Renee Bowe

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Name: Renee Bowe, Renee M. Bowe
Type: fan artist, zine publisher, fan club organizer
Fandoms: Star Trek
Communities: Shuttle Oberon
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Renee M. Bowe is a Star Trek fan who was active in the 1990s.

Her fanart has appeared in several fanzines, including Engage!, Activate!, and the 1995-96 membership booklet for The Robert Picardo Fan Club.

Renee met Diana Morgan at a Star Trek convention, and the two later founded the Calfornia-based Star Trek fan club Shuttle Oberon[1] and published Prizma, a 1993 Star Trek fiction, poetry, and art zine, of which Renee was the art director.[2]

Example Fanart


  1. ^ Oberon's Beginnings by Diana Morgan (date unknown):
    "The idea to first form what was later to become the Oberon, was originated and developed over many long drives between Sacramento and Fairfield. I [Diana Morgan] should have known from the onset that putting Renee and I together on the tedious drive was bound to create something. Although we enjoyed the company of our comrades on the USS Simonov, we both longed to explore our own interests closer to home. And thus it all began."
  2. ^ Diana Morgan in Starfleet Communiqué, issue 59 (November 1993):
    "When STAR FLEET members Diana Morgan and Renee Bowe met at a Star Trek convention several years ago, they had no idea PRIZMA would be in their futures. Now the two friends have embarked on the exciting adventure of 'fanzine publication'"