Maybe (zine)

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Title: Maybe
Publisher: Irvin Koch
Editor(s): Hank Davis, Janet Fox, Rick Cross
Date(s): 1968-?
Medium: print
Language: English
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Maybe is a quarterly science fiction zine. It's subtitle: " Worlds of Fanfictlon/Fandom."

Issue 13

Maybe 13 was published in summer 1971 and contains 28 pages.

cover of issue #13, not credited, but signed "Rock 70"

It contains Strekfan Roster Questionnaire, A Strekzine Roster, Open Letter from Jacqueline Lichtenberg to Ted White, and "T'Zorel," a Star Trek story by Jacqueline Lichtenberg that was also published in Impulse #3 (February 1971) and Kraith Collected #1 (1972). This issue also contains a long letter by andrew j. offutt in which he talks a lot about Dean Koontz. There is also a biography of offutt, and a bibliography of his works. Another letter in this issue is one by Frank Kelly Freas, as well as the reprinted text of "Graphic Methods for Design" that Freas held at the Chesapeake Public Schools on February 25th, 1971.

From this issue:

There are also a pair of characters named Jim Corrick III and his sister Perri who frequently get involved in this too. Jim's zine is CORRELATION & Perri's is CORR.

[addresses in Tennessee snipped]

Written contents of this issues page 2 by IMK, page 3 is a note on the following other Star Trek fan items by Jackie Lichtenberg: 2 questionnaires, more articulating on "Strekdom, a letter to prodom </ref>on same, and a list of STrekzines. On page 14 starts a story, "T'Zorel" by, who else, Mrs.Lichtenberg again. On page 23 andy offutt starts talking interestingly as usual, and at the bottom of page 26 FRANK KELLY FREAS does the same. Finally about, page 28, Hank Davis squeezes in two pages.

Art material contents, what didn't get squeezed out, is a cover by Glen Brock. He also did most of the back cover—most of it (the address and the slave girl are by IMK and George Proctor respectively. The reason Proctor's slave girl got electrostensiled onto the back cover, is ye publisher was trying to save $3 then couldn't get the slave girl separated & replaced with blocking material without ruining the spaceship—well, what astronaut, especial a shipwrecked one, is going to protest a slave girl in his ship. The pix on pages 8 & 15 are by Knoxville victim Allan Underwood. The puzzled creature on page 24 is a "trekkie." (I don't care what that girl says, cute young female ST fen are trekkies and no insult is intended.) by Nina Nicolof, and if Hank brings it to the Con, there will also be a very small tribble drawn by Nina (signed N3) somewhere.


...There is a long pro non sf story in the May 72 issue that I say is pro and interesting to sf fen.That is why I have been pubbing fanfiction among other reasons even tho 99% of fandom is either dead against it or avoids fanfiction...


Starting now, all contributions go to Hank Davis instead of me (lMK) and nothing will be accepted unless it is super-ultra-spectacular. As far as fanfiction goes, due to the unbelievable pressure, no more will be accepted even for publication after May 72 unless it is twice as good and about 2/5 as long as that piece which I talked about as practically pro.

And lastly, a few notes, There is a list of Trekzines published herein—Mike Sabota, also listed, probably has a more updated and more complete list. I would not advise sending anything to the listed ad dresses unless you first send a return addressed 1st class item to make sure the adress is still good, A 6month to 1yr old list of fan address entries is usually about 40% out of date (this estimate furnished by the

N3F Membership Activities Bureau and 8 years of experiance). However, DON'T discount STrekdom; after Ruth Berman got a rewritten ST story published, I suspect someone may get a movie or new TV show out yet.