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Name: Celeste
Occupation: Observatory operator (ACWW, ACCF), Museum assistant (ACNL), Astronomer (ACNH)
Relationships: Tom Nook (friend), Digby, Blathers (brother), Isabelle (friend), Brewster (friend), Redd (‘associate’), Resetti (friend), K.K. Slider
Fandom: Animal Crossing
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Celeste is a minor character from Animal Crossing. She first appeared in Animal Crossing Wild World, where she ran an observatory in the museum where players could create constellations. She kept this role in City Folk. In New Leaf, she runs the observatory section of the museum, which also contains the ‘gift shop’ that occasionally features rare resources. In New Horizons she wanders the island sporadically, offering trivia about astrology-based furnishings. Her presence in New Horizons is seen as a precursor for rare meteor showers. While not guaranteed, meteor showers allow the player to collect star fragments, which can craft especially rare and valuable furnishings.


Celeste often balances out her brother’s obsessive personality, and many fans speculate that she and Isabelle are good friends in their spare time. Fic featuring Celeste may feature astronomy based puns due to both her name and her interests.

In New Horizons, some players will charge admissions for others to come to their island when Celeste is visiting because of the rare furniture recipes she gives out. These admission prices are usually bells or Nook Miles tickets.


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