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  • AL Slash Fics link Description: This group has been created for Aragorn and Legolas Fanfics. Its only for A'n'L Fics, but if you want to talk about how cute they are or. other things then you join the sister list, AL Slash Quick times a wasting! It takes a long time to read all those fanfics!! :) Archive/other website: AL Slash Group]
  • All LotR Fic archive link Description: "This is a place for any and all LotR fiction. Straight or slash, gen all the way to NC-17, we want it all. Are you on lists that only allow one type of fic or another? Well, join here and post all of your stories."
  • ALSlash archive link Description: "This group is for fans of Aragon and Legolas Slash. You can post fanfic, fanart, pics of A/L, or just talk about the Ranger and Elf. Please, No Flamming or Spamming! If you don't like slash (m/m), then don't join. Otherwise, if you love the Ranger and Elf together, you're in the right place. While you're at it, visit our official website archive: ALSlash Archive. Don't forget either to check out the all fiction all the time archive group, ALSlashArchive for just the fiction without all the extra stuff on list. Authors, please crosspost there! ;)"
  • Ansereg Updates archive link Description: "Welcome to Ansereg Updates, a mailing list to send out updates for new Tolkien fanfiction by Tyellas. The main focus is close to canon adult Tolkien fanfiction: slash, het, and stories with darker themes. There will be some genfic and nonfiction from time to time. Story settings range from Lord of the Rings to The Silmarillion. Note that most of my slash and het stories are rated R or NC-17 due to graphic adult activity, and/or violence, and/or transgressive themes. This is an updates list only: materials are posted at my website, The list may be opened to discussion in the future. The image here is a woodcut by E. Mervyn Taylor, a New Zealand artist" [Archive/other website: Ansereg]
  • Anything Goes At The Council Of The Ring archive link Description: "I know that there have been several single pairing lists for Lord Of The Rings, and one slash list, as well as a list for the rougher fics....Well, joining them caught my interest and now I want to make something of a combination for all these lists as well as general and hetero fic. This one is for any pairing, any genre, Like the list says, anything goes...within reason. (g) The stories posted to this list will eventually be included on the list website. I've added a section in the shared files for storied posted to the list I've already archived. Also a section for stories that come to us as the result of a direct submission or request. Take time to check out the shared files often. There is hidden treasure there. Readers, feedback is important to reap a healthy harvest of Ringfic, so do your part... I would also like to include discussion on the novels and the movie here, so if you want to chat about anything Ringish... this is the place to go. I don't have the time or inclination to moderate this list for underage ears, so please, adults only. If I find out you're sneaking in without the age needed I will unsub you."
  • Aragorn & Legolas: The Mellon Chronicles link (offline) Description: mailing list for The Mellon Chronicles.
  • aragornarwen archive link Description: "A list dedicated to the romance of Aragorn and Arwen from J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy (books movie). All ratings of fanfiction is welcome, as is discussion. If you're under the age of consent in your area, please don't join. There will likely be adult content discussed on this list. Trolling and flaming is not tolerated. Everyone's entitled to their pairing preference. Anyone joining only to say that Aragorn belongs with Eowyn or anything else of that nature will be removed from the group. All fanfic posted to this group will be archived in Am Meleth Din, an Aragorn/Arwen archive that will be online shortly. If you don't want your story archived there, please say so in your header."
  • Bit of Earth (mailing list) archive link Description: "This list is associated with and has been moved to its own domain. To join this list, please visit Thank you!" and "A cozy place for those who wish to talk about J.R.R. Tolkien's Samwise Gamgee: a simple Shire gardener with a heart as true as light itself, and a faithful friend and servant who bore everything for the one who bore the Ring."
  • Boromir_Slash archive link Description: "This is a list for discussion and slash about the lovely Lord of the Rings character, Boromir. Based on the books or movies, paired with Aragorn, the Hobbits or anyone your heart desires. Pikachu for all I care. Sean Bean obsessing is welcome as well. Some of the materials will be NC-17. Joining if you're not legally old enough would be very very wrong. And evil."
  • Elf N Hobbit archive link Description: "Because of a new slash love, on top of being a Legolas/Frodo group, it will also be a Haldir/frodo group. I have fallen in lust with a new elf. Please don't kill me! *cringes flying fruit*"
  • Elf Sluts Anonymous archive link Description: "Dedicated to the worship of all things Legolas, Elrond, Haldir, and other sexy elves in Lord of the Rings. If this appeals to you, come join us today and proudly proclaim your status as an Elf Slut! *g* Warning...wackiness and perverted thoughts run rampant here, so please don't take us *too* seriously. :) Due to some of the content that goes through this list, all new subscribers will be asked to furnish an age statement before their subscription request is approved. You must be at least 18 years of age to join this group. If you are under the age of 18, your subscription request will be denied."
  • Elfling archive link Description: "The Elfling list exists to further the scholarly study of the languages invented by J.R.R. Tolkien. The list is not specifically limited to Elvish languages; discussion of other Tolkien-invented languages is encouraged. Elfling also discusses the current state of research into Tolkien's languages. Please also see our group at"
  • Fellow_Ship (mailing list) archive link Description: "This list was created by ned&leny; of The Theban Band and is devoted to slashing those two fine fellows Aragorn and Boromir (played by Viggo Mortensen & Sean Bean) from Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring". This list is for slash fanfiction and fanart involving this pairing. Discussion of the cast etc and LotR in general is also welcome. All stories/art posted to this list will be archived at ned&leny;'s FellowShip ( if the story header gives the resp. permission to archive. If you have any further questions about the list please direct them to us. allaire mikháil & lore. FellowShip moderators." Archive is FellowShip.
  • FrodoHealers archive link Description: "This is a moderated group for those interested in reading or writing about Frodo Baggins of JRR Tolkien's _Lord of the Rings_, specifically angst or hurt/comfort fanfiction involving an unwell Frodo. Both book and movie background are permitted, as is "AU" (alternative universe) material. All fiction, poetry, or drama involving an injured or ill Frodo, including material involving his suffering while carrying the Ring or after its destruction, is welcome, with the exception of "slash" or sexual content and profanity. (If someone would like to start a slash counterpart group, I will permit a posting announcing it.)Acceptable postings include, but are not limited to, the following: ideas, wish lists, suggestions, requests, short fiction (either standalone stories or chapters of longer works), poetry, RP (roleplay) logs, drama scenes for stage or screen, lists of relevant links (ie, to ailing Frodo fanfic) and/or commentary/discussion on anything ailing-Frodo, whether books, movies, or fanfiction-related. Postings should be free of profanity and must reflect the group's non-slash policy; if you have the need to include anything above a PG level, please include a warning at the start of the posting and I will evaluate it. Postings in violation of group policy will not be approved for circulation."
  • Haldir, Legolas, and Aragorn Slash offline Description: "This group is dedicated to two little elfs and a man. Haldir, Legolas and Aragorn. So if you like this little threesome come along and join us! You can post. fanfiction of H/A, A/L, H/L and H/L/A especially also pictures of all pariings I just listed above and even talk about them all! There all welcome as long as its about H/L/A!!! Join us quick times a wastin!!"
  • hobbitslash archive link Description: "Like the name says, this is a group devoted to those wonderful hobbits we all love from LotR: Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin. Feel free to post fanfics (RPS is allowed as long as it involves the actors playing the hobbits), have discussions, leave reviews for other people's works...but I warn you, no flaming will be allowed on this message board. If you really feel you must flame a person for their stories, do it in private. Feel free to browse and welcome to hobbitslash! ~Kura" (no gen topics allowed)
  • Legolas Fanship archive link Description: "Can't get enough of that golden-haired elf, Legolas, from the new motion picture, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Discussions to include just about anything involving Legolas and his just as charming alter ego, Orlando Bloom. Fan fiction, sketches, picture sharing, and the like are encouraged. OT discussion is allowed, but please put OT in the subject head (there is a lot of this). General LOTR talk welcome. Three Legolas pics for the Elven ladies under the sky. Seven links for the web surfers in the halls of stone. Nine members of a list that won't die. One list for those who can't get enough of the Leggy, In the Land of Yahoo where Shadows lie. One list to rule them all, One list to find them, One list to bring them all and in the fun bind them, In the Land of Yahoo where the Shadows lie"
  • Lord of the Rings Mpreg archive link Description: "This group has been created for pregnant LoTR fanfics and discussions. You can post just about anything here as long as it has to do with LoTR. All parings are welcome! Please be 18 and older to join! This is leaning towards the adult side of the world, just because it contains mature subjects. If this idea gives you a mental break down then I suggest not joining! ^_~ There will also be no flaming to the group or authors. Thank You"
  • lordsofslash archive link Description: "This is a list for the friendly dicussion of slash pairings within the Lord of the Rings book and for dicussion about the upcoming films. the prefered pairings are frodo/legolas or aragon but any other pairings in the book are welomed. this is a slash list so no youngsters allowed :)"
  • LotR Recs archive link Description: "An updates announcement list for Lord Of The Rings Recommendations. The site is dedicated to finding really good LOTR fan fiction stories and making them easy to find. It contains quality recs for gen, het, and slash for all pairings, satire, angst, romance, and whatever high-quality LOTR fan fiction I can find that is worth a good read."[Archive/other website: Lord Of The Rings Recommendations]
  • LotR Slash RPG archive link Description: "A slash RPG for fans of the Tolkien Classic. Either the book or the film. (For the Over 18's)."
  • LOTR_SeanElijah archive link Description: "This group is dedicated to Sean Astin and Elijah Wood who eloquently and beautifully portrayed Sam and Frodo in The Lord of the Rings. Here we will talk about Sean, Elijah, Sam and Frodo. Both RPS and FPS stories are welcomed here. All fan fiction should be centered on the pairings of either Sean/Elijah or Sam/Frodo.Stories about other pairings/actors/characters are welcome as long as Sean/Elijah or Sam/Frodo are the primary pairing. Flaming of members will not be tolerated. Flaming or rants about the evils of RPS will NOT be tolerated. At all. Stories containing non-consensual s*x or gratuitous violence MUST be cleared with the group moderator before posting. Because of the adult content of this list, you must be 18 or older to join this group."
  • LotRStoryfinders archive link Description: "Forgotten that great Lord of the Rings story you read last month? Are you looking for a particular LotR author's website or an archive? Has a LotR webpage moved with no forwarding address? Did you read something in a forgotton zine? Don’t know if a particular kind of LotR fiction exists in the first place? Or are you just looking for a particular type of LotR fic and want some recs? Give us a try; maybe we can help. LotR StoryFinders."
  • Of Pop Stars and Middle Earth archive link Description: "This is a list for those fans that are those that like both Lord of the Rings and Nsync. You can submit stories, talk about the movies or the band, or talk about both at once. This is mainly a fanfiction ring, but that does not have to be all it is. Nothing is forbidden except sexually expilict stories. Slash is fine, even perferred. All I ask is to keep Mary-Sue stories few and far in between. No age requirement is needed. All you need is to be a fan of one of the aforementioned things, and hopefully you shall learn to like the other. Please, I am warning you now, if you are offended by slash, (male/male) PLEASE DO NOT join this group. The armies of NSYNC fans and Lord of the Rings readers unite!"
  • OrcSlash archive link Description: "Orcs in love? An Orc might be able to have some sort of relationship, but it would be twisted. Obsession. Hate/Love. Abuse. Even if the creature tried to leave his darkness behind, he would be sucked back into his own personal darkness. If you are curious about Orc or Uruk-Hai lives beyond what we see in books and movies, and you aren't afriad of slash, this is the list for you. Discussion, fiction, and plain old fun."
  • OrlandoBloomFanFic archive link Description: "For Orlando fans and fanfic writers! whether you simply want to immerse yourself in all things Orlando or you have some fanfic about him and/or any of his characters you would like to share with others, this is the right group for you - Real People Slash allowed. Also, "For writers and fans of fanfiction about Orlando Bloom and the characters he plays. Whether you have some fanfic about him and/or any of his characters you would like to share with others, or if you just want to sit back and read some quality fanfiction, this is the right group for you! Spammers will be banned. Please make sure there is an age on your profile before attempting to join this group. We will refuse membership to anyone with no age info on their Yahoo! profiles, and we will not allow new memberships for anyone under 17."
  • Slash Lords archive link Description: "Welcome to Slashlords! Slashlords is a discussion and fanfiction list for the 'Lord of the Rings' books and movies. All slash discussions and fics are welcome, any pairing, any rating, but NO flaming allowed. So whether you fancy Elves, humans, hobbits, or even ents, join today and share in the slash! Since this is an adult group, you will be asked to furnish an age statement upon joining."
  • Slashy Ring RPG offline Description: "A new RPG in town for all those who saw LOTR and were bombarded with impure thoughts, audition for a canon part, or create an original character."
  • Viggo and Orlando RPS Slash archive link Description: "This group has been created for those of you who like Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom and wish/think that they love each other. or something like that. Anyway if you have secret fantasies that your friends don't know about these two as lovers then I would join this group right now!!! So maybe you can make friends with those that know. J Fanfics, pics weather fanart or rppics are welcome as long as its V'n'O. You can talk about out both of them too. Join it'll be fun!!"


  • Brother Mine archive link Description: "List Name Brother Mine (Brother Mine) Purpose: Here it is - a list for all things Boromir/Faramir. This is a SLASH list which deals, obviously, with an incestuous relationship between two males. If that's not your thing, or you're under 18, vamoose! OTHERWISE... please take note of the following: * stories and fan art are welcome (please post stories within the text of your message and send art directly to, as there are no attachments allowed) * ratings can range from a PG to an NC-17, but rape or torture are a No-No! * other pairings within a story are welcome, as long as there's SOME Boromir/Faramir going on * nothing het (male/female) please - slash only."
  • Legolas' Harem (mailing list) archive link Description: for the website: "Legolas sites around the internet seem to be aimed at certain types of audiences. Some are specifically for teens, some are specifically for humor, etc. But there seemed to be a need for providing adult women a friendly refuge where the discussion of Legolas and life can merge into a enjoyable place to spend time. Our aim is to fill the gap between the two extremes of "teen" sites that seem to focus more on Orlando than Legolas and "gutter" sites that may be for adults but can be offensive to some. But also to have intelligent conversation as well as silly. Share your thoughts on book and film Legolas and share your real life elations and disappointments. Questions/comments can be directed to the manager. See the "harem manager" page for contact information. The Role Playing aspects of the site are just for fun; a creative writing outlet for those that wish to participate. Check the Companion Elf RPG page for more info."
  • Lords of the Slashed excluded from Wayback Description: "A slash based Lord of the Rings RPG, come join the adventures of the Fellowship with a slashy twist! We have recently expanded into two more forums and now feature a Rivendell board and a Lothlorien board with more places to come if people are interested, minor Tolkien characters as well as original characters are welcome, for more info contact"
  • LotR Slash In The Land Of The Rings archive link Description: "Slash in the Land of the rings. Any slash pairing. Xovers welcome. Rough or tame. Only rules, nochild porn/no snuff...othe than that, let your imagination fly All stories will eventually end up in the list archive."
  • Sweet Sorcery (mailing list) offline Description: "Home to Lord of the Rings slash of the gentle variety (that means no rape or torture). Movie-verse preferred, but book-verse quite welcome."
  • TolkLang mailing list on Tolkien's languages founded by Julian Bradfield in 1990
  • Tolkien_BDSM archive link Description: "Tortured Frodo. Well-spanked Legolas. Naked Aragorn in chains. Book Boromir licking Aragorn's boot. Gimli forced into woman's clothing. And so on, to your heart's content. This list is for slash about Tolkien's works, which involves BDSM (bondage, domination, sadism, masochism, submission, discipline etc). Other kinks and non-con are also quite welcome, with the appropriate warnings. Beware, adult materials. Some of them might be quite disturbing. I'm obligated to tell you not to join if you're legally too young."