Mission: Impossible (zine)

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Title: Mission: Impossible
Publisher: Steven Borer (out of St. Paul, MN)
Date(s): 1976
Medium: print
Fandom: Mission Impossible (TV series)
Language: English
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Mission: Impossible is a gen anthology of articles and stories. It has at least two issues.

Issue 1

Mission: Impossible 1

Issue 2

issue #2

Mission: Impossible 2 was published in 1976 and contains 36 pages. Art by Mercy Van Vlack, David Lomazoff. The back page is a publicity photo of Leonard Nimoy undergoing the extensive makeup for one of his roles in "The Robot."

  • Letters (2) (some from the editors of T-Negative, Beta Lyae, File Forty, For Your Eyes Only)
  • Interview: Lee Meriwether (5)
  • Mission: Impossible—The Secretary Will Disavow by Ruth Berman (7)
  • The Claustrophobe by Sue Dess Smith (11)
  • The “M:I” Index by Larry Charet, Shirley Neech, and Christopher Melchert (12)
  • The Melchert Dossier (21
  • Short Shots (26)
  • With A Little Help From My Friends by Lee Maloney (28)
  • Recommended Reading (32)
  • And Now For Something Completely Different (34)