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Title: Prizma
Editor(s): Diana Morgan (fiction editor), Renee M. Bowe (art director)
Date(s): around 1994
Medium: print
Genre: gen:
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: DS9, Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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Prizma was a Star Trek fiction, poetry, and art zine proposed in 1993.

It is unknown if it was ever completed; one reason for this might have been its very restrictive guidelines which were reminiscent of the Pocket Book's guidelines for tie-in Trek novels.

Ad from Starfleet Communiqué

"Starfleet Officers Boldly Go..." by Diana Morgan, from Starfleet Communiqué, issue 59, November 1993:

When STAR FLEET members Diana Morgan and Renee Bowe met at a Star Trek convention several years ago, they had no idea PRIZMA would be in their futures. Now the two friends have embarked on the exciting adventure of "fanzine publication”

Diana, an elementary school teacher and an avid writer herself, is the editor of the new fanzine Prizma, Renee, a freelance graphic artist, is Prizma’s art director. The idea of Prizma was born out of each person's desire to find a creative outlet and to provide others with the opportunity to see their own work in print.

The standards for Prizma are high and those works chosen for publication went through an extensive selection process. Submissions were received from across the country for Prizma’s premier edition. Submission information for the second edition has been requested by people in Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Diana and Renee are pleased to announce that several members of STARFLEET will have their work in Prizma’s first edition; due out October 31, 1993, The fanzine can be purchased at selected ST conventions and via mail order, If you are at a convention and cannot find Prizma in the dealer's room - ask for it. To reserve a copy of the limited, numbered premiere edition, send a SASE to: [redacted]. Prizma will sell for $20.

Some Excerpts from the Many-Paged Flyer

"Congratulations on your decision to write for this new and exciting fanzine. It is my goal, as editor, to make certain that PRIZMA is a publication we will all be proud to have our names on. I hope you will find the following guidelines and suggestions helpful as you write."

"Keep in mind that [our guidelines] are only some suggestions -- be creative!"

"No, [you will not get paid for your submissions]. PRIZMA is an amateur publication. We do not intend to make a profit. (But at least you'll be published in a quality fanzine.)"

"PRIZMA will be read by all age groups. Stories/poems that are too "adult" in nature will not be printed.... no x-rated Trek please! There are other venues for that."

"Discover a New Dimension Come and explore the Star Trek Universe with PRIZMA. We are looking forward to your participation in what we feel will be an exciting opportunity to produce a fanzine that will stand out from the pack. PRIZMA will present the creative talents of writers and artists, with featured short stories, poems, and artwork. PRIZMA will cover the entire spectrum from Classic Star Trek, to Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and crossover storylines. We are looking for illustrations that will accompany stories, or artwork that will be showcased on its own (such as portraits). As a contributor to PRIZMA you will be given full credit for your artwork.
 PRIZMA is a not-for profit venture, therefore we cannot compensate our contributors. We do acknowledge that there is a powerful vision that is shared amongst Star Trek 
enthusiasts, and it is from that wealth of energy PRIZMA hopes to be nurtured on. 
Welcome to a universe of possibilities: the Adventure begins with you!"

Flyers and Guidelines, and a Rejection Letter