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Pairing: L/Light
Alternative name(s): Light/L, L/Light/L, L/Raito, Raito/L, Lawlight
Gender category: yaoi
Fandom: Death Note
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: popular
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L/Light is the most popular ship in Death Note fandom and is a prime example of enemyslash. Instances of this ship often focus on aspects of canon that can be easily turned into fetishes or kinks, such as L's sensuality when eating, the handcuffs and chain joining the two during the Yotsuba arc, surveillance, imprisonment, and restraints. It is a ship full of mind games, struggles and competition.[1]


L/Light fan fiction and doujinshi both have a tendency for portraying L as the seme and Light as the uke. However, because both characters are fairly difficult to fit into either the seme or uke stereotype, the opposite is easy to find, and so is role-switching from one sexual encounter to another in works with multiple sex scenes.

L/Light doujinshi are less likely to be set during that specific arc, and are more likely to be one-shots centering around an event (often a scheme or ploy created by either L or Light) leading to a single sex scene.

Common Tropes

Fan Fiction often relates to the Yotsuba Arc, during which Light gives up the Death Note, causing him to lose all memories of being Kira. He is determined to clear his own name, while L has the two of them handcuffed together with a long chain in order to observe Light at all times, following the bound together trope. "Yotsuba Arc fics" take place while Light has amnesia, exploring how the relationship develops when Light is convinced he is innocent and wants to help catch Kira, and L still believes Light is Kira and is unsure what he is planning. The premise is popular because Light can be explored as a more innocent character who, as he was at the start of the series, has faith in justice and was not a megalomaniacal murder, but struggles with disillusionment and boredom. The logistics of two people being chained together can also be explored; e.g. bed sharing.

Often in Yotsuba Arc fics L and Light commence a romantic and/or sexual relationship. This may be hatesex because of their differing moral views. When Light regains his memories of being Kira (and wanting to kill L), he inevitably has to reckon with what his amnesiac self did. This may be resolved darkly with Light deciding to kill L anyway. When Light spares L it may be because he of genuine feelings he has developed or may be an attempt to further manipulate L.

If they begin a relationship while Light is aware that he is Kira and wants to defeat L it is considered Enemies to Lovers.

Particularly common in fan fiction is the divergent type of AU, often starting the divergence from the canon plotline during or at the end of the Yotsuba arc. A particularly popular scene to start the divergence in is the rooftop rain scene that was arguably added to the anime as fanservice and is not present in the manga.

Afterlife fics are also somewhat common. They may take place after Light murders L halfway through the series, or after Light is killed at the end of the series.

Example Fanworks

  • Primitive Liars (1) by Nilahxapiel- Light is a being of intellect, not of instinct; however, he may be starting to understand that the two are not mutually exclusive. While he struggles to define himself in an unjust world, a new Kira holds society - along with a couple other valuable things - hostage. (Omegaverse AU. L/Light, Matt/Mello/Near and others to be announced.)
  • Treaty by AnimeFanime- When Great Britain and Japan come to an agreement on a major treaty between the two countries, there is a long standing requirement between the country's packs that must be upheld. A match between a high ranking or highly valued Alpha and Omega must be made between the countries as a sign of good faith. With all of the official nobility of age already mated in both countries, Great Britain selects an Alpha, the World's Greatest Detective as their representative. While the country of Japan, provides their best and brightest, the attractive son of the distinguished Chief of the NPA, Light Yagami. Both L and Light are thrown in as reluctant participants. Each with their own secrets, personal challenges and life ambitions. Can they find a way to happily co-exist or will the obstacles they face prove too much to overcome?
  • Into the Night by dotti55- Light goes undercover to find a murderer after L returns from a three-month absence due to a case; while L tries to find a way to keep Light safe from the murderer...and possibly Kira.


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