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Name: Loz
Alias(es): lozenger8
Type: Fan writer
Fandoms: Life on Mars (UK), Teen Wolf, Psych, others
URL: AO3, Dreamwidth, LiveJournal, tumblr, Twitter
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Loz aka lozenger8 is a multi-fannish fan writer who has written popular stories in many fandoms, including Teen Wolf, Life on Mars (UK), and Psych. They have granted blanket permission for transformative works[1] and have been podficced at least six times[2].

Example Fanworks

Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.

Teen Wolf

Life on Mars

due South


  1. ^ Permission Post, accessed 20 July 2014. Quote: "I give blanket permission for anyone to podfic my fic, create art for my fic, make a fanmix for my fic, remix my fic, or base their fic on my fic. Any transformative work you can think of? I would be beyond honoured if that’s what you wanted to do. That is one of the many things I cherish and adore about fandom."
  2. ^ See the lozenger8 category at Audiofic Archive