Luna Monthly

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Title: Luna Monthly
Publisher: Frank M. Dietz Jr. and Ann Dietz
Editor(s): Ann Dietz
Date(s): 1969-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Science Fiction Fandom
Language: English
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Luna Monthly is a gen science fiction anthology of articles and fiction. It was published by Frank M. Dietz Jr. and Ann F. Dietz Ann Dietz was the editor.

This zine has two sister zines: Luna and the "Luna Annual." The annual was edited by Ann F. Dietz and was a comprehensive annual bibliography.

Issue 1

Luna Monthly 1 has 32 pages.

  • Jacqueline Lichtenberg - Star Trek Today
  • Jacqueline Lichtenberg - Star Trek - T'Zorel ( fiction)
  • Sci-Fi And The Cinema ( Ken Russell )
  • SF In France
  • many many book reviews
  • other unknown content

Issue 2

Luna Monthly 2 was published in July 1969.

Issue 3

Luna Monthly 3 was published in August 1969.

Issue 4

Luna Monthly 4 was published in September 1969.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

The 32-page staplebound issue of Luna Monthly, in addition to providing coverage of the 1969 Trieste Film Festival2, book reviews and a listing of upcoming sci-fi book releases, contains a lot of news and commentary about the moon landing. Some of those tidbits:

David Charles Paskow, in a short essay, writes: "Let us not forget Willie Ley, a man whose dreams encompassed the conquest of the moon, but whose life ended so tragically short of the realization of this dream."3
"Planetariums and space science museums around the country were playing to full houses with special programs tied in to the moon landing. An interesting sidelight was the report a few days before takeoff that the Hayden Planetarium in New York City had lost some 50,000 reservation forms for trips to the moon and other planets collected in 1950."
"Among the more interesting publicity gimmicks are the free Rand McNally moon map from Brillo, available for 2 boxtops or labels and postage."4
"The McDonalds chain had 5 million moon maps for distribution at splashdown."
"And the U.S. Government is offering 12 full color 11" x 12" lithographs of the moon trip for $1.75, and a single 16" x 20" of Man on the Moon for $1.00."
Finally, what would a self-respecting 1969 sci-fi fanzine be without some Star Trek content? This issue has articles titled "Star Trek Goes to Church" by Chris Steinbrunner and "Humans and the Vulcan Ideal" by Sherna Burley. Plus, there is this cool caricature of Spock... [1]

Issue 5

Luna Monthly 5 was published in October 1969.

Issue 7

Luna Monthly 7 was published in December 1969.

Issue 8

Luna Monthly 8 was published in January 1970.

Issue 9

Luna Monthly 9 was published in February 1970.

Issue 10

Luna Monthly 10 was published in March 1970.

Issue 11

Luna Monthly 11 was published in April 1970.

Issue 12

Luna Monthly 12 was published in May 1970.

Issue 14

Luna Monthly 14 was published in July 1970.

Issue 16

Luna Monthly 16 was published in September 1970.

Issue 20

Luna Monthly 20 was published in 1971.

Issue 22

Luna Monthly 22 was published in March 1971.

Issue 24/25

Luna Monthly 24/25 was published in May/June 1971.

Issue 32

Luna Monthly 32 was published in January 1972.

Issue 46

Luna Monthly 46 was published in March 1973.

Issue 48

Luna Monthly 7 was published in Fall 1973.

Issue 58

Luna Monthly 58 was published in August 1975.