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Name: Tom Nook, たぬきち
Occupation: Store Owner, Real-Estate Agent
Relationships: Timmy & Tommy Nook (nephews/apprentices), Sable Able (childhood friend), Crazy Redd (enemy)
Fandom: Animal Crossing
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Tom Nook is a major character from Animal Crossing. In all games leading to New Leaf, he is the manager of the town shop. In New Leaf, he runs Nook's Homes, whilst Timmy and Tommy run the town shop. He is a tanuki (aka raccoon dog), which is translated as "raccoon" in Western versions of the games and can lead to confusion among fans.


Character Interpretation

Fans often speculate on Tom Nook's character and motivations. While in canon Tom Nook is a friendly shopkeeper, one of the popular alternative character interpretations is that he an evil, greedy, money-hungry businessman. This interpretations comes from the fact that in early Animal Crossing games the player would have to pay Nook back a very large loan for their house, and several times after it was paid off he would go on to renovate the house, giving a new new loan players would have to pay off. This fanon version of Nook is mostly played for laughs within the fandom as Animal Crossing itself is a fairly laid back game.

His new portrayal within New Leaf, which gives more information on his backstory and family, has made some fans finally warm up to him and move away from their "evil" interpretation.


  • Tom Nook/Sable Able
  • Tom Nook/Crazy Redd





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