Phoenix (Star Wars zine)

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Title: Phoenix
Publisher: Jessa Starbringer
Editor(s): Glen Scroggins
Date(s): January 1980-June 1980
Medium: fanzine
Fandom: Star Wars plus a bit of Alien, Star Trek, and original fiction
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Phoenix is mainly a Star Wars zine, with some Alien, Star Trek, and original fiction. It was published by Glen Scroggins.

Issue 1

Phoenix 1 was printed in January 1980 and contains 258 pages.

The art is by Neal Andrews, Brian Storey, Starbringer, Signe Landon, E. Fletcher, and Lee Akamichi.

front cover from issue #1, Neal Andrews
back cover from issue #1, Neal Andrews
flyer printed in Falcon's Flight #4
flyer printed in Warped Space #43

There were 100 copies printed.

From the editorial:

I should start at the beginning of this insanity. Once upon a time, in a small California town called San Mateo (San who?) there appeared a certain small article in the window of "The Computer Terminal," a computer/electronic game store. That was the beginning of "The Northern California Star Wars Fan Club" in December 1977. They printed a 4-page flyer called "The Force." In December 1978 a small group broke from that club and formed "The Bay Area Science Fantasy Club." Their newsletter, "Baystar," was twenty pages. In the summer of 1979 another group of talented and ambitious people broke from them and formed "The California Science Fantasy Organization." They proudly bring you the first issue of "PHOENIX; THE MAGAZINE." Three hundred pages! Who knows where we'll go from here. Today: PHOENIX; tomorrow: California!

I am very proud of this Organization and our accomplishments. My love for the people involved in it is unbounded.- They freed me from an otherwise dull life and gave me one purpose, the greatest purpose: to make others come together and form a life-long bond in a single interest. None of us would be here today if it weren't for the other. The ones that understand this most are our sister fanzines. To them we owe much.

Through the dedication of the members of the C.S.F.O. we have created a world of Science-Fiction and Fantasy characters from Star Wars, Star Trek, and Logan's Run. We have appeared at theaters. Marine World/Africa U.S.A. and at special appearances of characters form the world of Sci-Fi (Anthony Daniels - Star Wars, Dave Prowse - Star Wars, Laurette Spang - Battlestar Galactica, and Veronica Cartwright-Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Alien. These people are also part of our family.) Our costumes have also won awards at Science-Fiction conventions and we recently have been on television. We are already gathering more stories for 2 PHOENIX. If anyone out there has any artwork, stories or ideas, tell us. Or if you have comments, com plaints or questions about this issue, feel free to tell us....

And remember, this magazine was brought to you by Han Solo. He kept us working day and night at blaster point, NO-DOZ, take-out pizza (anchovies and ham), a gallon of white-out and our insatiable love for George's masterpiece: STAR WARS.

We love you, George.
  • Dedication (2)
  • Table of Contents (3)
  • From the Empire (5)
  • Our Staff? by Neal Andrews (6)
  • And Special Thanks To by Neal Andrews (7)
  • Buddies, poem by Jessa Starbringer (Star Wars) (8)
  • Diary/The Final Downfall by Kristine Johnson (Tells what the Nostromc didn't find in the derelict ship-proof that the Alien is more intelligent than man. "Kane was the first victim of Alien, but it wasn't the first time he'd died at her hands. Through his countless lives we discover our own beginnings. Witness the start of life on Earth from the sport of the Alien.") (Alien) (9)
  • The Fourth Moon, poem by Glenn Ruggiero (Star Wars) (34)
  • Sometimes, poem by Jessa Starbringer (Star Wars) (36)
  • The Golden Droid by Jodi Joyce (Star Wars) (38)
  • The Sounds of Cylons, filk to the tune of "The Sound of Silence," by Glenn Ruggiero (Battlestar Galactica) (44)
  • No Reward is Worth This by Todd Nichols and Lynn Wyatt ("When Han Solo and Luke Skywalker finish their rather simple mission Han decides they should stop in a cantina for ONE drink. Simple enough... Until Luke is shanghied and sold to a pleasure palace. How can Han Solo rescue him without having to make himself available for Luke's 'services'? Body paints anyone?") (Star Wars) (46)
  • Two Bits by Todd Nichols (60)
  • A Letter from Malla by Malla (Star Wars) (61)
  • Adama's Prayer, poem by Linda White (Battlestar Galactica) (63)
  • Life Force by Nichols and Wyatt ("Our favourite foursome is captured by the Empire. The stakes are high in this game of terror and in the winner's circle stands Darth Vader, proud in the death of Han Solo!") (Star Wars) (65)
  • Blood & Ashes, poem by Todd Nichols and Lynn Wyatt (Star Wars) (77)
  • For the Sake of Irony (Do you believe in reincarnation? If this story is true, I hope you don't.) (Original Fiction) (78)
  • My Baby, poem by Halloran (Star Wars) (81)
  • The Saga of the Planet of the Apes, article and timeline by Todd Nichols (82)
  • Can I Go Back, poem by Jodi Joyce (Star Trek: TOS) (90)
  • The Millennium Falcon Blueprints ("First time published! Accurately detailed blueprints of Han Solos pirate ship.") (Star Wars) (92)
  • Love, poem by Halloran (Star Wars) (98)
  • Pleurotremata! by Todd Nichols (Life in the sea is mysterious to man, through his studies we know how intelligent dolphins and killer whales are, but, is there something more intelligent? Perhaps the deadliest creature in the sea.) (Original Fiction) (100)
  • Journal of the Sith, parody by Kristine Johnson (Darth Vader crashes on Yavin's second moon and encounters the past he has tried to shut out. Meet his wife who'd died 20 years ago.) (Star Wars) (104)
  • For Luke by Skyrider (138)
  • Dreams of a Dragonslayer (Are dragons for real? Are dreams for real? Maybe it's all in a man's drink -- or is it?) (Original Fiction) (140)
  • Friends, poem by Chewbacca (Star Wars) (144)
  • Payment in Full by Jodi Joyce (Star Wars) (146)
  • Pioneer 11: A Space Odyssey by Skyrider (183)
  • Revenge of the Moonchild (A gothic tale with a twist. A mysterious man with a strong urge for revenge on the Prince of Darkness, Dracula.) (Original Fiction) (188)
  • I Know What I'm Doing! by Jessa Starbringer (194)
  • Epitaph by Todd Nichols (196)
  • Blind Faith by Nichols and Wyatt (Star Wars) (198)
  • Goin' Home by Jodi Joyce (224)
  • The Legend of Maria by Ann O. Nymus (228)
  • Simple Things by Jodi Joyce (Star Wars) (224)
  • Legends by Halloran (230)
  • Food for Thought by Jodi Joyce (232)
  • Han Solo by Todd Nichols (Star Wars) (236)
  • TABLOID (248)
  • Solo by Jessa Starbringer (Star Wars) (258)

Issue 2

cover #2

Phoenix 2 was printed in July 1981 and contains 312 pages.

The art is by Neal Andrews, Signe Landon, Bill Hay, Allyn Livingston, and Martynn.

100 copies were printed.

The advertised "See Threepio Blueprints" by Neal Andrews and Brian Storey ("If you liked the Millennium Falcon Blueprints, you'll really enjoy these authentically detailed interior and exterior views of our favourite droid.") were not in this issue as "the artists were unavoidably occupied with more pressing matters."

From the editorial:

here we are - issue number two. It's been a rather eventful six months putting this together. We, at the California Science/Fantasy Organization, feel that we should put out what you want to read. Consequently, we based a lot of what's in the following pages on comments that we received from you. I tell you, what we received was not quite what we expected. There were a couple of letters stating that we went a bit overboard, some not too happy with parts, and one that said we were obscene and they returned the issue!

But, I'm very happy to say, just about everyone thought that Phoenix 1 was a good fanzine. That's very encouraging to us. Phoenix 1 was the first attempt at anything on that scope that any of the staff had tried. And your encouragement made this issue possible. Thank you.

We picked up some magnificent new writers for this issue. Some of our readers from across the country, and in other countries as well, were kind enough to offer their skills to us in the form of their literary works. A few of these have never had their work published before, and we're proud to be able to expose their masterpieces to the world.

As a new fanzine, we hadn't known some of the normal procedures usually followed by fanzines. I'd like to take this time now to thank Ellen Blair and

Maggie Nowakowska for being kind enough to allow us to print some of their terms and/or people and places in Phoenix 1.
  • Dedication (2)
  • Table of Contents (3)
  • From the Empire (6)
  • Our Staff Revisited by Neal Andrews (7)
  • The Unicorn, poem by Christy Cohea (8)
  • Nobody's Pet by Jodi Joyce (Star Wars) (10)
  • Ty'n Ka, Ty'n Ch'kou (To Live, To Survive) by Halloran (a Klingon poem - written in Klingonese) (Star Trek: TOS) (26)
  • Exeter's Last Thoughts, poem by Ardis Norden (30)
  • Just a Little Inconvenience by Sheila Paulson (Han has a difficult passenger: a baby) (Star Wars) (32)
  • ... And Anon, Phoenix by Ann O. Nymous (meta fic about anthropomorphic "White Out" and "Blue Out," a battle of artists and editors) (50)
  • Hello Illia/Decker!, poem by Shiloh Thomas (Star Trek: The Motion Picture) (54)
  • The Dead Are Sleeping, poem by Christy Cohea (56)
  • Wild Night by Jodi Joyce (Buck Rogers) (58)
  • Dryad Dream, poem by Jim Green (original science fiction) (63)
  • The Trash Collector by Paul Guay (original science fiction) (64)
  • Burroughs' Venus by Todd Nichols (a glossary on the five fantasy novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs) (66)
  • Maria, The Legend That Wouldn't Die/Maria Wars by Ann O. Nyous/Maria the Infamous (Star Wars) (84)
  • We Are One, poem by Halloran (Star Trek) (89)
  • Watching You, Alone, poem by Jessa Starbringer (90)
  • We Touch, poem by Christy Cohea (94)
  • The Talisman Gambit by Jodi Joyce (Star Wars) (96)
  • Universal Masterpiece by Devlin Allen Scott ("Black Holes have always interested scientists. Join Earth's first manned probe into one of these dead stars. You may be surprised at what they find..." ) (original science fiction) (120)
  • For Harrison, From a Friend, poem (Star Wars) (128)
  • Watch Time by Paul Guay (original science fiction) (131)
  • Nature's Children by Todd Nichols and Lynn Wyatt ("Cerdalaav is a safe planet, as long as you keep your shirt on. And Han is know to fly by the 'seat of his pants.' Join Luke and Han on a fun-filled day of sunning and swimming -- and a cold night of bare-back riding!" In this story, Luke and Han go skinny-dipping, lose their clothes, and have to survive NAKED!) (Star Wars)(138)
  • The Missing Link by c.a. bucar (Star Wars) (152)
  • Seed of Reckoning by Ellen Blair (original science fiction) (189)
  • Rivals, Friends, and Sisters, poem by Diorel Storm (218)
  • Twin, poem by Christy Cohea (220)
  • A Letter from Chewbacca by Chewbacca (Star Wars) (222)
  • Starstruck, poem by Christy Cohea (224)
  • My Lady, poem by Jessa Starbringer (226)
  • ... A Princess an' a Guy Like Me? by Jodi Joyce (discussed in Han and Leia in Fanfiction) (Star Wars) (228)
  • Jones by Ripley (232)
  • Of Vader, poem by Christy Cohea (Star Wars) (234)
  • Forward... Again, poem by Shiloh Thomas (Star Trek: TOS) (238)
  • I Hear You, poem by Chewbacca (Star Wars) (240)
  • Here's Another Fine Mess, poem by See Threepio (Star Wars) (242)
  • What's Good for the Goose by Todd Nichols and Lynn Wyatt ("Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn," and when Han's past catches up to our favorite foursome, it leads to the most spectacular light sabre duel ever witnessed! See the Force in a way that you never imagined!") (Han and Leia genderswap (Star Wars) (244)
  • Both of You, poem by Princes Leia (252)
  • Playtime by Jodi Joyce ("What woud you do if you were Princess Leia, Senator and Figurehead of the Rebellion -- and you just couldn't take the pressures today? Join the Galaxy's cutest flower-child on a day by herself (she always did like daisy-chains.)" (Star Wars)(256)
  • An Open Door, poem by Christy Cohea (Star Wars) (266)
  • Vengeance by Jim Green (268)
  • Trial and Error by Eva Albertsson (Han Solo and Harrison Ford face off in the courtroom) (Star Wars) (269)
  • First Watch, poem by Sheila Paulson (Star Wars) (273)
  • A Knight to Remember by Todd Nichols and Lynn Wyatt (Star Wars) (275)
  • We Care, poem by Leia Organa (Star Wars) (288)
  • The City on the Edge of Forever, poem by Christy Cohea (Star Trek: TOS) (290)
  • A Teacher's Work is Never Done, poem by Shiloh Thomas (Star Wars) (292)
  • Tabloid (296)
  • A Brother's Love, poem by Halloran (Star Wars) (310)