Engage! (Star Trek TNG zine published by Craig Lawler)

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Title: Engage!
Publisher: Fans of Patrick Stewart, the official Patrick Stewart Fan Club
Editor(s): Craig B. Lawler
Date(s): 1995-1996
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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Engage! is a Star Trek: TNG club zine published by the official Patrick Stewart Fan Club.

Issue 15

Engage! 15

  • has an illo of Patrick Stewart as "Dixon Hill," artist is Gabrielle M. Wrubel
  • it has a front cover by Renee Bowe
  • reviews for Patrick Stewart "on Broadway"
  • other unknown content

Issue 16

Engage! 16 was published in April/May 1992 and contains 24 pages.

front cover of issue #16, designed by Christina Bangle
  • this issue focuses on "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour," a play performed February 15-16, 1992, directed by Patrick Stewart, starring many of the ST:TNG cast and the Orange County Symphony in Garden Grove, California, includes many clippings from newspapers, a photo of the cast, a reprint copy of the play's program
  • fan club member, Christina Bangle, writes about seeing Patrick Stewart in the play "A Christmas Carol," performed in Pasadena, CA last December in "Stewart Fan Sees the Light"
  • this newsletter has "entered into an exchange," their "first FOREIGN club exchange"; it is with the Austrian Star Trek Association of Fans (ASTAF)
  • notices of Patrick Stewart's Creation Con appearances
  • a reprint of a form letter by Patrick Stewart highlighting his accomplishments and plugging Amnesty International
  • a full-page illo of "Dixon Hill" by Renee Bowe
  • a newspaper clipping of fans giving tribbles to old people in nursing homes
  • some fan ads

Issue 17

Engage! 17

Issue 18

Engage! 18 was published in August/September 1992 and contains 18 pages.

  • interior art of Patrick Stewart as Robin Hood, Renee M. Bowe is also the artist
  • a couple of LoCs praising the fanzine
  • a con report for the April 17th Creation Con, focus is Patrick Stewart
  • several updates on what Stewart has been up to professionally
  • a full-page publicity still of Captain Picard
  • a full-page ad for several Creation Cons
  • a newspaper clipping about Wil Wheaton
  • a cast photo of "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour"
  • two different full-page ads for many ST:TNG photos for sale by fans

Issue 21

Engage! 21 was published April/May/June 1993.

Issue 22

Engage! 22

Issue 23

Engage! 23 was published October/November/December 1993 and contains 22 pages. The cover art is by Elizabeth Trach.

  • includes a handwritten note by Patrick Stewart welcoming new members to the club
  • a fan says that because of Stewart's "incredible portrayal" in the episode "Chain of Command," she has sent money to Amnesty International
  • several LoCs from fans praising the newsletter (everyone loves it, no one has any criticism or suggestions), one fan asks why Patrick Stewart is referred to as Mr. Stewart in it, rather than the informal Patrick: "For me, he'll always be Patrick."
  • a full-page photo of Patrick Stewart and the fan club president and newsletter editor, Craig Lawler
  • many large photos of Patrick Stewart, taken by Craig Lawler, August 14, 1993 (at a con)
  • a fan's testimonial about meeting Patrick Stewart
  • many updates about Stewart's professional going's on
  • a full-page ad for fans to join a new fan club, the Shuttle Oberon NCC 2002-05 out of the Sacramento Valley/Sierra Foothills area of California
  • a full-page reprint of a previous Engage! 1992 cover, this one signed by Stewart
  • "You Saved the Future Once -- Help Do It Again! A Plea from Majel Barrett Roddenberry":
    Remember when NBC wanted to cancel Star Trek and you saved it with a massive letter writing campaign? WE DESPERATELY NEED YOUR HELP AGAIN! The Space Station, our critical first step into the future of Gene Roddenberry's vision, is an danger of cancellation by the Senate. If we lose the Station we will lose ail of our human spaceflight program. NOW IS THE TIME! We need your calls and letters and those of your friends and relatives as well. Pass the word. Get as many copies of this flyer to those who will act as soon as you can. Write or call your two Senators, Senator Barbara Mikulski, and Congressman Louis Stokes. Tell them we need the Space Station as a first step toward insuring that future generations will be able to realize Gene's dreams of a kinder more gentle world. Or tell them that space technology is crucial to continue our economic leadership. Or just say, "I support the Space Station. Please vote for it." Use your own words — whatever matters most to you... [snipped] Gene Roddenberry showed you the future. Make it so.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 23

I'm blushing inwardly because this is the first time I've written to the "Letters" column since I joined the fan club over two years ago. But after reading issue 23 of "ENGAGE!" I knew I had to take out my typewriter and share my feelings with you and my fellow club members.

Craig, this particular issue is the most delightful you've produced so far. I enjoyed the photo of you with Patrick Stewart and got a kick out of reading about his convention appearances - as I always do. Meribeth Sapinski's account of Patrick being ambushed by "attack" beverages on his way to and on stage at the Valley Forge convention was funny. And I laughed out loud as I read about that young boy's attempt to play matchmaker for his mother and Patrick at the Indianapolis convention. The way Patrick handled it was priceless. It was truly moving to see how he took the time to talk with and sign autographs for the terminally ill children at the San Jose convention. It proves that Patrick's heart is as great as his many talents. It also shows that he has not let stardom go to his head and has not placed himself on so high a pedestal that he is out of touch with his public. I missed Patrick's stint as a presenter at the 1993 Emmy Awards telecast. Thanks to the fan club's voice mail, however, I was able to catch him on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" where he commented that the three most important chairs in America are the Captain's chair, Jay Leno's chair, and President Clinton's chair in the White House.

Craig, I have to respectfully disagree with Patrick because as you know, the three most important chairs in America are the Captain's chair on the bridge, the Captain's chair in the observation lounge, and the Captain's chair in the ready room. And Patrick sits in all three! [1]

Issue 24

Engage! 24 was published January/February/March 1994 and contains 18 pages.

cover of issue #24, Elizabeth Trach
  • "What's Patrick Been Up To?
  • some letters to the editor about how helpful the fan hotline is, how good the newsletter is, and what a good person Patrick Stewart is
  • three fans write of their experience of seeing Stewart in the play "A Christmas Carol" at Pasadena's Cal Tech Beckman Auditorium
  • this issue has several full-page clippings of ads featuring Stewart, two full-page publicity photos, several clippings for play reviews, and a full-page ad for a 1994 charity calendar of celebrities and their pets
  • this issue has two small fan-created illos
  • some comments about Patrick Stewart's appearance on "The Tonight Show":
    I watch... mystified... entranced. This is an man who has supposedly done his job as an actor for years because it's a living, as well as an opportunity for creative expression. He seems a little nervous. He seems like a regular person who's coping with the inexplicable mystery of becoming a "name" in the world of entertainment. He seems like a person worth meeting, though I'm sure I would say something brilliant like, "Oh, my goodness, you are an actual human being!", and run off, completely unnerrved. In any event, it is always amazing when any television figure I see is able to speak and act in a way that is familiar, moving, even endearing. If the real Patrick Stewart has any of the qualities and strengths he displays on-screen, so much the better. I will never know. But in the times and culture I am a part of, just watching an actor who doesn't leer, patronize, or spout drivel is almost too much to ask, and more than enough to receive.


  1. ^ from an LoC in "Engage" #24