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Name: Blathers
Occupation: Museum Curator
Relationships: Tom Nook (business partner, friend), Digby, Isabelle (friend), Celeste (sister), Brewster (friend), Redd (‘associate’), Resetti (friend), K.K. Slider
Fandom: Animal Crossing
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Blathers is a major character from Animal Crossing. He runs the museum facilities throughout the series, taking stock of local wildlife, fossilised dinosaurs, and genuine artworks.


Blathers’ hatred of bugs tests his professionalism to its limits, and many Animal Crossing fans like to make light of this ‘weakness’. Examples include villagers surrounding his museum with ‘walls’ of bug cages, and fan-comics of him disagreeing with Flick over what constitutes as art.

Bathers is passionate about fossils, and in New Horizons says that his speculation about extinct creatures "essentially amounts to paleontological fan fiction."[1]

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  1. ^ Blathers reads fossil fan fiction!, posted by u/Polar84 on Reddit, 23 April 2020. The top comment is "Yeah I've read his stuff on AO3 (archaeology of our owls)," posted by u/lluNhpelA, 23 April 2020.