Phoenix (Star Wars zine)

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Title: Phoenix
Publisher: Jessa Starbringer
Editor(s): Glen Scroggins
Date(s): January 1980-June 1980
Medium: fanzine
Fandom: Star Wars plus a bit of Alien, Star Trek, and original fiction
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Phoenix is mainly a Star Wars zine, with some Alien, Star Trek, and original fiction. It was published by Glen Scroggins.

Issue 1

Phoenix 1 was printed in January 1980.

cover #1
  • Life Force ("Our favourite foursome is captured by the Empire. The stakes are high in this game of terror and in the winner's circle stands Darth Vader, proud in the death of Han Solo!") (Star Wars)
  • The Final Downfall (Tells what the Nostromc didn't find in the derelict ship-proof that the Alien is more intelligent than man. "Kane was the first victim of Alien, but it wasn't the first time he'd died at her hands. Through his countless lives we discover our own beginnings. Witness the start of life on Earth from the sport of the Alien.")
  • The Millennium Falcon Blueprints ("First time published! Accurately detailed blueprints of Han Solos pirate ship.") (Star Wars)
  • No Reward is Worth This ("When Han Solo and Luke Skywalker finish their rather simple mission Han decides they should stop in a cantina for ONE drink. Simple enough... Until Luke is shanghied and sold to a pleasure palace. How can Han Solo rescue him without having to make himself available for Luke's 'services'? Body paints anyone?") (Star Wars)
  • Revenge of the Moonchild (A gothic tale with a twist. A mysterious man with a strong urge for revenge on the Prince of Darkness, Dracula.) (Original Fiction)
  • Pleurotremata (Life in the sea is mysterious to man, through his studies we know how intelligent dolphins and killer whales are, but, is there something more intelligent? Perhaps the deadliest creature in the sea.) (Original Fiction)
  • For the Sake of Irony (Do you believe in reincarnation? If this story is true, I hope you don't.) (Original Fiction)
  • Dreams of a Dragonslayer (Are dragons for real? Are dreams for real? Maybe it's all in a man's drink -- or is it?) (Original Fiction)
  • Journal of the Sith (Darth Vader crashes on Yavin's second moon and encounters the past he has tried to shut out. Meet his wife who'd died 20 years ago.) (Star Wars)

Issue 2

cover #2

Phoenix 2 was printed in July 1981.

  • Just a Little Inconvenience by Sheila Paulson (Han has a difficult passenger.)
  • ... A Princess and a Guy Like Me? by Jodi Joyce (discussed in Han and Leia in Fanfiction)
  • A Knight to Remember by Todd Nichols and Lynn Wyatt ("Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn," and when Han's past catches up to our favorite foursome, it leads to the most spectacular light sabre duel ever witnessed! See the Force in a way that you never imagined!")
  • Universal Masterpiece by Devlin Alann Scott ("Black Holes have always interested scientists. Join Earth's first manned probe into one of these dead stars. You may be surprised at what they find..." )
  • The See Threepio Blueprints by Neal Andrews and Brian Storey ("If you liked the Millennium Falcon Blueprints, you'll really enjoy these authentically detailed interior and exterior views of our favourite droid.")
  • Nature's Children by Todd Nichols and Lynn Wyatt ("Cerdalaav is a safe planet, as long as you keep your shirt on. And Han is know to fly by the 'seat of his pants.' Join Luke and Han on a fun-filled day of sunning and swimming -- and a cold night of bare-back riding!")
  • Playtime by Jodi Joyce ("What woud you do if you were Princess Leia, Senator and Figurehead of the Rebellion -- and you just couldn't take the pressures today? Join the Galaxy's cutest flower-child on a day by herself (she always did like daisy-chains.)"
  • poetry by Christy Cohea and Jessa Starbringer
  • art by Neal Andrews, Brian Storey, and Martynn