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Name: Digby
Occupation: Happy Home Showcase Presenter (ACNL)
Relationships: Tom Nook (friend), Celeste, Blathers (friend), Isabelle (sister), Brewster (friend), Redd (‘associate’), Resetti (friend), K.K. Slider
Fandom: Animal Crossing
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Digby is a minor character from Animal Crossing. In New Leaf he manages the Happy Home Showcase, which allows players to visit the homes of people they've passed in StreetPass. He is not a confirmed character in New Horizons, as of May 2020.


As Isabelle's brother, one of Digby's niches in fandom is having 'insider knowledge' about Isabelle, due to other characters rarely seeing her outside of work. As her twin brother, he would - at least in fanon - know a lot more about her than anyone else.

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