A Phenomenon When You Came Along

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Title: A Phenomenon When You Came Along
Author(s): Loz
Date(s): 31 December 2013
Length: 17,366 words
Genre: M/M Slash
Fandom: Teen Wolf
External Links: Fic on AO3

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A Phenomenon When You Came Along is a popular Teen Wolf fan fic by Loz. It's a road trip future fic set after their high school graduation with a friends to lovers romance for the pairing Scott/Stiles, and uses many common first time tropes: pining, bed sharing, and loss of virginity. It's told from Stiles's POV, and references the events of season 3b.


Stiles and Scott embark on a road trip together. This isn't a metaphor (except for how it is.)

“It’s okay, I’m good.”

“Yeah, you’re the best,” Scott replies automatically.

It’s one of their stock phrases, something they’ve said since childhood --- as natural to them as their ability to communicate through eyebrow-raises, their super-secret handshake and their unending loyalty to one another, but Stiles thought they’d retired it when they were fifteen, so he glances at Scott quickly.

“Sometimes I think we’ve forgotten how to be us and then you say something, or look at me a certain way, and it all comes back.”

Recs and Reviews

This story was read and recced widely, and as of 21 July 2014 is among the top 20 fics tagged "Scott/Stiles" on the AO3 by kudos and bookmarks.

This was perfect, everything I love about this pairing in a decently long fic. I thought their relationship was captured beautiful and realistically and their connection was amazing and so freaking hot! --gracerene's rec.[1]

This is everything I ever wanted from their relationship. You don't even know. They are so in character and the build up is amazing. I can't believe how well you've kept their friendship in tact but having it grow and develop into this beautiful romance. Truly, wonderful that has taken the reader on a personal journey. There's just so many nuances that keep this fic full and vibrant. Love it. --illunoria's review.[2]

I adore the way you view these two and how much you lace in their other relationships beyond their own fiendship. Their lives are so intertwined with one another, it's good to see how Scott's family reacts to Stiles, how Stiles reacts to them, and also how Stiles reacts to suddently being reminded that his pseudo family is huge, even if he's sometimes only aware of him and his dad.

I love how you write Scott as an alpha, of his insticts trying to work in sync with this human senses i love that you dont go overboard with it either. It's simple, subtle things with him. --mcjennjen's review.[3]


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