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Name: Redd
Occupation: Art dealer
Relationships: Tom Nook, Digby, Blathers, Isabelle, Brewster, Celeste, Resetti, K.K. Slider
Fandom: Animal Crossing
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Redd is a minor character from Animal Crossing. Offering no expertise or promises, he trades in rare art pieces which may or may not be genuine. His presence in the village irks some of the staff, most notably Tom Nook, who discourages his black market trading, and Blathers, who is responsible for telling the difference between his genuine works and his fakes.


Many fans enjoy the concept of a hateship between Tom Nook and Redd, while others like how the two don’t get along. Their similar names (in Japanese) also supports this shipping.

As Redd’s fake artworks cannot be donated to the museum, players will often display obvious fakes about their island, either in lieu of the authentic works, or because of the changes. For example, fake Terracotta Warrior holds a shovel, making for a ‘perfect’ addition to their flower patch.


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