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Event: Failwolf Friday
Participants: HalfFizzbin, Hatteress
Fandom: Teen Wolf
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The Teen Wolf Fandom presents Failwolf Fridays

The Teen Wolf fandom, particularly on tumblr, often refers to Derek Hale as a "Failwolf," and thus "Failwolf Friday" was born.

When asked "What's failwolf friday?" HalfFizzbin replied:


1. I established a “failwolf” tag on my blog for posts making fun of Derek’s various foibles, both from canon and from speculation—his creepiness, his lack of social graces, his inability to impress his betas, his apparent fear of stairs, and the general tragedy of his existence. BECAUSE IF WE DON’T LAUGH, WE CRY.

2. I later found that other people were also using the term “failwolf” to describe Derek’s particular brand of hilarious/tragic misfortune, and started tracking the tag to help spread failwolfery far and wide.

3. My new friend and apparent soulmate hatteress implemented Failwolf Fridays, so that one day a week may be set aside to tease Derek mercilessly while clutching him protectively to our chests, POOR BABY.

A fic, gifset, artwork, etc. may bear the “failwolf” name so long as it makes fun of Derek for not being as cool as he wants to be or not being a good alpha or not having any friends—BUT it must also come from a place of very deep and sincere Derek Hale love.

Anyone can play! Just tag your post with “Failwolf Friday” and/or add it to THIS collection on AO3 :D[1]

Most of the fanworks and meta for Failwolf Friday can be found in the failwolf friday tag on tumblr; there is also a Failwolf collection on AO3.

Example Fanworks

Fan Fiction

Fan Art

Other Fan Works


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