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Are you looking for the Stargate Atlantis canon alternative universe? See Vegasverse
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Synonyms: Las Vegas AU, Waking up married in Vegas
Related: Alternate Universe, Pretend Couple, Accidental Marriage
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Vegas AU is a type of the Alternate Universe trope which takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Characters dealing with gambling, casinos, getting drunk, and other features of Vegas often appear in these works. However the most popular storyline is also a subtype of the Accidental Marriage trope known as "waking up married in Vegas". The pairing often have to deal with the consequences of getting married - usually ending up being stuck married for a certain amount of time. This usually allows the pairing in question grow closer to the point where they want to stay married. In these cases, the characters are only in Las Vegas for a short time before moving on, so not all Waking Up Married in Vegas fics are actually AUs.

Or fanworks could use a type of CSI AU which the original CSI show takes place in Vegas, thus becoming a type of Police/Crime AU.

Example Fanworks

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  • What happens in Vegas... by redtoes. Oliver/Felicity. Oliver and Felicity wake up married in Las Vegas. But it's not what you think... It's memory loss and fake relationships and diamond heists and dealing with inquisitive journalists. (2013)
  • What happened in Vegas... by Jules_Ink Oliver/Felicity. It's all fun and games until you wake up hung-over and married to a stranger. Five years ago Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak made a drunken mistake that could never be corrected. After years on a hellish island he comes back as a man on a mission only to find out that what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. (Season One Rewrite) (WIP)


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