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Name: Jill
Alias(es): Kenna McGuire, klia
Type: vidder, fan writer
Fandoms: Band of Brothers, Blake's 7, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Due South, Highlander, Private Eye, Once a Thief, Life on Mars, Peacemakers, Roswell, Sports Night, Stargate SG-1, Wiseguy, X-Files
URL: Livejournal
Keikotorium (fanfic)
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Jill is best known as a vidder, for both her solo work and her work as part of the JKL vidding collective, as well as the vidding collective Sarran Songs. She has also written fanfic (all slash) in a few fandoms, under the pen name Kenna McGuire.


In 1987, while Jill was living in the Chicago area, she met Tashery Shannon, who introduced her to Blake's 7, and soon after showed her these weird things called songvids (made by MVD and Patricia Frazer Lamb), and Jill and Tashery were both so taken with the idea they decided to give it a go. Serendipitously, the VCR Jill owned at the time happened to have editing capabilities (though, sadly, no flying erase heads), so Jill got a second VCR, and off they went.

Vidding with Tashery

Their first vid was an Avon character study to the Rolling Stones' "Dancing With Mr. D" (formerly available on her imeem page). Another Avon character study to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" from The Wizard of Oz, and an Avon-Blake relationship vid to The Police's "Every Breath You Take" later won awards at cons (possibly one was from CaliCon in '89). Jill's first solo vid (in 1988) was a Travis comedy vid to Monty Python's "The Lumberjack Song."

After Tashery moved to California in 1989, she began doing her own solo vids and collaborating with Gayle F; Jill and Tashery made one last vid together (a Jenna character study to Tim Finn's "Not Even Close") when Jill visited her at the end of that year.

Getting online

Jill took a few years' break from fandom until 1994, when she visited Tashery and Gayle in California; they showed her the Steelgrave arc of Wiseguy, and Jill became a slash fan on the spot. She got online as soon as she got home and joined the Virgule Mailing List, which was her introduction to online fandom.

Jill made her first Wiseguy vid (Sheryl Crow's "Strong Enough") for her first Escapade in 1995. Through the Virgule list, she met Kay, who was also into Wiseguy, and they made their first vid together (a Roger character study to Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here") for ZebraCon 1995.

Vidding with Kay

Over the next few years, Jill and Kay shared and vidded a number of other fandoms -- Highlander, X-Files, Private Eye, and Due South -- and in February 1999 released their "Vids by Jill & Kay" compilation tape of 15 vids.

By the end of 1998, both Jill and Kay had moved to California; everything they did together prior to 1998 had been made during infrequent visits, and some vids were made in only 1 or 2 days. The most well-known vid from that collection was a Methos character study to Depeche Mode's Clean.


Jill first collaborated on a vid with Lynn C. in 2000, when Lynn helped Jill and Kay finish a Buffy the Vampire Slayer vid to The Who's "My Generation." The three of them then went on to make what ended up being their last-ever VCR vid ("When I'm Up I Can't Get Down," by Oysterband, for Once a Thief) and their first-ever computer vid (Willow-Oz-Tara from Buffy to Oysterband's "She's Moved On"). Those were both made in 2001. Jill also collaborated with Lynn and Sandy on a Roswell vid, "Let Me In," by Save Ferris.

After getting hooked on Stargate SG-1 through Lynn, Jill and Kay started vidding with Kathy; their first SG-1 vid was a Jack O'Neill character study to "Friction," by The Church. They went on to collaborate in various groupings through 2006, mostly making SG-1 vids, but also vidding L.A. Confidential, Touching Evil (US), Bourne Identity/Supremacy, and A Beautiful Mind/multi. After making the multimedia vid "Pants" for VividCon 2006, Kathy's involvement in vidding waned. Jill continued to make solo vids (such as a Life on Mars vid, "Crazy," for VividCon 2006, and a Flyboys vid, "Cathain," for VividCon 2007). Jill and Kay collaborated on a Peacemakers vid, "Hard Times Come Again No More," for VividCon 2008.


Writing under the pen name Kenna McGuire, Jill has also written a few slash stories. Two of her stories are available on the Keikotorium: "Coup de Foudre" for Sports Night (Dan/Casey) and "Scars and Souvenirs" for Band of Brothers (Winters/Nixon). "Shadow of a Shadow," which is her X-Files/Wiseguy crossover (Mulder/Roger), was published in the zine "Risk" in 1997 and is not online.

Notable Fanworks