Spork! An Erotic Love Story

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Title: Spork! An Erotic Love Story
Creator: cirrocumulus & jiaren_shadow
Date(s): 20 December 2009
Medium: audio
Fandom: Star Trek (2009)
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Spork! An Erotic Love Story is an audiofic by cirrocumulus & jiaren_shadow. It finds a stunning answer to the question: "Did you ever notice that the Star Trek audiobook could be edited together in such a way as to make it sound like Kirk and Spock are fucking? Surprisingly graphically?"[1]

The audio clip features 3:16 minutes of Zachary Quinto (Spock in Star Trek XI) appearing to read explicit K/S fiction. A transcript of the ca. 450 word story was posted together with a download link and a streaming version of the audio clip that used a handful of movie stills as a backdrop for the K/S narrative.

The story begins with "Spock moved toward the command chair. Kirk thrust out a hand to restrain the reaching fingers. 'What are you doing?' As he met the Vulcan’s gaze, one of the science officer’s eyebrows rose prominently. He had chosen to cross a very dangerous line. “I thought you’d respond positively to such an offer,” Spock explained calmly. Kirk goggled up at him, unsure how to react. Spock moved closer and placed his fingers against Kirk’s face. Kirk was stunned", and very soon enters NSFW territory.

The audio clip went viral immediately and was linked in several blogs and articles[2][3][4][5][6][7] but the clip was only up on YouTube for a few days before CBS filed a copyright claim and had it removed.[8] What this claim is based on is unclear as 3 minutes of material from an 8.5 hour audiobook edited word for word to create new sentences (and sometimes even words that weren't in the original text! For example the word "cock" was created by removing the ending of "cockily") sounds like an obvious case of fair use. This erotic love story is still available (Vimeo and as DL) where it was originally posted but the removal from YouTube effectively removed it from all the non-fannish spaces where it was linked and stopped its viral spreading. Later some of the blogs changed their links to the Vimeo version of Spork! An Erotic Love Story.


From an interview in The Guardian:

I ask Quinto if he's heard the editing job a couple of fans did with his Star Trek audiobook, cutting his words into a slice of extremely filthy Spock/Kirk slash fiction. "Ooh, slash fiction, I see, yes, yes." He hasn't heard it. "I myself am not very well-versed in the world of slash fiction," he says, marvelling at the time one would have had to spend to edit his perfectly innocent eight-hour recording into three minutes of steamy grot. "That kind of time is a luxury that I don't have in any way. But more power to them, I suppose."[9]


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