Sara Campbell

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Name: Sara Campbell
Type: fanwriter, fanzine publisher
Fandoms: Blade Runner, Lady Hawke
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Sara Campbell was a fanzine publisher and fan fiction writer whose work appeared in fanzines. She passed in 1985.


"I have many times enjoyed her writing. She was one of fandom's brightest stars who will be sorely missed."[1]
"Sara's major fannish interests were Blade Runner and Lady Hawke, but many of your readers may be fans of these. Anne Zeek, Sara's...collaborator, has told me that Cityspeak: The Special Edition will be published. Sara finished her novella before she entered the hospital, and the other contributions are being put into final shape...Anne and some of Sara's other New York friends would like to set up a memorial in the form of an annual prize for young writers of short stories or essays. This would be given through either her high school ....(where Sara received such a prize for an essay and was encouraged to continue writing), or her college....She had a wide variety of interests, especially Renaissance history and Japanese culture, and possessed a marvelously off-beat sense of humor....Her death does not yet seem entirely real to me; I feel as if there's been some cosmic mistake."[2]


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