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Name: Clark Kent, Kal-El, The Blur, Superman
Occupation: reporter, superhero
formerly: student
Relationships: biological parents Jor-El and Lara-El; paternal cousin Kara Zor-El; paternal uncle Zor-El; partial genetic clone Conner Kent; adoptive parents Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent; maternal grandparents William Clark and Mary Clark; paternal grandparents Hiram Kent and Jessica Kent; paternal adopted ancestor Nathaniel Kent; fiancée Lois Lane
Fandom: Smallville
Other: Portrayed by Tom Welling.
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Clark Kent is the main character on the television show Smallville.

Canon Overview

Canon Pairings

Lana Lang, whom he dated briefly and repeatedly, Alicia Baker, and his fiancée, Lois Lane.


One of Clark's nicknames is "the Big Dumb Alien" or BDA.

Clark's different personalities: Kal-El, Bizarro, Red K!Clark (usually named Kal), and Clark Luthor often played a part in various fanworks. It was one way to warn people if Clark's character was going to be darker and more sinister than his normal self.

Protrayals of Clark's sexual orientation is in fic varies, with some bi-Clark, some gay-Clark, some straight-with-an-exception-Clark, and some totally-alien-Clark. He is most commonly gay but it is not necessarily an overwhelming majority. Since Clark fetishizes normalcy and has a certain level of internalized Kryptophobia he frequently has a hard time in fic dealing with the fact that he is also in a sexual minority. Being an alien is bad enough for someone who just wants to be a normal boy, but being a gay alien is even worse.


He is frequently slashed with Lex Luthor (see Clark/Lex), and secondarily with Oliver Queen (see Clark/Oliver) and Whitney Fordman (see Clark/Whitney). The most popular het pairings involve Lana Lang (see Clark/Lana), Chloe Sullivan (see Clark/Chloe), and Lois Lane (see Clark/Lois).

Example Fanworks

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