted child rape, minor character death.
Summary: In events that parallel TOS' "Mirror, Mirror," four members of the Enterprise find themselves in a mirror universe but become stranded there. After covertly abandoning the Imperial fleet they seek anonymous refuge on Earth, eventually settling in the fragile autonomy of a region populated by resistant Terrans and former slaves.

The Lady or The Doctor by seashadows

Artist: idkmybffspock
Mixer: urbancate
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): McCoy/Uhura, side Kirk/Spock
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 26,636
Warnings: none
Summary: Two months after the Enterprise sets out on its first five-year mission, Nyota Uhura finds herself growing closer to a man she never thought she'd learn to like: Doctor Leonard McCoy, Chief Medical Officer and ship's grouch. But appearances can be deceiving, as Nyota learns after an away mission gone wrong brings her closer to McCoy - as a patient, a lover, and a friend. Meanwhile, as she gets to know her captain as more than an annoyance, she must contend with him growing closer to her ex-lover - a prospect she minds less than it would seem.

Love Lockdown by djkiwi2576

Artist: enkanowen
Mixer: urbancate
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): McCoy, Uhura, Pike, Jocelyn McCoy, Joanna McCoy, M'Benga, Chapel, Kirk, Spock, Chekov, McCoy/Uhura, Pike/Uhura, mentions of past McCoy/Jocelyn
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 23,000
Warnings: Mirrorverse, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Dub - Con, Non - Con, inklings of D/s relationship, torture, character deaths
Summary: Tumbling towards love and devotion while in service to the Empire. Inspired by the mardia ficlet, Hand Fixation and originally intended for The Remix Challenge at issenterprise, well that didn't work out because this baby grew into something much bigger.

Nine Years Later by circ_bamboo

Artist: theoreticalpixy
Mixer: echoinautumn
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Pairings: Pike/Number One, Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura. Other characters: Christine Chapel, Gaila, Joanna McCoy, Janice Rand, Mia Colt, and Caitlin Barry.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 23,657
Warnings: AU in the style of a Regency-set historical romance novel, so treatment of race and homosexuality in non-current fashion. Also, het smut ahoy.
Summary: Regency AU; Pike (Baron Prescott) has returned home from the Napoleonic Wars, along with James Kirk (the Earl of Riverside) and Lieutenant Leonard McCoy, to claim the lady he left . . . nine years before. Will she be there? Also, Viscount Spockton meets an interesting woman when she performs at a musicale . . . And what is Miss McCoy’s governess hiding?

Swordmistress by mamaesme

Artist: theoreticalpixy
Mixer: shadowclub
Series: AOS
Character/Pairing(s): Nyota Uhura/Jim Kirk; Nyota Uhura, Jim Kirk (Secondary: Leonard McCoy, Spock, Hikaru Sulu, Winona Kirk, Galia, Nero, Amanda Grayson)
Rating: R
Word Count: 38,000
Warnings: extreme AU, sword fighting, blood and gore, language, sex
Summary: Nyota, under the name Stania, is the most dangerous swordmistress alive, and three men from Enterprise have come to secure a contract with her. In return for asylum and a vision saving antidote, all Nyota has to do is kill Nero and keep her identity a secret from James Kirk. But that last part is more for the sake of her sanity than an actual order. After all, Jim’s mourned death of his best friend and guardian, and Nyota knows he won’t forgive her if she tells him she’s been alive past ten years. Even if she’s been waging a war just for him.

The World Throws its Light by seren_ccd

Artist: theoreticalpixy
Mixer: leighblack
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): McCoy/Chapel, Spock/Uhura, Kirk, Janice Rand, Sulu, Gaila, OCs
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 23,255
Warnings: Mild violence, mild language
Summary: Christine Chapel is doing her best to start a relationship with Leonard McCoy. But, when trouble starts on an ambassadorial visit to a small planet, she finds herself right in the middle of things. This is the last story in the Going to Georgia trilogy. However, it can be read on its own.

11/33 (small truths) by creepylicious

Artist: chosenfire28
Mixer: jouissant
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Spock/Uhura/Kirk (in various combinations)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 25.890
Warnings: threesome, kidnapping, slavery, non-con (nothing graphic), violence
Summary:Basically this is about Spock being kidnapped by people who think all things Vulcan are valuable now that the planet doesn’t exist anymore. Kirk sleeping with Uhura because he had a thing for her even before touching her breasts and she is lonely, Kirk freaking about it, but unable to stop. Uhura being full of guilt because she has feelings for Kirk and Spock. And Spock trying to deal with all the things he endured while he was held captive for months.

C'Thia by medie

Mixer: crediniaeth
Series: STXI
Character/Pairing(s): Pike/Spock
Rating: pg13
Word Count: 22, 659
Summary: Loving someone doesn't mean you understand them. Loving a Vulcan definitely means you don't. Christopher Pike's in love with his science officer, Spock might be in love with him, but that's not even remotely close to the end of the story. gender-change AU. Features a cis-female Spock.

Sugar and Spice and Goddamn Romulans by altilis

Artist: kauniainen
Mixer: sphynxle
Series: ST XI/Reboot
Character/Pairing(s): Sybok, OT4 (Spock/Uhura/Kirk/McCoy), Sybok/Christine Chapel, Sarek, Spock Prime, crew ensemble, Romulans
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~54,000
Warnings: unfriendly mindmelds
Summary: Sybok finds Spock in the aftermath of Vulcan's destruction. Meanwhile, Starfleet's recruiting like they have a war on their hands. If he can have free baking privileges, get closer to the heart of the galaxy, and help Spock - well, why not?

That Which They Defend by caitri

Artist: themadramblings
Mixer: wyntreaurora
Series: (ST XI, TNG, DS9, etc) SR XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/Éomer, Éomer/Lothíriel, Kirk/McCoy
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 52,461
Summary:Jim Kirk in Middle Earth: There, and back again. A crossover with The Lord of the Rings (film and books)

We’ll Sleep Tonight by echoinautumn

Artist: littlewolfstar
Mixer: nextian
Series: ST XI: Alternate Universe
Character/Pairing(s): Sulu/Chekov, Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura, Scotty
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~35,000
Warnings: Genderswap/sexswap (of the always-a-girl variety), explicit sexual content, alternate universe, PG-13 violence, pregnancy, discussion of wartime military and political issues
Summary: WWII AU; Two years after he left San Francisco for Britain to fight in the war, Sulu meets Chekova at Bletchley Park, where she works as a code breaker with Spock, an escaped German mathematician, Uhura, a civilian translator assisting them, Kirk and McCoy, aides-de-camp to Lt. General Pike. As the war rages on, changing their world even as they try to protect and reclaim what they know, each of them find out what can grow and what can endure.

Aftershocks by canis_takahari

Artist: chosenfire28
Mixer: peculiaritea
Series: Star Trek XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy; Jim Kirk, Leonard McCoy, Winona Kirk, Jocelyn Darnell, (off-screen) Christopher Pike, OC
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 29,154
Warnings: Angst, sex, language
Summary: Jim Kirk turns down Pike’s challenge, and doesn’t get on the Starfleet recruiting shuttle. But neither does Leonard McCoy, who’s actually been in Iowa for six months already, doing fuck-all. Becoming drinking buddies seems like a natural progression. Sometimes the path to the stars is just a piece-of-shit dirt road. You know, the kind that’s filled with potholes and surrounded by brambles and conveniently happens to be located in the bottom of a ravine. But every once in a while, when confronted with such a twisted mess of circumstance and cracked foundation, the universe still does its very best to fill in the holes.

All or Nothing: Beneath the Dust and Love and Sweat that Hangs on Everybody by murf1307

Artist: theoreticalpixy
Mixer: jazzy_peaches
Series: ST XI/Reboot
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/Spock, past!Spock/Uhura, Kirk/The Romulan Commander (from “The Enterprise Incident”), Scotty/Gaila, Scotty/Gaila/Uhura, Sulu/Chekov, flashbacks to Kirk Prime/Spock Prime, Pike/Number One, Sarek, Sybok, one Romulan OC (who is the Romulan Commander’s dad), Leslie/Kyle, Janice Rand, McCoy/The Romulan Commander, and Christine Chapel.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 28,442
Warnings: Two character deaths, one canon, and one non-canon.
Summary: The Enterprise crew (plus Pike, One, Sarek, and Spock Prime) must negotiate a new peace treaty with the Romulans. Various romances are rearranged or blossom on the journey. After Kirk declares his undying love for Spock while he’s friends-with-benefits with the daughter of one of the Romulans’ representatives, Spock is kidnapped, leading to something much like the climactic fight of “Amok Time.” During this fight, Sybok kidnaps everyone and hijacks the Enterprise. Angst is had, Pike and One finally get together, and the folks in Engineering + Chapel have an epic fight while Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Sybok go meet God.

Amalgamation by annenburg

Artist: my3scape
Mixer: katiemariie
Series: STXI
Character/Pairing(s): Spock, Kirk, Uhura, Pike, Sarek; Kirk/Spock
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 20430
Warnings: Reimagining; smut; mentions of hermaphrodism; language
Summary: As a half-Vulcan, Spock never expects to imprint. It's rare enough for a full-blooded Vulcan to imprint, so why should he have it easy? But he does imprint – on the delinquent who sabotaged his Kobayashi Maru. And everything he once knew is about to change.

b song by ladybugkay

Artist: my3scape
Mixer: vengefuldemon69
Series: ST XI with ST: TOS influences
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy, Winona/George Kirk; minor pairings: brief Kirk/Thom Leighton, Kirk/Gary Mitchell, casual Kirk/Gaila, one-time McCoy/OFC
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~51,000
Warnings: child abuse (not graphic), genocide, suicide, depression, alcoholism, vague references to child prostitution, minor character death, some purple prose, explicit language, underage drunkenness, teenage sex (though over the age of consent), one case of somewhat dubious consent, a dash of voyeurism, occasional overuse of italics.
Summary: “There's moments in your life that make you, that set the course of who you're gonna be. Sometimes they're little, subtle moments. Sometimes they're not. I'll show you what I mean.” * This is the story of Jim Kirk, not as he might have been in another world, but who he is becoming in this one, and these are the people and encounters that change him along the way.

Bang a Gong by waketosleep (stripedpetunia)

Artist: Ashley
Mixer: jouissant
Series: STXI
Character/Pairing(s): Ensemble; Kirk/Spock (background McCoy/Uhura)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 22,700
Warnings: None, except for: this is what happens when I make a conscious effort to write comedy.
Summary: The chronicles of the Sad Bastards Club (Enterprise Chapter). This is also known as the pon farr rom-com.

Best of All Possible Universes, or A Little More Than Kin and Less Than Kind by katiemariie

Artist: chaosraven
Mixer: katiemariie
Series: ST: XI
Character/Pairing(s): Sybok/McCoy, Cupcake/Kirk, T'Pring/Uhura, Spock/M'Benga, Spock/OMC/OFC, Sarek/Chapel
Rating: R
Word Count: ~65,000
Warnings: Discussion of rape, suicide, and drug use. Male lactation. Spoilers for pretty much all of TOS and the TOS movies.
Summary: Half way through the five year mission, T'Pring, M'Benga, and Sybok join the crew as engineer, doctor, and counselor/priestess wrangler respectively. Along with the rest of the crew, they "reboot" TOS episodes, like "Arena," "Mirror Mirror," and "The Naked Time." Hilarity ensues.

Better Strangers by gadgetorious

Artist: makowe_pola
Mixer: lauriegilbert
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy friendship, mentions of Kirk/McCoy and McCoy/OCs
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 23,821
Summary: When Leonard McCoy moves to San Francisco it's to start a new life. Something different from his old life. That means putting up with Starfleet policies, combat classes, idiot hospital employees and Jim Kirk.

Bones McCoy and the Raiders of the Lost Temple by abigail89 & weepingnaiad

Artist: flyingmachine
Mixers: weepingnaiad and abigail89
Series: Star Trek XI
Characters (in order of appearance)/Pairings: Leonard McCoy, Christopher Pike, Christine Chapel, Pavel Chekov, Montgomery Scott, Jim Kirk, Hikaru Sulu, Nyota Uhura, Gaila, Spock, and Winona Kirk. Ultimately Kirk/McCoy with Pike/McCoy and others thrown in for good measure
Rating: G to NC-17
Word Count: 78,927
Warnings: present-day AU, deaths of minor original characters, violence and guns
Summary: Leonard McCoy is the curator of a small, prestigious archaeological museum in San Francisco and enjoys the admiration of his colleagues worldwide for his contributions to archaeology. But his professional and personal lives are turned upside down with the arrival of a brash and dashingly handsome young, up and coming archaeologist named Jim Kirk. After a rugged start they pull together to lead an expedition to Sumatra, the place of McCoy's greatest accomplishment and his most tragic loss. When the expedition and his friends are threatened by natural disaster and betrayed by one of their own to a band of treasure robbers, Dr. McCoy must reach deep inside himself to find the courage to face his fears. But with Jim and his intrepid colleagues by his side, he finds he can overcome anything.

Broken Folk by castofone @ rushedwords

Artist: gadgetorious
Mixer: shopfront
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy, with background mentions of them and other people as well as paired off crew members (Spock/Uhura, Sulu/OC), and various other crew members
Rating: PG13/R (largely for McCoy swearing a lot)
Word Count: 33,466
Summary: It's been almost five apart with McCoy on Earth and Jim on Enterprise, and almost just as long since the two have been in the same place for any length of time. But when Enterprise goes missing near Romulan Space, McCoy is willing to do whatever he has to in order to find Jim. A self-contained sequel to The Last Two Tours.

But Not as We Know It by spikeface

Artist: affectingly
Mixer: green_postit
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy, Spock/McCoy, Kirk/Spock/McCoy
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 19,600
Warnings: death, violence, sex, mirrorverse
Summary: Two months after the USS Enterprise crashes and burns, McCoy wakes up on the ISS Enterprise and tries to find his way home.

Don't Worry (i'm okay now) by Lilas (pavlov's_kitten)

Artist: makowe_pola
Mixer: xlcatloveress
Series: ST XI/Reboot/2009
Character/Pairing(s): James Kirk, Winona Kirk, Frank, Kodos, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Gaila, The Enterprise crew in general; Kirk/Spock (at the very end)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 25,150
Warnings: Mention of Tarsus IV (so slight mention of genocide)
Summary: Seven people and events that shaped James Kirk into the captain he was meant to be, and one that made no difference at all.

Feathered Frenzy by triskellion

Artist: brynnamorgan (NSFW)
Mixer: inkstain
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Spock/Uhura leading to Kirk/Spock
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~60,000
Warnings: Hints of het, some blurry slash sex. A fair amount of wing induced erroticism.
Summary: You know of those stories where the transporter sends Kirk or Spock careening into another universe where everything is weird? Well, this isn't one of those. No, this is the story where the transporter makes everything weird in its own universe. Though it skipped the gender-change trope. No, this is a new one. Add on sex, political negotiations, angry admirals, and an unexpected marriage and things get quite complicated.

Flaws In The Design by starsandgraces

Artist: littlewolfstar
Mixer: vengefuldemon69
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): McCoy/Sulu, Jocelyn/McCoy, background Gaila/Kirk, background Clay/Jocelyn, Joanna, Rand, Pike, Chapel, fem!Sulu, Uhura
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 45660
Warnings: Graphic descriptions of injuries in a medical context/surgery, mentions of character death, reference to pregnancy, reference to adultery, genderswap
Summary: Near future AU. Leonard McCoy is working as a doctor in a small-town hospital one day, and the next he meets Hikaru Sulu, who says he's a robot from Leonard's future who's travelled back in time to change Leonard's life for the better. But for someone who claims he's come back to help, Hikaru keeps a hell of a lot of secrets.

Fortunate Son by mardia

Artist: littledivinity
Mixer: pearlstar178
Series: ST XI
Characters/Pairings: Kirk/McCoy, OCs
Rating: R/NC-17
Word Count: 50,961
Warnings: Tarsus-fic, forced starvation, imprisonment, offscreen death
Summary: When Leonard McCoy is kidnapped and held for ransom, Jim Kirk and the Enterprise crew have no idea that the kidnapping is connected to McCoy's past as a young doctor on Tarsus IV.

2011 Big Bang

Wanderers Far at Sea by sail_aweigh

Artist: votaku
Mixer: vengefuldemon69
Series: ST XI
Characters/Pairings: Kirk/McCoy, Uhura/Spock, Spike/Surprise Guest, Khan, Marla McGivers, Joanna McCoy
Warnings: beheadings and gore, swearing, minor character death
Rating: R for violence and language
Word Count: ~40,000
Summary: STXI/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series fusion. Jim has kept one part of his life a complete secret from his best friend Bones, but now it appears the bizarre occurrences happening to Joanna McCoy may force him to reveal things to Bones that will either sunder their friendship forever or bring them closer together than either had ever expected. Can Bones trust Jim with Joanna's life, when he's been lied to by his best friend about his very nature?

2012 Big Bang


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