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Synonyms: Squibs, Squib AU, Squib headcanons, Squib Worldbuilding
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Squibs in Fanworks is a trope in Harry Potter fandom.

Blood status is a big theme in the Harry Potter series, but the lives of squibs are almost never discussed.

Definition & Scope

Imagining what the lived experiences of a squib (or squibs) might be; any fanwork which does so.


Book canon is unconcerned with the lives of people who are squibs. Squibs are mentioned four times in the series: two times[1][2] they are played for laughs, and two times[3][4] we are told that it's horribly sad and difficult to live in the wizarding world when you can't do magic, and they're probably better off living as muggles and forgetting (or not knowing) they ever had any magical relatives. At Harry's disciplinary hearing in book 5, it is implied that the Ministry of Magic has no record of squibs' births, which implies that this attitude is shared officially by the Ministry.

For information about squibs in extended canon, see the Squib page on the Harry Potter Wikia and related pages.


Considering the lives of squibs is uncommon in Harry Potter fandom.

As canon gives fans almost nothing to work with, all fanworks have some element of worldbuilding, however small.

Meta and headcanons about squibs (or some squibs) generally are common examples of the trope.

Works concerning the experiences of a specific character, rather than those of squibs more generally, usually feature an original character(s), or a canon divergence AU in which a canonically wixen character(s) is a squib (or a combination of the two). They may also be about Mrs. Figg or Mr. Filch, but it is less common.

Other examples of the trope are fusions in which another fandom's characters are placed in the Harry Potter setting, and one or more of those characters is a squib; and crossovers in which another fandom's character(s) is a squib, and their source work is some of the story of their life in the muggle world.

Squib worldbuilding was requested in both the 2017 and 2018 Worldbuilding Exchanges.





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