Side-Trekked (1990s Star Trek zine by Kern)

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Title: Side-Trekked
Publisher: Skylarking Digest Press
Editor(s): Trinette Kern
Date(s): 1994-?
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek/multimedia
Language: English
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Side-Trekked is a gen anthology zine with crossovers of Star Trek and other shows.

It is the second zine by this fan with the same title; the first one was published in 1978 and was also called "v.1." See Side-Trekked.

Issue 1

Side-Trekked 1 was published in March 1994 and has 150 pages. Artwork: Warren Oddsson and John Goldie. Front & back cover artwork: Warren Oddsson.

flyer for issue #1, printed in Kuryakin Files
front cover of issue #1, Warren Oddsson
back cover of issue #1

This zine was available "by hand" at August Party and Blimpcon [1].

From a flyer:

At last! The first issue of SIDE-TREKKED is going to press! I know. . . I said it would be ready in May, and May is almost at a close, but you all know how it is with fanzines, especially those with a staff of one. . . an editor who must try to fit this love of Trek into his or her spare time. Invariably, issues are promised and then delayed as the events of every day life intrude on the time set aside for zine-publishinq pursuits. Sooo . . . . I thank you all for your patience, and hope that you will find this premier issue of SIDE-TREKKED worth the wait. I also thank those of you who donated your time in typing and other helpful projects to see this issue realized.

  • Critical Mudd by John Willcox Herbert (Star Trek: TOS/Star Trek TNG) ("Join the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise D as they try to deal with a visitor from the past.") (3)
  • Tomorrow Is Yesterday by Bonnie Holmyard (Star Trek: TOS/Quantum Leap) 35 ("... watch Sam from Quantum Leap try to act the part of a Vulcan in a story based on the Star Trek Classic episode "Tomorrow is Yesterday" told with a slightly different perspective.") (35)
  • A Very Special Brady by L.R.H. Balzer (Star Trek: TNG/Brady Bunch) 59 ("Worf's son, Alexander, is an only child. He's also "A Very Special Brady."") (59)
  • Resurrection by Robert Beardsell (Star Trek: TNG/Aliens) ("Data learns something about his past that may affect the entire human race! The Aliens have returned.") (62)
  • Back to the Federation by Michael Geoghegan (Star Trek: TNG/Back to the Future) ("It's a few years after ST:TNG. Wesley Crusher, former wiz-kid, is now a member of Starfleet who finds himself trapped in the past. Fortunately for him, we have our wiz-kid, Marty McFly, who helps him to get "Back to the Federation."") (72)
  • Of Toast and Androids by Deej Barens (Star Trek: TNG/Red Dwarf) ("A story of Data in conversation with Talkie the Toaster from Red Dwarf.") (87)
  • Evol-Q-Tion by Dayton Ward (Star Trek: TNG/Planet of the Apes) (Q mucks with the course of human history and things go seriously weird. "a 60 page story that reveals to our readers exactly how the Planet of the Apes occurred, how the Next Generation crew became involved, and what exactly the Continuum had to do with it all.") (90)

Issue 2

Side-Trekked 2 contains 174 pages. Art by Warren Oddsson (back cover), interior art by John Goldie.


  1. ^ A 1978 mention of "Blimpcon" was in Warped Space #35/36: "BLIMPCON will be held August 18, 19, 20 at the Hilton Inn West, Akron, OH. Membership is limited to 150, and registra tion will be by mail only. Attending membership is $5 plus 2 legal size s.a.s.e.s and supporting membership is $2 plus 2 legal size s.a.s.e.s. Checks should be made payable to S.T.A.R. Base Akron. To register, or for further information, write to BlimpCon, c/o Mary Ellen Matyi."