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Name: Resetti
Occupation: Save Game Lecturer (AC, ACWW, ACCF, ACNL,)
Relationships: Tom Nook (friend), Celeste, Blathers (friend), Isabelle (friend), Brewster (friend), Redd (‘associate’), Don Resetti, Digby, K.K.Slider, Don Resetti (Brother)
Fandom: Animal Crossing
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Resetti is a minor character from Animal Crossing. In New Leaf and earlier iterations he chastises characters for resetting their game (perhaps to take advantage of RNG or undo a mistake). This feature encourages more 'honest' play. He has not been confirmed for New Horizons as of May 2020, however, he is referenced in an Island Evaluation feedback message, which hints at his return. Some fans theorize that he is the rescue service dispatcher.


Many fans reacted poorly to Resetti, with some even scared of his presence. His anger was toned down in later games, as well as the addition of his calmer older brother Don, however, fanon still portrays him at his angriest on occasion.





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