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Name: Isabelle
Occupation: Deputy Mayor (ACNL), PR, announcements (ACNH)
Relationships: Tom Nook (business partner, friend), Digby (brother), Blathers (friend), Celeste (friend), Brewster (friend), Redd (‘associate’), Resetti (friend)
Fandom: Animal Crossing
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Isabelle is a major character from Animal Crossing. In New Leaf she functions as deputy mayor, taking care of the village when the mayor (the player) isn’t available, while in New Horizons she handles public relations and maintains the island’s image.

Isabelle also appears as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the 5th Smash Bros. game.


Due to her work ethic and ‘pure’ personality, Isabelle is generally loved by fans, who appreciate her awkwardness and tireless enthusiasm. Fanworks featuring Isabelle often highlight what she is speculated to enjoy in her spare time. Occasionally she is ‘promoted’ to the role of mayor, should the fanwork lack a human mayor.

After she appeared in Super Smash Bros, crossover art of Isabelle became popular, featuring her interacting with the various characters and franchises featured in the game.

Example Fanworks

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Fanart by Moon of a humanized Isabelle with her ACNH outfit, and vitiligo to resemble her original fur markings (2020)




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