Primitive Liars

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Title: Primitive Liars
Author(s): Nilahxapiel
Date(s): 2015 May 9 (first chapter posted)
Length: WIP (84,798 as of ch19)
Genre: Drama/Romance
Fandom: Death Note
External Links: Primitive Liars (AO3)
Primitive Liars (

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Primitive Liars by Nilahxapiel is a popular Death Note fanfic. It's an L/Light omegaverse AU.

Shortly after it began being posted, it became the most-kudos'ed, most viewed, most commented, most bookmarked Death Note fic on AO3.

Author's summary: Light is a being of intellect, not of instinct. He tells himself this to the point of nausea, until his vision blurs and his hands shake.