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Fan Club
Name: Fans of Patrick Stewart
Dates: August 1990-?
Founder(s): Craig B. Lawler
Country based in: California
Focus: Star Trek: TNG and Patrick Stewart
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Fans of Patrick Stewart was the official Patrick Stewart fan club. Club president was Craig B. Lawler.

The club, among other things, published Engage!.

As of January 1994, the club had 550 members. [1]

A Club Feature

Announcing the "Fans of Patrick Stewart" 24 Hour Voice Mail Number!

We now have a voice mail phone number! This is a computerized system that you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere!

When you call, you'll hear updates on the outgoing message. These updates will change on occasion, so you can call every once and awhile to check them. Also, after you hear the message, you'll have the opportunity to leave your own message after you hear the tone! You can leave a message for any staff member.

Please feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, questions, etc. Please understand that unfortunately, we can't return the messages due to the high cost of phone calls. You can, however, leave your name and address if you'd like a written reply. Also, we appreciate it if you'd just leave your name after the tone when you call, just so we know you called the number!

This is a service for you, the members of Fans of Patrick Stewart. It gives you the opportunity to call and get "up to the minute" information on the club, and updates on Patrick and what he's doing. You can leave up to a two (2) minute message. If you need more time, you can leave another message after the first one. Also, after you leave a message (after you stop talking), stay quiet on the line for a few seconds, and then a computer voice will come on to give you options. You can press 7 to listen to your message, 2 to add to it, 3 to discard it and start over, and 9 to send your message.

Give it a try and call. We'd like to hear from you today! Call (408) 236-2127. Long distance charges may apply.

From the Membership Packet


  1. ^ from the editorial in Engage! #24