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  • J.D. Banner (Star Trek: TOS, "a revolutionary discovery, a diplomatic hotbed, a rogue, and an eccentric provide Kirk and crew with an Excedrin headache as they attempt to carry out their assignment," 1984, by Crissandra Scott and Empyrean Publications)
  • The Jagupori Series (see image on this page) (1997/8, slash, "from the Tailored Classic Collection, based on the Johnny Weismuller Tarzan Films of the 1930's & 40's, Jagupori: Lord of the Amazon by PJ Alexander, illustrated by KOZ. An AU tale of young student of botany who travels to South America in 1904 to join his father for the Summer to help his sire find and classify botanical treasures. In a story of savage adventure, Benjamin Sanderson discovers more than posies in the steaming Amazon jungles. He finds a god. Nearly done. May 2001." -- "When Benjamin travels to meet his father, the renowned botanist Professor Josef Sanderson, in the Brazilian Amazon circa 1904, the young college student encounters a living legend of that region. Jagupóri, the Ghost Jaguar. The first installment of this series finds young Sanderson embroiled in a web of adventure, greed and treachery. Separated from his campsite, feared dead, Benjamin barely escapes the hungry jaws of bush dogs, only to be captured by a savage wild man living among jaguars.")
  • Jersey Flats (1983, "urban science fiction," including Blade Runner, Sara Campbell was to be the editor. "Straight-out all fiction... we're eagerly awaiting stories, poetry, and art. Anything dealing with the world and characters depicted in Blade Runner is open for consideration, as long as it is fairly consistent with the film and its premises. On the other hand, if you want to try for something outrageous... make it really outrageous! R-rated material is certainly open for consideration.")
  • Journal of the Priapismic Monster (Pros, slash, a flyer was printed in 1985 in Discovered on a Rooftop, "With a tentative publication date of Feb '86, we are now seeking submissions. The 'zine will be R/X rated and will predominantly feature slash stories. Humorous stories will also be appreciated. No death stories, please. We are particularly interested in new artists/writers/poets." To have been published by "Fredricks of Lebanon Press." See flyer above. )
  • June 17th (2005, The West Wing, slash, "an intriguing Leo/Jed novel by Xanthe," Agent With Style)
  • Just Another Three-Ring Circus (multimedia, gen, April 1983, "Video zine includes material from: GREATEST AMERICAN HERO (Enemy agents have discovered the secret behind America's super hero - or maybe they haven't), DOCTOR WHO (the Doctor throws a party for a few "close" friends.), and VOYAGERS. You've heard the rumors, we've got the real thing -- the unfilmed alternate endings to STAR TREK III: The Wrath of Khan. Plus more swell stuff." SASE to Ann Larimer")
  • Just for Laughs (1991, multimedia, "It's coming right along, but we could use more! C'mon, creative people! Get funny! So far we have amusing and hilarious stories based on QL/MASH, ST, SW, ST:TNG, DW, WOW and more! If you've sent an SASE, we're folding it until we have definite price info, so hang in there! Linda Kay")
  • Just the Sex, Ma'am (2003, slash, multimedia, was to have been published by Devious Developments Press, content was folded into Bedroom Eyes #2)