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Title: Run
Author(s): mrsronweasley
Date(s): 2010-11-11
Length: 62983 words
Genre: slash, AU
Fandom: My Chemical Romance
External Links: masterpost at the author's livejournal
fanfic on the AO3

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Run is a novel-length Frank/Gerard AU by mrsronweasley that was written for the 2010 Werewolf Big Bang challenge on LiveJournal. It combines three popular tropes: werewolves, High School AU, and Heat Fic. The specific high school setting is particular to My Chemical Romance fic: a private school inspired by the music video I'm Not Okay.

The story is written from Frank's point of view. Frank is a teenaged werewolf who gets sexually frustrated before the full moon (moon-related friskiness is a common werewolf subtrope). Gerard is the new kid at school. They have a lot of sex, become friends, fall in love, and incidentally start a band. The story uses common fanon such as Basement!Gerard and Frank being neat. Like in many high school AUs, canon ages are adjusted to avoid unintended age difference tropes; in this fic, Frank and Gerard are only one year apart.

Fan Reactions/Reviews

The completed story was originally posted in nine parts on LiveJournal (due to the character limit on LJ posts). The Epilogue post had 192 comments.[1] For example:

I love your Frank voice, and the way this captures his crazy energy, and the way that Gerard is drawn to him, and how Gee thinks he gets it at first and then realizes he doesn't, but that it doesn't impact his feelings for Frankie at all - if anything, it makes him love him more. I also love how Gee brings his pack to Frankie, since Frank hadn't found it yet.[2]
I loved how Gerard and Frank's relationship develops SO differently from most fics (and high school AUs): instead of meeting and going through secret pining and then dating and then first base etc etc, they START with a blowjob in the bathroom.... I like how you frame the werewolf thing as something really unpleasant; it's NOT this super-human awesome thing and nor is it this awesome sex-pollen thing, it's never knowing what it's like to have people sleep over or spending your birthday alone or puking in the bathroom from the smells of everyone around you.[3]

The story was reposted a year later on AO3 at a time when livejournal fans were still using AO3 as a backup and not the only place to post fanfic. As a result, the fic does not have many comments on AO3, but still has the third highest hit count for Bandom werewolf fanworks.[4]

Elsewhere on LiveJournal:

It's a long, beautiful story full of orgasms and more orgasms and boys trying to figure out boys and also boys trying to figure out werewolves and also boys trying to figure out orgasms, which are all things I am a big fan of.[5]

On Tumblr:

And this is probably one of the best werewolf!frank story ever so go read it![6]

The author's masterpost was bookmarked on Delicious 141 times. Some comments:[7]

  • Achingly, desperately good.
  • That delicious little werewolf AU where frank totally cant help himself and accidentally sucks gerard off in the bathroom that one time and then they totally start getting it on in the janitors closet

Related Fanworks

The first scene of what became "Run" was originally posted as a standalone ficlet called "That Sickly Feeling" in mrsronweasley's livejournal a few months before the challenge.[8]

For the original big bang entry, kidsxheroes made the art and maryangel200 made a fanmix. Unofficially, theopteryx posted a color drawing depicting a scene from the story (Frank and Gerard making out in the janitor's closet) as a reward to mrsronweasley for finishing the fanfic.

Two years later, argentumlupine made a six-hour podfic of the fic for Podfic Big Bang.[9] The cover art for the podfic, by aneas, was later recced for its use of collage in yet another challenge, Amplirecathon, by yue ix.[10]


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