Mission: Impossible (TV series)

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Name: Mission: Impossible
Creator: Bruce Geller
Date(s): 1966–1973 (TV Series)
1988–1990 (TV Series - remake)
1996–present (live-action)
Medium: television, movie, video game
Country of Origin: United States of America
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Original TV Series
Remake TV Series
Live-action Movies
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Mission: Impossible was a spy TV Series on CBS, originally from 1966-1973, based on the operations of the Impossible Mission Force, a covert US government agency. There was a remake running from 1988-1990 (sometimes called The New Mission: Impossible), which included remade 60s scripts in an attempt to thwart a prolonged screenwriters' strike, and most recently a series of live-action films with Tom Cruise. There are also video games based on the franchise.

Tropes and Fanworks

The most common tropes in all versions of the franchise are self-destroying messages, disguises (often using undetectable masks) and deception. Episodes of the TV show usually began with the team being briefed on a problem and putting together a plan, then following it through and dealing with any problems. They typically ended with the stars watching or leaving the scene and removing their disguises as their plot come together and their enemies started to fight amongst themselves as a result of their machinations. The film plots are generally much more reactive, with the cast trying to unravel a complicated situation as it develops; deception is used to some extent in the films, but tends to be emphasised less since the stars are generally expected to save the day at the last second.

Fanfic is mostly based on the films, with a very high proportion of crossovers, most notably with The Avengers. This is mostly due to the casting of Jeremy Renner as William Brandt in the third and fourth films and Clint Barton in the Marvel franchise. By far the most common pairings are William Brandt/Ethan Hunt, Benji Dunn/Ethan Hunt and William Brandt/Benji Dunn; canon pairings such as Ethan Hunt/Julia Hunt are largely ignored or marginalized.



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