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Pairing: Isaac Lahey/Scott McCall
Alternative name(s): Scisaac, McLahey
Gender category: M/M
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Common
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Scisaac is the ship of Isaac Lahey and Scott McCall from the T.V. show Teen Wolf. The pairing is also called McLahey or Isaac/Scott.


Scott and Isaac only really meet in season two of Teen Wolf after they both had already been turned into werewolves even though they both had been on the lacrosse team together. Isaac was a recently turned beta in Derek Hale's pack. During this time, Isaac and Scott butted heads due to different beliefs on how to handle things. Isaac was following Derek's more brutal "hurt them before they hurt us" style while Scott was a firm believer of being able to save everyone. Both still managed to work together for a common cause even without seeing eye-to-eye.

Eventually, Derek pushed Isaac away in an attempt to save him from the Alpha Pack. Isaac went to Scott for help, and Scott happily helped. Scott let Isaac move into his house and generally looked out for him. Isaac began to date Scott's ex-girlfriend Allison Argent with Scott's permission. After the death of Allison, Isaac moved to France with Allison's father Chris Argent to get away from Beacon Hills.


Isaac/Scott is a fairly common ship that has a popular following on Tumblr with many metas and gif sets being made in regards to the ship.[1] Many fans believe that Isaac/Scott was supposed to become canon before TPTB put a hard stop on it for whatever reason.[2]

Fans like to point out the parallels between Scott's interaction with Allison, who was his first love, and Isaac. Otherbully1 states, "Like Scott has said the exact words “I don’t want you getting hurt” to exactly TWO people: Allison and Isaac. Then the fucking vet scene I just… someone kill me that’s so fucking blatant like Jeff is a sneaky little bitch for that one. I mean Allison is crying over a dog that Scott is working on and Scott says “I would have cried too” and then Isaac is crying over a dog that Scott is working on and Scott says “I cried too.” Scott had one-on-one conversations with exactly two people to talk them out of showing up to face Deucalion: Allison (that playfight scene) and Isaac (Dude, I love Mexican!)."[3]

Add to that, fans like to pull instances of Isaac and Scott and point out their body language and how they look at each other. A comment on one gif set states, "I swear Isaac is one step from ripping Scott's clothes off."[4]

Queer Baiting

Many fans would argue that Isaac/Scott is one of the biggest instances of queer baiting on Teen Wolf. Most of the instances seen as setting up Isaac/Scott, such as Scott telling Isaac the same lines he told Allison and all of the staring/body language, were used later with Scott/Kira which became a canon relationship. This made many people angry because Isaac seemed to have taken a u-turn from being interested in Scott to being interested in Allison while it felt like Scott was just put together with Kira. As wasntadreamsenorita said, "I. DID. NOT. SIT. THROUGH. THIS. BEAUTIFUL. DEVELOPMENT. THAT. WOULD. BE. GIVEN. TO. THE. AUDIENCE. AS. ROMANTIC. IF. IT. WERE. HETEROSEXUAL. JUST. TO. BE. REWARDED. WITH. MORE. HETERO. RELATIONSHIPS!!!! Like seriously, if Scott had half the fucking interaction with a girl like he has with Isaac, the shit woulda been canon AGES ago."[4]

Common Tropes

  • Protective Scott: In this trope, Scott is protective or overprotective of Isaac. In this situation, Scott is normally very nurturing to Isaac and helps him through the issues he's retained from being abused as a child. This is very similar to the canon universe as Scott is fairly protective of Isaac in canon, but this normally puts more of an emphasis on Isaac's issues because of his past.
  • Scallisaac: Instead of picking and choosing pairs, this puts Allison, Isaac, and Scott all together! Why pick when you can have all of them?



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