My Name Ain’t Mary Sue!

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Title: My Name Ain’t Mary Sue!
Publisher: ITK Press Executives
Editor(s): Julie Evans and Kimber Norquest
Date(s): 1993-1994
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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My Name Ain’t Mary Sue! is a gen, perhaps het, anthology.

At one point, an edition of this zine called "My Name Ain't Mary Sue: Special Gay/Lesbian Issue" was planned. According to a submission request in Southern Enclave #38 in 1994, "We're currently seeking stories featuring gay and lesbian Mary Sues for a special standalone, one-time issue. Note: This is not a slash project! We are looking for the same kind of innovative and thought-provoking characters and plot-lines that are the standard for every issue of MNAMS."

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

My Name Ain’t Mary Sue! 1 was published in 1993.

  • Acknowledgments (1)
  • Kimber's Editorial (2)
  • Julie's Editorial (3)
  • The Tapes of Eddy Sin by Autumn Lee (5)
  • Cat's Paw by Cheshire de la Croix (17)
  • The Shadow by Jon Cephas (23)
  • Only a Child by Julie Evans (31)
  • A Darkness in the Woods by J.L Hallmark (39)
  • Quiet Fire by Anonymous (43)
  • Congratulations, part 2 by Kimber Norquest (49)
  • Red Carpet Treatment by Karen Rhodes (53)
  • The White Tiger by Pat Ames (59)
  • Kendra's Lament by Amy Butzlaff, art by author (77)
  • That Old Black Magic by Cinda Gillian (93)
  • Tellin' It LIke It Is (LoCs) (139)
  • Pure Nonsense and Blatant Self-Indulgence:
  • OOPS! Department (143)
  • Deep Space Nine, a filk by Jon Cphas (144)
  • I'll Be Home for Christmas by Julie and Kimber (145)
  • The Corporate Con Crisis by Julie and Kimber (152)
  • About the Authors: pages 155-164

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Jonathan Cephas

My Name Ain’t Mary Sue! 2 was published in 1994. All art, including cover, Jonathan Cephas.

  • Ye Editorial
  • Ye Co-Editor's Page

Section 1: The Mary Sue Stories

  • Seven Nights in Sammystown by Cheshire de la Croix (1)
  • Ghosts of the Past by Autumn Lee (37)
  • The Laughing Vulcan and Her Plants by Kimber Norquest (63)
  • It Happened in Atlanta by Amy Butzlaff ( 71)
  • A Silence Between Warriors by Ann Rogers Dodd (95)
  • And the Bones Came Together by Cheshire de la Croix (97)
  • Phoenix by Karen Rhodes (137)

Section 2: Tellin' It Like It T-I-Is (LoCs)

  • Karen Rhodes (1)
  • James C. Bassett (2)

Section 3: Pure Nonsense and Blatant Self-Indulgence

  • I'll Be Home for Christmas - Part II (1)
  • Mary Sue Speak (9)
  • Who Do You Think You're Calling a Con Slut? (13)

Section 4: Shameless Promotion/The Ad Section