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Name: Nikki
Alias(es): Nakeisha (LJ), Ashleigh Anpilova (NCIS, MFU & S&S), Darby Brennan (Pros), Nikki Harrington (DS, Raffles and Other Fandoms)
Type: fan writer, zine editor
Fandoms: NCIS, Raffles, The Professionals, The Man from UNCLE, Sapphire & Steel, Due South, Buffyverse, Highlander The Series, M*A*S*H, Sherlock Holmes, Starsky & Hutch, The Dalgliesh Mysteries, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, The Sandbaggers, The West Wing
Communities: Co-runs Minority Pairings Community, ds_closet, Older Not Dead,
owns ncis_gibbsducky
URL: LiveJournal
Partners Forever (fanfiction/meta site)
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Nikki is a fan writer known under at least three names: Ashleigh Anpilova (NCIS, MFU & S&S), Darby Brennan (Pros), Nikki Harrington (DS, Raffles and Other Fandoms). She's written gen, het, but mostly writes slash. She also written some meta.

"My interest in fandom and slash isn’t just that of a writer, reader, list owner/participant, it is also academic. I subject of my Master’s Degree dissertation was Media Fandom and included a chapter on slash, and my biggest problem was keeping it within the word count. I enjoy discussions on fandom in general as well as in particular at all levels, from the simple ‘did you see that look’? to the more complex and involved comparisons and reasonings, the history and the future."[1]
"In fandom I go by the name Nikki Harrington, and I write/have written in several fandoms under various names. The vast majority of my stories are slash and I read in the fandoms in which I write, again mainly slash. I will also occasionally read in other fandoms if I know the pairing and the story is recommended."[2]
"I was so delighted when I first discovered fandom to know I wasn't odd and alone and there were other people out there who not only had the same thought as I did, but also wrote about it. I'm not as intensely involved with fandom these days as I once was, but I still do enjoy being involved, reading stories, having discussions, etc. etc. even if they aren't as in-depth as they once were. Fandom is a great place to be, it really is. Yes, at times it can irritate and not everyone is happy to play nicely with other people and it can get exasperating, but those things and times really in the grand scheme of things are minor occurrences. For the most part people do play nicely together and respect one another's views. I really wouldn't want to be without it."[3]


Under Ashleigh Anpilova:


2005 SCREWZ Awards:

  • Best Short Story: "Alexander Waverly's Plot", by Ashleigh Anpilova - Worlds Enough
  • Best Novella: "Whatever it Takes", by Ashleigh Anpilova - Battle of Hope

2009 NCIS Fanfiction Awards:

  • Best Gibbs/Ducky Best Romance - “Friends Make The Best Lovers
  • Best Gibbs/Ducky Best AU - “To Those Who Wait”

2010 NCIS Fanfiction Awards:

  • Best Abby/McGee Established Relationship - "Facts Of Life"
  • Best Abby/McGee Other - "Time For Reflection"
  • Best Gibbs/Ducky AU/What if/Fantasy - "Learning to Trust"
  • Best Gibbs/Ducky Established Relationship - "A Reston House Christmas"
  • Best Gibbs/Ducky Other - "Occasions Universe"
  • Best Gibbs/Ducky Angst - "Giving Thanks"
  • Best Gibbs/Ducky Humor - "A Dog's Life"
  • Best Jenny/Kort Other - "Too Late"
  • Best Gibbs/McGee - "Why Me?"
  • Best Gibbs/Fornell - "Don't Want to be Alone"
  • Best Rare slash - "Sometimes Second Best Will Do" (Ducky/Fornell)