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Name: Erika
Alias(es): rkc_erika
Type: fan writer, artist, fansite owner
Fandoms: Smallville, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Legend of the Seeker, Outlander, Star Wars, X-Men Movieverse, Continuum, Arrow, Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings, Thor Movieverse, X-Files, many others
URL: livejournal, Erika's Art Blog, Erika's Art Gallery,
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Erika is a fan best known for her art work. She often works along side Kate on websites.

Comments on Erika

"No list would ever be complete without Erika’s contributions. She’s AMAZING. The talent she has with surfacing is crazy and I love how she blends everything in so symmetrically. Collages are always a problem for me but Erika brings in a new handle for this genre. I really love this particular piece because there are very few Chimmy arts and this one really sticks out of her collection because of the colors and images used. Erika knows how to sell her images to the most untrained eye and here she is in true form. Lovely colors, brilliant hues and the tone of the whole piece is just breathtaking. I really enjoy her LJ and Art blog so much because she’s always thinking out of the box and establishing new standards not only for herself but for the fandom as a whole. Her contributions will always be admired for generations to come."[1]


  1. ^ cricketgrl on LiveJournal, particular artwork talking about. (Comment from About Me section)