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"ginny_weasley" redirects here. For the Harry Potter character, see Ginny Weasley.
Name: Meghan (Megs)
Alias(es): LaFeeMechante, ginny_weasley, inviere, wizzart
Type: fan writer, fan artist, essayist
Fandoms: Harry Potter
Communities: wizzart
Other: retired
URL: inviere on LiveJournal (personal journal)[1]
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LaFeeMechante, also known as ginny_weasley, was a Harry Potter fan active in the early-to-mid 2000s. She wrote fanfiction, wrote essays, and created a series of meta-inspired fanart. She was also known for her involvement in a few fandom kerfuffles.


Fannish Retirement

LaFeeMechante deleted her fan accounts, including her fannish LiveJournal and art journal and her accounts at, FictionAlley, SugarQuill, and Checkmated sometime between 2008 and 2010. She later wrote that she had done so because she had "stopped writing for leisure when [she] entered the later years of high-school."[2]

Fans have since been sharing her fanworks among themselves and requesting saved copies all over internet. Though LaFeeMechante does not provide fans with her stories directly, she is supportive of fans' efforts to preserve the works.

In September, 2011, dramionefanfiction at Tumblr posted a saved version of LaFeeMechante's Draco/Hermione story Playing With a Dragon's Fire.[3] LaFeeMechante sent the a message to the community thanking them for "keeping [the fic] alive." She writes in part:

I was perusing my own Tumblr when I happened upon a link someone had posted to a story entitled- “Playing With a Dragon’s Fire”. Baffled, yet intrigued, I clicked, and low and behold was brought to a page dedicated to the piece of Fan Fiction I had written over ten years ago (I feel SO old). I was flabbergasted. [...] I never dreamt that so many people would go on to read and discuss and find inspiration in something I had scribbled in a raggedy Composition Notebook. The fact that a version of this story still exists now is nothing short of incredible to me. I was inspired to write it when I was in grade nine and studying Romeo & Juliet for the first time- it’s scary to think how long ago that truly was! [...]

The knowledge that this- that something I had a hand in creating- has gone on to touch or move or even merely entertain so many people is a staggering notion to me. This was a story that was never intended to be published. Anywhere. Ever. I started writing it during class when I was bored, and it was only ever meant to be shared within my small group of friends. One of them encouraged me to post it, however, and so I did, and I never could have dreamed that it would still be read and shared amongst friends a decade later.[2]

LaFeeMechante's complete message can be read here.




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Wank & Kerfuffles

See: Ginny Weasley at the Fandom Wank wiki

In 2005, LaFeeMechante very publicly protested the new rules adopted by Sink Into Your Eyes, a Harry/Ginny archive at which she posted fanfiction, that banned vulgar language in stories.[13]


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